What is 301 and 302 redirection and how does it affect your SEO ?

To the non experienced in blogging/online world it sound very new when you hear the word 301 or 302 redirection you are like asking if there is any difference at all.When i started blogging i was also a victim of this muddle not until i became a real blogger.

Are you still asking questions like What is 301 or 302 redirection? how does it affect your SEO and how you can easily make use of this 301 and 302 redirections beneficiary to your own website/blog.

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In This article am going show you everything you need to know about 301 and 302 redirection in a simple and comprehensive language, but before i proceed let me explain what it means by redirection according to the English dictionary for a better comprehension.

“Redirect” definition from the web: to
direct (someone or something) to a
different place or by a different route.

In a lame man explanation, Redirecting a page simply means you are changing your site link for reasons best know to you. taking for example, You registered a domain name wordpressnigeria.com with a personal aim known to you,but after some months of running AdSense on the website you get banned from using AdSense on that domain name.

There is no doubt You will be in problem if AdSense is the major source of your income but with 301 redirection you will now buy a similar domain name to your brand and redirect your traffic without loosing data and site qualities after which you can start using your AdSense back as a means of monetisation without facing any issues.

Apart from the AdSense domain banning issue you may also want to do 301 or 302 redirection for the following reasons listed below:

  • The URL is broken or it doesn’t work
  • The webpage/site is no longer active
  • You have a new webpage/site that you
    want people to visit instead of the old
  • You’re A/B testing a new webpage in
    terms of design or functionality
  • You’re fixing a webpage and you want to
    temporarily make a detour for your users
    for continual website experience
  • You want your users to make the best
    pancakes (just kidding!)

How to Do 301 Redirection in Your Website:

It’s as easy as putting this .php code
into your public_html folder in your
hosting If you are using WordPress hosting but if your website is blogspot hosted then you will need to contact your domain providers via support ticket to help you do it manually since blogger host has no Public_Html folder


$redirectlink = ‘http://www.puttheredirectedwebpageurlhere.com‘;

//do not edit below here

header (‘HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently’);

header(‘Location: ‘.$redirectlink);



This code will use a 301 redirect the
page to the URL that you desire. The
filename of this .php should be the
URL slug of the page you want to

301 Redirection is also term permanent and irreversible redirection and as such when this redirection is done It will permanently transfer the older domain qualities such as the Page rank, Mozrank , PA , DA and others to the most recent domain name.

Having done this redirection, Google will remove the old page from Google and replace it with the recent domain name/paged

302 redirection

: In a lame man language 302 redirection simply means temporal Redirection and this redirection should be set in a place where it can easily be reverted after some time.

E.g If you Are working on a new website and you want to drive traffic from your old site to the new one within just a short period of time, you can easily do 302 redirection and after you are done getting the traffic ,you can now undo the redirection.

Unlike 301 redirection , the 302 redirection cannot affect your site qualities such as the Mozrank, Site traffic Value, Page Rank, Domain authority etc

Doing 301 redirection instead of 302 redirection will affect your site SEO negatively therefore it is important you know what you are doing before going ahead to do it.

Hope this article helped you about 301 and 302 redirection? i believe with the aid of this post you can now tell the difference in the both.

thanks for reading .

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My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!


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