300 Fake Make Money Online websites you must not Join.

Making Money Online in Nigeria and abroad is the dream of every blogger both young and old. It even baffles me that those who newly set up a blog of 2weeks old will be asking for how to make millions from their blogs.

The curiosity to make money online is much and because of this many online scammers has taken advantage of this to make money and also get fake popularity without adding value.

All my life i have always love to make money online not because it is easy to do like many proclaimed, but because am passionate about doing what makes money online. As a case study i have also fell victim to many online scam when i was a newbie, so falling for scam does not mean you are a fool. It is just that you lack some ingredients that build up the online world which i call the ability to research

How to Make Research About Scam or Legit Websites

I said research is the only way you can escape all these scam websites because there must be someone’s voice out there who has tested of it before to tell the world they aren’t real as they claim or they are real.

Let take for instance you want to make research about CashinJob.com , all you will have to do is go to Google.com and type in the search keywords e.g CashinJob.com/ Scam or legit and search for it. Look carefully from the first page you will see peoples view about the program.

Before i go on listing this top scam websites you must not join as a blogger or non blogger here in Nigeria and abroad let me show you one thing you must do before joining any unknown program online that promised to earn you money.

At the End of this lesson you will be able to learn:

  1. How to identify scam and fake websites
  2. You will be able to now why many Nigerian fall for make money online scam websites
  3. You will get the list of 300 top make money online scam sites on the internet
  4. You will also know the legit website to make money in Nigeria with any scam etc

What you must do to avoid been scammed online in Nigeria

Research is only thing that can save you the repute of been a scammed victim online . Immediately you find any trending method to make money online one thing that should come your mind is how many people has really earned via this program, What is the programs benefit from the income am going to earn from them: you need to answer this because you may have seen many fake online business online that will just promise you too much money and you are happy because in your account balance online you are earning over 300$ in less than one hour.

The earning is not the issue it is only a figure what matters is the withdraw, that’s when you will know you only have fake $ lol and the worst aspect is that you may have planned to pay your school fees from the fake online earning or pay other bills and now you go about telling your friends you are making millions that you can’t withdraw hmmmm. am afraid to tell you that without proper research you can still fall a victim for the second time.

I don’t want you to be a scam victim and this is one of the reason why we created this blog. To teach and to enlighten .so am going to drop the list bellow please don’t go otherwise in trying any of then they are all created for one fake aim or the other among which are to collect peoples emails and sell them as newsletters, Use people to complete surveys and click on their ads and so many other aims.

Make Money Online scam websites you must not join

  1. 50dollarptc.com
  2. 247vipclub.com
  3. 365dayclub.com
  4. AglocoPtr.com
  5. BezMoney.club
  6. Bitcoin4Job.com
  7. BitcoinSlip.com
  8. Bitor.xyz
  9. bizboom.us
  10. BucksRail.com is now redirecting to
  11. Buckstip.com
  12. buxinc.com
  13. Cash4EasyJob.com is now redirecting
    to MyPayStuff.com
  14. Cash4Visits.com
  15. CashbyJob.com
  16. Casheast.com
  17. CashForInvite.com now redirecting to
  18. CashforShare.com (also seen as
  19. CashFromSky.com now redirecting to
  20. CashinJob.com
  21. Cashinwork.com
  22. cashjob.online
  23. cashni.com now redirecting to
    Cash4easyJob.com (now redirecting to
  24. CashRevo.com
  25. Cashuptime.com
  26. Cashwork.xyz
  27. Cashyooo.com is now redirecting to
  28. CepMoney.club
  29. Cheb.info
  30. CouponPeoples.com
  31. Datmoney.club
  32. DavMoney.club
  33. Dayjob.online
  34. DayJob.site
  35. DeskSalary.com
  36. DevelopDollars.com
  37. DobMoney.club
  38. Dollar2Refer.com
  39. DollarBirth.com
  40. DollarBox.online
  41. Dollarcell.com is now redirecting to
  42. DollarClass.online
  43. DollarFarming.com is now redirecting to
  44. Dollarfarming.site
  45. Dollargrowing.com is now redirecting to
  46. DollarinPocket.com
  47. dollarjob.club
  48. Dollarjob.online
  49. DollarLite.com is now redirecting to
  50. Dollarmilk.com is now redirecting to
  51. Dollarnize.com
  52. DollarPlanting.com is now redirecting to
  53. DollarSaw.com
  54. Dollarsbyte.com
  55. DollarsinJob.com
  56. Dollarsjet.com
  57. Dollarsplug.com
  58. Dollarsteller.com
  59. DollarTable.online
  60. Dollartell.com
  61. DollarTeller.com is now redirecting to
  62. DollarTent.com
  63. DollarZip.com
  64. DonewithJob.com is now redirecting to
  65. DonMoney.club
  66. Dreamduty.com is now redirecting to
  67. DuhMoney.club
  68. DumMoney.club
  69. Dutybyte.com
  70. Dutyincome.com is now redirecting to
  71. Dutyisdone.com is now redirecting to
  72. DutyKat.com
  73. DutyKid.com
  74. DutyLeaf.com
  75. DutyMoney.com
  76. Dutyontime.com is now redirecting to
  77. Dutypart.com
  78. Dutypool.com
  79. DutyRevo.com
  80. DutyScreen.com
  81. DutySense.com
  82. DutySet.com
  83. DutySpace.com
  84. dutytiki.com
  85. Dutytimes.com
  86. DutyTrend.com
  87. DuzMoney.club
  88. EarlyJob.site
  89. EarlyJob.online
  90. EarlyPayJob.com
  91. EarlyPayJob.online
  92. Earn4Future.cf
  93. Earn4Future.com
  94. Earn4MyLife.com
  95. Earningbyte.com
  96. EarningEmploy.com
  97. Earningfire.com
  98. Earninghabit.com
  99. Earninvite.com
  100. EmployDollars.com
  101. enha.info
  102. etia.info
  103. Fans2Earn.com
  104. Fawly.com is now redirecting to
  105. fesMail.com is now redirecting to
  106. Filejoz.com is now redirecting to
  107. FirstCopy.online
  108. FixWeekly.com
  109. FreshEmploy.com
  110. fmptr.com
  111. fourdollarclick.com
  112. FumDengi.club
  113. GarMoney.club
  114. GasMoney.club
  115. GatMoney.club
  116. GecMoney.club
  117. GenuinePTR.com
  118. GetPaid.social
  119. HatMoney.club
  120. HeyMoney.club
  121. homecash.online
  122. HotLogo.net (involves rating company
  123. HudMoney.club
  124. Income4Living.com is now redirecting
    to DollarinPocket.com
  125. InternationalJob.online
  126. Invite2job.com
  127. Invite2Share.com
  128. InviteForCash.com
  129. Invitepals.com is now redirecting to
  130. Jamlass.com is now redirecting to
  131. Job2Ref.com is now redirecting to
  132. JobBravo.com
  133. JobJite.com is now redirecting to
  134. JobPayNow.online
  135. JobRevo.com
  136. Jobtaka.com
  137. KarDengi.top
  138. KetMoney.club
  139. KopMoney.club
  140. KurMoney.club
  141. LiveDuty.online
  142. Magica.us
  143. MakingBigMoneyFast.com
  144. MasMoney.club
  145. MesMoney.club
  146. MevMoney.club
  147. Miniduty.com is now redirecting to
  148. Money4Task.com
  149. MoneyatMyHand.com is now redirecting
    to MyPayStuff.com
  150. MoneyJob.online
  151. MoneySlip.com
  152. MonthlyFixPay.com is now redirecting
    to DollarinPocket.com
  153. MopMoney.club
  154. mvpconnect.co redirecting to
    RewardsEmpire.com (now redirecting to
  155. MyCashDuty.com
  156. MyCashinHand.com
  157. MyCashTable.com
  158. MyDuty.online is now redirecting to
  159. MyDuty.site
  160. MyEarlyCash.com
  161. MyLifeForMoney.com
  162. MyMoneyWish.com
  163. MyMonthlyWork.com is now redirecting
    to FixWeekly.com
  164. MyPayPot.com
  165. MyPayStuff.com
  166. MyReferralDesk.com
  167. MyShareJob.com
  168. MyWebEarnings.com
  169. NepDengi.top
  170. Netduty.club
  171. NetDuty.online
  172. NetDuty.site
  173. newCashJob.com
  174. NiceLogo.net
  175. NightJob.online
  176. NocMoney.club
  177. NorMoney.club
  178. NowDuty.com
  179. NowMoney.club
  180. NucMoney.club
  181. OnlineTaskPay.com
  182. oopl.info
  183. Ourjob.online
  184. Paid2Refer.com
  185. Paid4Clicks.com
  186. PatMoney.club
  187. PayaSide.com
  188. PayChair.com
  189. PayGreen.online
  190. Payhite.com
  191. Payingduty.com is now redirecting to
  192. Payinnight.com
  193. Payjile.com
  194. PayJolly.com
  195. PayKilo.com
  196. PayperMails.com
  197. PayRigid.com is now redirecting to
  198. Paytoday.online
  199. PaytoMyAccount.com
  200. Paytonight.online is now redirecting to
  201. PefMoney.club
  202. PevMoney.club
  203. PocketFunds.online
  204. PokeLazy.com
  205. PoorManToRichMan.com
  206. PosterPress.us
  207. ProMediaShares.com
  208. PryMoney.club
  209. ptrvipclub.com
  210. PurMoney.club
  211. Ranburg.com
  212. RapidUSD.com
  213. RazMoney.club
  214. Referdone.com
  215. RegisterDollars.com
  216. RegMoney.club
  217. RegularDollars.com
  218. Restinduty.com
  219. RevenueBrust.com
  220. RewardsEmpire.com
  221. richgoptr.com
  222. royalptr.com
  223. RoxMoney.club
  224. RugMoney.club
  225. RunMoney.club
  226. Ruzmoney.club
  227. SagMoney.club
  228. Saving-me.com
  229. SerMoney.club
  230. sevendollarptc.com
  231. Share4Revenue.com is now redirecting
    to FixWeekly.com
  232. SharingDuty.com
  233. sixdollarbux.com
  234. ShortTask.com
  235. SlyMoney.club
  236. smorc.me
  237. SoxMoney.club
  238. Submoney.club
  239. Superjobs.xyz
  240. SystemPay.online
  241. TafMoney.club
  242. Task4Pay.com
  243. TaskGrip.com
  244. TaskMine.club
  245. TazMoney.club
  246. Teeban.com
  247. TeenAdvertisers.com
  248. TeensEarnMoney.com
  249. TeensGetCash.com
  250. TeensMakeMoney.com
  251. TefMoney.club
  252. tendollarbux.com
  253. TheCashr.com
  254. TheHugePay.com
  255. TheInviteClub.com
  256. TheInviteJob.com
  257. TheMoneyGrill.com is now redirecting to
  258. TheMonthlyPayment.com
  259. ThePayPay.com
  260. TheRefJob.com
  261. TheRightPay.com
  262. theTaskBit.com
  263. TheWeeklyPaid.com is now redirecting
    to DollarinPocket.com
  264. threedollarclick.com
  265. TodayDuty.com
  266. TokMoney.club
  267. TosMoney.club
  268. TrendyRock.com
  269. TrustPay.club
  270. tubr.info
  271. twodollarclick.com
  272. Uniqued.us
  273. UptimeJob.com
  274. USDtimes.com
  275. USDWork.com
  276. Uved.info
  277. VadMoney.club
  278. VamMoney.club
  279. VapMoney.club
  280. VegMoney.club
  281. Vepo.info
  282. Verbei.com
  283. VisitsToMoney.com
  284. VodMoney.club
  285. webjobs.online
  286. WeLive.me
  287. WevMoney.club
  288. WexMoney.club
  289. WhoMoney.club
  290. WotMoney.club
  291. YesMyIncome.com
  292. Youthnize.com
  293. yuup.info
  294. ZatMoney.club
  295. Zeeis.me
  296. Nightjob.online)
  297. ZekMoney.club
  298. FloralInvestment.com
  299. monthlyfixpay.com
  300. ZumMoney.club

Why People Fall for Make money online scam sites

Most Nigerians do fall victims for the above listed websites simply because they love awoof….Can you just imagine a site giving you 50$ sign up bonus and you still has the guts to stay because you think God has answered your prayers. Of making money online is that easy then every one should be a millionaire by now.Don’t be carried away by their bonus offers.

Another Reason why you may likely be a victim of any of the above site is because you don’t want to invest at all , you so much love free things that can earn you millions of Naira but mind you nothing good comes easy. Free things always tends to be bad in many occasions so know your limits is all i can tell you for now.

Don’t let anyone deceive you with sweet words, making money online is not that easy as they say it , it requires lots of time and efforts

Which Online Business is good and Legit For Nigerians?

There are many legit online business out there that can earn you money but am going to show you the trending one , where you can easily get your cash without issues. I Recommended NAIRA4ALL for every Nigerian both bloggers and non bloggers

I know there are still many unlisted ones. have you ever worked with any of the above sits ?? what was your experience or have you use any other scam site which is not on our list you can comment bellow it will help us in our next updates. Please don’t forget to drop your thanks on this post.

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