#WordPressNigeria is Dashing Out 20 Free .COM.NG domain names to 20 persons who wants to become bloggers

A new month has finally arrived and the year 2017 is running out as 2018 is fast approaching. There is one thing i always tell you if you have been following my updates on this website you should have seen this statement from my inscriptiona severally that “As one year passes by so the number of competition increase and so the chances of becoming a great blogger become more tougher.

I told You that the in internet live stat and 2016 and that of 2017 are not the same and that of 2017 and 2018 will never be the same instead it will be increasing rampantly bringing in more competitors online.

Becoming a blogger today is not as easy as becoming a blogger in the past few Years like 2009 , 2010, etc because then you can easily create a website even without good contents and still excel with it knowing well that you have no or less competitors on your blogging Niche.

And Now you are asking Should i become a blogger now or leave it for next year or even next 2years to come? well the choice is yours but be ready for bunch of competitors. To me i will recommend you start now before that sleepless competitor wake to start blogging.

You are still Asking Why should i even start blogging now? what do i stand to gain. Many will tell you they blog for passion but the gospel truth is that i blog for money and fame that’s me for you. anything other plan is not my own You that’s blogging for passion you are well done keep on the good work i pray you don’t think of making money from your website In Jesus Name (Amen) then let your passion pay your bills.

Blogging is the best online money making machine Business if only you can explore the successful blogging strategies of the bloggers that sells and this is why every Nigerian Youth and adult are speedily joining the blogging feed and some who are wise and serious indeed are making it as a profession which you also can do to make a living.

So How do i start this Blogging?

To start Blogging You need to create Your own Website and that’s when you are known as blogger and creating your own website and setting it up well to make it attractive and worth earning with is what really becomes the problem to many newbies

I have been thinking for some times now how i can make all my readers here become a website owner because almost everything we write here is suitable for read by website or website owners aspirants therefore it is my hearth desire that you have your own website so that after reading you practice on your own.

But how can i achieve this ? it became a very bothersome issue not until yesterday when i got an inspiration to help by spending some bulks in making you successful.

The reason Why many of you who are willing to own a website are unable to make it possible is maybe you don’t know how yo create one or you have less capital as per required but here today am going to help you sort out issue to make you have your own website with no or less capital which even a student or handicap can easily afford

But Before you start Blogging I have some words for you because i know and i believe am going to make you a blogger after reading this post but please take below notes:

  • Start Thinking of what you want to blog about” this is what we call your blogging Niche
  • Now that you have known what to blog About , what’s the domain name you want to pick for your website? e.g KingsWeb.com.ng, Naijaloaded.com.ng, and that’s what people will know you with

Having chosen your domain name and Your blogging Niche i can now say you are Ready for business but be careful in choosing them. If you think you need help you can reach me on Whatssap

How Will WordPress Nigeria Help you

  1. I will Help You Buy .com.ng Domain Name from #wordpressNigeria Wallet
  2. I will help You Create the complete Website Installing this same theme am using here which is Worth more than $50 from studiopress but you will get it free of charge from here.
  3. I will Help you do the necessary set ups you need for your website and also i will help you publish it on one of my great blogs (KingsWeb.com.ng) to enable you get more Visitors to your new website
  4. I will show You how to Promote your website to get more visitors and after making your site successful i will suggest the best monetisation strategy to earn from any niche you choose to blog on
  5. In a short statement and to draw a summary i will keep teaching you anything you need to know about been a blogger till you remain perfect, a master and a teacher as well.(Trust me am a good teacher)

What You will Do

domain without Hosting won’t function so the only thing you will do is get your web hosting yourself . You can buy the cheapest Web hosting from Domainking Web hosting portal As a beginner i will recommend you buy the cheapest web hosting for a start after making it big you can then upgrade in future to come.

How Much Is the Cheapest Web hosting From DomainKing

The cheapest domainKing Web hosting plan will cost you 175Naira/month which is about 0.48 US Dollar very little.

You can get one year plan for a start which will cost you less than 3,000Naira

Are you Done Buying The Web hosting?

After buying the web hosting From this Link, Just Contact Me with the

  • Domain name you wish to use for Your Website
  • The email and email password i will use for your Work. You can create new email and send me the details if you think your email is too confidential to share
  • Your Website Title And description
  • Your site About US Note
  • Your Site Contact Details to enable your audience reach you easily
  • And Finally The details to Login the Web hosting You have just purchased initially

After providing all of the above Details Your site will Be Ready In less than 48hours and i will forward you the details to your website and guides to run it if you are new to WordPress


If Have issues or you don’t know how to buy the web hosting Yourself, You can transfer the money to my Account while i Help You buy it and also create the website for you as per your request and description.

Here Are my Contact Details

Email: Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com
Facebook:Kennedy Prosper

Send the the required details to any of the above contacts and get your work done. But i will suggest you contact me with any of the above details before you go on doing anything.

Why am I Doing This?

It’s part of my pledge for this new month. I just wish to help someone out there become a blogger in a very easy way though i became a blogger in a very hard way. I don’t want my fans to suffer the same

Apart from that it’s also a means of promoting My website to the next level. What else do you want to know? let it be in your mind.

My Bank Details

If you want me to help you buy the web hosting you can make transfer of the 3k (3,000 naira) to my bank account

  • Bank name:Eco bank.
  • Acc number:3823007138.
  • Acc Name:Kennedy prosper

After payment just notify me and i will start your work upon payment confirmation.

Notice: I don’t have much the spend with the little budget am having here i can only sponsor 20 persons for this project and this offer will end 30th of this month so after above date please don’t request about this again i will go back to my normal web design charges which you may have known about before now.

I just Wish You will be among the 20bloggers of this month who will enjoy all this free benefits. Am off to my inbox waiting for peoples request and counting the numbers be fast to be on the queue.

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