10 Must avoid Wrong SEO practices for every website owner

If God should ask me as an internet marketer to make three wishes, my first-third wish would be traffic traffic and traffic.

Every Online Entrepreneur need traffic for boosting sales, and this traffic is of many forms but the form of traffic that works most is that which is known as the Organic Traffic Gotten through SEO(search Engine optimization). This organic traffic is the traffic from Google or other search engines.

Getting organic traffic is the dream of every online entrepreneur but most at times getting this organic traffic could be somehow very difficult especially when you are new to blogging and you have no single idea about the study of SEO[search engine optimization].

Every Blogger has differ SEO skills and practices they apply to get traffic to their websites as SEO practices varies from one website or niche to another , but even with the varieties of SEO practices , there are still some common SEO practices hampering many websites search traffic today.

Imagine you doing Search engine practice to get organic search result but revise then becomes the case because of wrong SEO practices. that could be indeed very awful , this is the reason i have come to show you some common wrong SEO practices you should avoid as a blogger

10 Must Avoid Wrong SEO practices

  1. Not Creating Engaging Contents
  2. Analytics and Tracking Failure
  3. Non attractive images and graphics
  4. Poor Landing Page Design
  5. Not having SiteMap
  6. Uninspiring post headlines
  7. Inconsistent content publishing
  8. Ineffective keywords research
  9. Not Promoting Your Content
  10. Limited Social Media Presence

Not Creating Engaging Contents

This is one of the aspect new bloggers loose traffic. They haven’t learnt how to create engaging contents that will be appealing to both readers and search engines.

Creating engaging Contents

means creating the articles that your readers would love to read and even search engine will not hesitate to crawl the post page, this is because of the content quality. creating kind of content starts from choosing your headline and ends with your writing skills.You can read from bellow how Brain Clark taught bloggers in choosing engaging headlines

Write as though you are talking to someone sitting next to you while you strategically impute your keywords in your write ups.

Writing Engaging contents will not only get you the attention of search engines but will get you many social media shares as well which will enable your posts go a long way in reaching large numbers of audience even without your incognizance

Analytics and Tracking Failure

I know you are making effort daily to increase your traffic as that’s the main duty of a blogger but even as you make effort don’t forget your analytics and tracking part of your website traffic.

As a blogger you should know where your traffic is coming from mostly, who is visiting your website , what posts do they love reading most? and many more other questions to help your SEO practices. Doing this will help you know your audience and what to give to them at the most needed period but there is no way you could possibly do this without the aid of analytics.

You can be tracking your website traffic with Google analytics at least ones or twice in a month.

Using Non attractive images and graphics

another wrong SEO practice you must avoid doing in your on-page optimization is the use of boring images.

Images speaks louder than thousands of words. When you share a post on social media with relevant image you get more clicks compare to the posts without images or with irrelevant images. relevant images will not only attract readers from social media but will also attract readers/visitors from Google’s image search results.

Poor Landing Page Design

You are making a very big mistake for not having taking care of your sites landing page.

Your blog readers need something that will impress them to click more , click on and even view more and more of your posts and your sites design is the best strategy to win this.

When your readers first landed on your blog/website, they won’t find your site interesting if you have a bad design even with your original and relevant articles.

Not Having SiteMap

The sitemap on your website is logically telling Google which page to crawl and which page to avoid. Your sitemap will list out all the available pages and posts on your website including the newly created ones to Google.

Without having a sitemap, when you create new contents even when they are engaging, you won’t get organic visitors to read the post because Google is unaware of the post since your site lack sitemap to tell Google about the recent posts and pages on your website.

If you are new to this, you can either search Google to know or learn how to do it yourself or even hire someone to help you fix your sitemap

Not having Sitemap rightly set on your blog/website is one of the seo mistakes you should avoid to keep on following the search engine optimization rules.

Uninspiring post headlines

Try to created headlines that will be irresistible to search engines and your readers. There are headlines we call must click headlines, this type of headline is the one that every one must click because of how interesting it may sound

This type of inspiring headlines will drive more readers from social media and Google with other search engines, this is why you need to sit a while in picking headline for your new articles.

Choosing non engaging headline for your contents is one of the wrong SEO practice which will not only affect your search traffic negatively but also your social media traffic as well.

You can read from bellow how Brain Clark taught bloggers in choosing engaging headlines

Inconsistent Content Publishing

It’s very difficult to be publishing original articles everyday. I don’t even think any blogger can maintain that, but if you think you can do it that would be a good idea at the same time, be ready to work out your ass lol.

You should have posting interval maybe weekly , bi-weekly or even monthly so that your readers will be engaged and even search engine will find something new about your website to crawl.

If you think you are too busy and you are a website owner , you can possibly hire a writer or even get a paid admin instead of waiting to loose followership from your blog readers and search engine before publishing other articles.

Not publishing new articles consistently is an SEO mistake you must avoid as a website owner. assaycom to fix it

Ineffective Keyword Research

Keywords is what Google use in ranking your posts just as every article have a targeting keywords e.g this post you are reading now is targeting a long tail keywords “SEO Mistakes” in order word am targeting SEO as a keyword itself.

Every blogger with different writing skills. There are bloggers who can write better keywords rich contents without any keywords research tools while there are bloggers whom without the keywords research they can’t write well. To me i don’t do any keywords research but am naturally logical about Using Keywords that works best for every of my article but if you are not of such category , you can use keywords research tools to get targeted keywords for your articles.

Not having rich keywords on your articles is one of the greatest SEO mistakes any blogger should avoid to get targeted traffic from search engine.

Not Promoting Your Content

In the early days of the internet, there is a saying ” if you build it, they will come.” but today i don’t think that quote is still functioning because if you build it without promotion they won’t come. there is no magic to that.

Now the competition is just too high on any niche you wish to blog about on the internet , i can even say there is no niche that’s less competitive so don’t even think of been lazy about promoting your website/blog because if you do others will use you to shine.

Don’t hesitate to promote your articles on social medias such as facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Whatssap, pinterest, and others, You can even go ahead to using electronic media promotion such as the radios and TV if you are opportune to do it,this will earn you more authority.

Use every opportunity to promote your website provided you are not spamming or doing it in the wrong way.

Limited Social Media Presence

The search engines also uses some algorithm to track which posts that’s engaging on Social Medias like Facebook, WhatsApp,Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit,Google+ Stumbleupon, so been socially active and promoting your contents socially will help increase your Search ranking and authority in no time.

Take social media promotion as your number one priority among other promotion methods. Lack of doing this is an SEO mistake you should avoid right away!!!

Having Read Through all of the above SEO mistakes you should avoid as a blogger to avoid hindering effective search and crawl from search engines there is also need to put them into practice immediately to see how they work for your blogging Niche. I just hope you enjoy this…….

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  1. An excellent post on SEO, which I was seeking this for a long time. Well, and correctly said about SEO practice. Informational knowledge about how to do SEO of a website. Thanks now I learned to know everything about how to optimize a blog post for SEO.

    It’s crazy how many people never even practice Google Webmaster Tools. It’s a remarkable tool that can show you a lot if you practice learning how to use it. Although I use the all-in-one SEO plugin for a long time, now I got to know how to use it productively. One of the serious mistakes users make not picking an exact matched targeted keywords. Choosing the right keywords is essential, and you can save time by storing lists of keywords you have created collected for later use. I examine keywords for every post. Selecting the wrong keywords can completely decimate you if you’re intending on doing SEO. This is excellent and ultimately got something to learn after walking around on the other blogs. Thanks for this fabulous article. Bookmarked.

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