5 Reasons for your low Conversion Rate: you Need Buyers

The only Way You can measure the success of your website is (Conversion). Some do look to Alexa rank, page rank and others but did you know that a site with Alexa rank of above 5million can earn better income than that of 3,000 ? yes it’s very possible. Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting, Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Performing, Simple Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors, Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting Traffic Into Sales

The amount of visitors that comes to your website doesn’t matter but what matters is ” if they are been able to be converted to customers” only then will you be bold to say your website is successful.

The only traffic that count is the visitors that come to your site and are converted, aside that all other visitors are just wasted traffic.

Are you among one of those information marketers who render a valuable information at a reasonable price and yet you still don’t get buyers ? then you should be happy you landed on this page. I will show you some of the reasons why your website traffic is not converted and how to Convert them to payable customers to increase your online income, but before then you need to check your conversion rate:

Check Your current Conversion Rate:

What is your conversion rate? you can measure this with the amount of downloads , newsletter sign up, etc but which ever way ,there is always need to know your current conversion rate to measure your customers

You can do this with the aid of Google Analytics or any other analytics platform of your choice. if Your conversion rate is between 2-3 percent ,then we say you are having a good conversion rate

don’t forget that this conversion rate is dynamic and as such you may need to be checking it regularly. The amount of goods you sell can also affect your conversion rate. e.g goods higher than 100$ will have a bad conversion rate compare to the ones lower than 20$ the reason is because not everyone can afford to pay huge amounts online in buying any product.

Below are five reasons why your site may be performing very bad

Site Speed is Too Slow

Slow site is one of the reason why your site visitors aren’t converted. When your site loads too slow they are like let me exit this page for another day perhaps i can find this information from other fast loading site instead of consuming my hard earned MB(data bundle)

10ways to speed up your website for fast loading

No body wants to visit slow loading site not even you. To me i hate them and i easily exit them for other pages with the same info but fast loading. here are some of the reasons why your site load very slow

  • A site that isn’t
    optimized for mobile
  • Broken links
  • Not using caching
    Messy/unformatted codes
  • Images that aren’t
  • Flash and Java
  • Average web hosting(Cheap Hosting)

Studies shows that Visitors easily exits website that loads slower than 3Secs therefore if your site speed is above that then you need to work on it with the above specs to increase your site speed. You can test your site speed here

You are Offline(off-target)

Just you : but you want to satisfy the whole internet. You share this you share that on the same site you don’t care to know about what is blogging niche that’s non of your concern.

I know it’s non of your concern ; let niche blogging go to hell for all you cares but it’s my concern to inform you that one of the reason behind your unconverting website is the fact that you don’t know your audience. You may be writing for the wrong or right audience you can’t even tell because you have loosed focus already so you don’t know who you harbour any longer.

Am not a victim of this and you know it. Whenever you visit WordPressnigeria.com i believe you are not coming to download music or videos and you know it very well because you know what we produce and offer. What about you? i bid you to be like me and your conversion rate will increase.

Your site Design and Layout Matters

: Did you know that your website annoy your visitors that’s why they leave your site unfulfilled.

Like i always tell my readers that your site design matters maybe you may be thinking only your contents can do it. Apart from that here are some of the things you need to correct about your site for your site not to annoy your readers for no good reason.

  • You do not offer any
    useful information
  • Navigation is too Difficult
  • You have too many
    ads or popups
  • Your site doesn’t look

Try to correct the above to make your site readers friendly. don’t chase them away with any of the above attitude.

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No Call To Action Button:

You may be writing quality and unique articles yet your website visitors aren’t converted. This is not because they never wanted to be converted but because you haven’t made a way for them to be converted.

Place your call to action button in a more noticeable areas of your website. Tell your customers what you can do for them , your price and how to get in touch with you.

Many of your readers may want to buy but because there is no means to reach you they just exit your page.don’t be a victim and an enemy to your Own website.

Your Website is not Mobile friendly

It is clear that 80% or more of the internet users are from mobile devices. I.e most of the people who visits your site should be from mobile.

If your website is not mobile friendly there is no way you can get better conversion rate. i don’t even need to talk much on this because you already know it. I believe you hate it when you mistakenly visit some wide screen mobile sites where you scroll left and right to brows contents because of the scree wideness.

Just Like you hate it so do others hate it too. They are just too impatient to check such sites for anything . that will definitely make your loose your customers thereby causing low conversion rate.

Knowing now that Your mobile site matters alot, when creating a website make sure it’s mobile friendly before any other device.

I’m addition to the above , Measure measure and measure is another reason why your website isn’t converting. As a website owner , You should be good in analytics to know what works and what don’t work for your readers .

When you create a content and your readers don’t like it don’t create such content again but you can only know this through the aid of analytics and measure.

Some Useful Tools

  • Top 15 Tools to test Your website Speed Click here
  • 16 Tools to help improve your conversion rate Click Here
  • 5 tools to test if your website is mobile friendlyClick Here

The above Five reasons why your website are not converting is just the beginners guide to better conversion rate. There are many other reasons but every beginner must first of all correct all of the above then you will see improvement in a short while.

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My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!

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