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5 Fatal Strategies to get Visitors to your website without spending a thine

Just Like i always say and let me say it again ” It’s needless to say that without traffic to your website you will remain unsuccessful blogger even when you write quality articles” As you cannot make heaven without Holiness so you can’t see the glory in blogging without traffic. The reason why You say Facebook , Gmail , Fobes and other great websites are more popular on the internet is nothing but because of the amount of traffic they get.

IMG sourceMeggenaga.com

Apart from the above listed websites when you are opportuned to see the traffic stats of websites ranking top on your blogging Niche i bet you will be very disappointed at yourself (“lol”) you may even decide to stop blogging because you will immediately draw a final conclusion like (What am i still doing Online)

For You to Drive sales, You Need Website traffic and that’s why you see those websites earn higher than you do because they have better traffic than you do. . Without traffic your whole work online is fruitless and unfulfilled. Nevertheless You don’t have to worry too much when you are getting low traffic to your website and don’t be too curious to be like other Top bloggers in your niche because you are too new to the internet.

The internet is like first to come first to serve. These people you hear about today as great bloggers are your online seniors. But if you think am lying go and ask the year they started you will know am just a realer. Apart from that, they also explore the Top website traffic generating strategies which am about to unveil on this article

Few days ago i updated my Facebook status that ” there is no way you can get the same website traffic with a man having 1,000 well written articles when you only have 200 or less. In that case you will have to work your ass out to compete with them”

Lest i skip this step, Let me show you the meaning of Website traffic Hey am not talking to you i understand you already know what it means by website traffic but am writing it for that man near you who is still a learner so scroll down to what you have to learn if you have already learnt this.

What Is Website Traffic

maybe you have been seeing this on your Whassap Chats, Facebook timeline and others places on the internet but you do not know the meaning. here is what it means!

Website traffic :
Is the measure of the total numbers of people visitors who visits your website/Blog. And this website visitors do come from various channels such as listed below

TOP Traffic Sources:

  • Organic search
  • Direct traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Social media
  • Paid traffic

Organic Search:

This is the measure of the numbers of visitors you get from Google search engine. If any person brows your website and click through Google then landed on your website/blog we say that visitor is organic visitors and they are categorised under this traffic source.

Direct Traffic:

This is when a visitor just brows your site directly by typing your URL or website link into their address bar.

Referral Traffic:

This is Kind of traffic is gotten when someone who already knows your site recommends it to people who don’t know about it. Now those people whom they tell about your website are the referrals and they are categorised under (Referral traffic)

Social Media

: When you share your website link on Facebook , twitter, Google+ , etc and someone click on it that person will be categorised under Social media traffic. Therefore social media traffic is the traffic you generate from social media

Paid Traffic

; Hope You know that you can run advertisement online via some Ads networks such as Google AdSense, Medianet, etc even Facebook allow ads they are just too numerous to number.

Now when you pay for any of these service or similar ones to advertise and make your website popular then you get paid traffic. and any visitor you get through this means will be grouped under paid Traffic source
You can read more analytics About traffic sources

Having learnt all of the above, let me show you the 5 ever green and must learn ideas to grow your website traffic and get more new website visitors to your blog.

5 Must learn Website traffic Generating Strategies

Run a Giveaway/Blog Contest

Definitely this is not this first time of hearing about blog contest or giveaway but here you need to learn the giveaway that stands out and the one to generate and grow more website traffic

With this giveaway you will be able to get new visitors because it will entail participants to bring in new friends, share articles and so the user with the highest vote or shares or referral will get the price.

Enstine has done the whole write ups about blogging contest You can read Here You will understand all what am saying after reading the above article.

If you can do this regularly, You will have every chances of growing your audience i mean with loyal visitors and also the ones that convert sales .in addition you will grow your email list very fast but always do this alongside with Quality Contents

How to Run website Contest

Please read

Social Sharing Communities

Social Media is one among the best places you can easily generate targeted and free website traffic

Social communities like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon,
Tumblr, etc. should be properly built upon as a blogger. Always share your contents on them and make sure you build a good profile as well. Such medias will not only drive traffic from your shares but from Google search engine and this will in turn grow your traffic and website Googe ranking and Alexa rank as well

Build A community:

Note that your visitors are not dumb they have something to say after reading your post.

Give a room for comment in your website and also if possible build a side forum on your website to interact with your visitors they will also get you more viewers from their shares and invites.

Aside from building a community by giving chances for forum which enables your visitors to share contents and also give their thoughts, you can also create Facebook pages and group for more interaction

Interview Influential bloggers on your Niche:

I won’t do without linking Enstine here again Because when it comes to this he is a king.

Interviewing Influential people on your Niche will not only make you influential blogger but it’s also a means of driving traffic to your website and making your website get more and more shares (hope you know what that means)

When doing this always Make sure you interview bloggers with big stories to write about and the ones that have already made success who has success stories. Everybody would want to read about this and in quest for doing this you keep growing your traffic

When you interview influential bloggers with big Audience they may inturn share your article and i believe you know how many clicks you can get from such shares depending on the audience they got.

LongTail Still Functions 100%

If you are looking for ways to drive traffic always put writing Long tail keywords on your list. And let it be in your top scales or preference

Targeting Long tail keywords can get you very huge numbers of visitors from Google and other search engines. and that Neipatel being experienced internet marketer he write about how you can get 20,000 loyal visitors with this method

Having gone through all of the above, you still need some tools to help you in doing this keywords Research I won’t write about it here because Prosper Noah has done that already so you can Read from TipsonBlogging

With the above You have successfully learnt some new strategies to grow your website traffic from Zero-Hero. But mind you non of those will work for you without you putting them to practice. so now it’s time to get on to work and get things done in your own ways using our prescriptions above.

Jesus am i still typing by this time of the night? Mehn i must be crazy helper indeed please i need to end it here but don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter because i still have many contents to share with you which will promote you as a blogger so stay tuned like my FM radio. am offline find me you will see me


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