18 Free SEO Tools to grow your website Organic Traffic This New Year

Just like Your spanners and other tools make up a Mechanic Workshop, Cement, Plumb, Headpan,Hand trowel, Chisel , harmer, Spade etc make up a bricklaying workshop so also we have some certaintools that make up other businesses including Online business.

You are on your motto ride and suddenly your car broke down so you brought out your tools to put the car in order believe, me even if you don’t know how to do it in the next 20munites or less you will see someone to help fix your minor car issue but if you don’t have the tools available even if the person comes, you will still be left with no option than to leave the car broke there and take a taxi home or call for a Mechanic who have the tools readily available.

What am trying to say in essence is that when your tools are not available as an online business man sooner or later you will begin to notice a sudden change of retardation or even a fall of your business

As a freelancer who write paid contents you need a computer, A Notepad on your computer, and The Google is also a research tools you must not neglect.

Did you want to become a successful online business man? did you want to be well known online like Kennedy Prosper and other online entrepreneurs ? then the only secrete tool is search engine optimization (SEO)

What is SEO: SEO as i have stated above means search engine optimization which is the ability of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to index, Crawl and relate with your website articles for people to see them during related searches.

Google is the best if not the only Search engine that connect the whole website on net in fact it connects the whole internet. So if your website is not actively found on Google, your business will no doubt fall and fade away sooner or later just like the morning dew but thank God you have a helper (WordPressNigeria.com)

Today am going to show You some most free essential SEO tools that will upgrade you in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond and this tools will make you stand out from your competitors if you can use them properly..

Lest i forget let me remind you of this statement: “”SEO is the only tools that can get you free and secured website traffic. With SEO you get visitors to your website when you are asleep or doing other works either offline or online””

Free SEO tools that Makes life Easier

  1. Keywordtool.io
  2. Google Webmaster Tools + Bing
    Webmaster Tools
  3. Open site Explorer – Moz.com
  4. Google Keyword Tool Planner
  5. Google.com Incognito window
  6. Schema Creator
  7. Similar Web
  8. XML Sitemap
  9. Google PageSpeed Insights
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Google Trends
  12. Find Broken Links
  13. Copyscape
  14. Structured Data Testing Tool
  15. GTMetrix
  16. Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension
  17. Ubersuggest.io
  18. LSIgraph.com


This tool can generate over 750 keywords suggestion based on your searched terms in any language of your choice.

All you need to do is just type in your keywords and hit the search button

This tool enable you get longTail keywords from various countries with their search volume, Search competition and other relevant search Data.


If you want to know what search engine is all about then this tool is the most useful among all tools.

The webmasters Tools is the management home for search engine. It helps regulate and access how effective your search engine optimization works

With webmasters tools can submit your site and sitemap to search engine, You can monitor your search results such as the pages that has been indexed , the pages that gets more visitors from search engine. etc in other words it helps monitor your search volume.


With Google Analytics you can Annalise your full website. who is visiting your website , their age, location etc. Google analytics helps to even know how people come to your website from search engine which term they used to land on your website and much more……


Broken links can affect your SEO negatively therefore it’s advisable you find and remove every broken links from your website before they start acting otherwise.

With Broken Link finder you can search your website for any external or internal broken links and also fix them immediately.

  1. BrokenLinkCheck.Com
  2. DeadLinkChecker.Com
  3. Error404.atomseo.Com
  4. brokenlinkbuilding.com


You should have known as a webmaster by now the effect of Google panda on your website and why you should avoid copy and paste to avoid getting duplicate contents.

Duplicate content finder” With CopyScape You can search for duplicate content of your website entire by imputing the URL or your website e.g http://WordpressNigeria.com or you can search for duplicate of a particular post from your website by imputing the single post URL.

Finding Duplicate contents with CopyScape means that you want to detect which other place your post exists online because of some copycats who are ever ready to copy your posts from A-z.


When it comes to SEO this tool is very essential. Even after updating your website with posts and images without you submitting your sitemap to Google search engine your posts won’t get indexed and crawled by Google.

The sitemap is a file that tells Google or other search engines when ever a new post is made available on your website. it’s a messenger that pass the info the the search engines that a new article has been created and it’s ready to be crawled.


Getting the appropriate and needed keywords is one of the challenge webmasters get when creating new articles but with Ubersuggest keywords idea you can get unlimited free keywords both long and shortTails.

If you are looking for an alternative to paid keywords SEO research tools then Ubersuggest should be your target.


There is no need copying keywords from various websites and using Google AdWords Planner to find keywords relevance instead the Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension is a free keyword research tool which show keywords relevance from various websites e.g it shows some keywords data such as Search volume , CPC(cost per click) from multiple websites at a time.


Your Loading time is one of the factors that affects your sites SEO therefore it’s important you regulate your website to be fast loading….This won’t only help SEO but also your site readers as you will gain the attention of some first time visitors to become returning visitors

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool which allows you to check your website speed on both desktop and mobile version by just typing your site URL.


Just Like Google PageSpeed Insights enables you to test your website speed so also Gtmeyrix does.

With Gtnetrix you get all information about your site speed and also you get tips on how the optimize your site speed after making your test.


Structured data helps to provide context to the information on your page. This tool from Google uses live data to validate the structured data for any web page, or you can copy/paste code to test it.


Changes in search volume for key terms.

A quick browse or search through Google Trends can show you the hockey-stick rise of potential terms and SEO opportunities for your content.


Conclusion: There are many free SEO tools to help boost your SEO strategies online. Many of this tools you can find with the help of Google search engine. we have only listed but few.

Have you tested any other SEO free tool that’s not on our list? you can comment it in the comment section perhaps it might be of great help in our next update of this post. and also of good help to our readers.

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My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future.

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About the Author: Emmanuel Bankole

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!


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