Choosing A perfect SEO domain Name for Your Website

Its been a while i wrote on this website because of some issues and the updates i was taking care of but even with that i was still sharing some useful articles on KingsWeb.

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But all the same ,To God be the glory after some weeks of been offline from this website am finally back again and today been the first update of this month am going to show you how you can Choose a good SEO domain Name for Your website.

Many new bloggers are unaware of this thereby choosing a bad domain name which in turn became a yellow flag on their branding. Before i proceed with this article it will please me to introduce you to some of my recent articles that might also be of great help to you.

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One of the important of choosing a good domain name is increasing your click through rate and also building a good brand.

Back In 2011 precisely Google Introduced what is Known as Google Panda Google panda is a Google search engine development that enable Google to check duplicate contents and also exact domain matchs

The main reason Google Explored this Google Panda was to wipe out websites with good domain names with no quality and relevant contents.

Some years back Exact match domain names where very Good for SEO e.g of exact match SEO domain name should be like this. If for instance you want to create a new website to teach people about blogging you choose a domain name such as, and so on…

such domain names that’s crowded with keywords which i do call (domain name keywords) are no longer effective after the Google panda update in 2013, but even with that, domain name keywords are still effective when properly and carefully chosen. You can read more about Google panda Here

Keywords Rich domain name can be very effective if carefully picked because Google work with keywords in your domain names according the recent Google search optimization Algorithms. The issue of how to carefully chose a domain shouldn’t border you that much read further……

Your Brand Name Should
Be Your Domain Name

Don’t worry if your branding contain keywords so long you are rendering quality and relevant contents Google will not that focus in terminating your website.

You should consider choosing a domain name that match your brand it will enhance more click through rate. e.g when a link is share with a description as shown below it will get more clicks than others

SEO domain name

You know why they will consider clicking on the above share? because they see the domain as #WordpressNigeria.Com and the description equally match the domain name in that case they feels that the website should render a good content in defence of the domain name and thank God that’s what we do here.

So when choosing a domain name make it branding but not keywords focus.

If Your branding contain keywords you can still fix your domain to target just two or one out of the many keywords and also EMD (Exact match domain names) and PMD (partial match domain names) are not the main thing Google Panda is really looking for but span websites that don’t provide relevancies.

If your Domain contain less keywords we say it’s keywords rich and in this case Google may not likely be a victim of Google Panda when you provide relevant contents been the food to Google.

However when you are starting out you should go with a memorable branding name and avoid focusing of too many keywords that can make your domain irrelevant to Google.

Having Read all that let me show you some tips that can help you choose a better SEO domain name for your Website

Tips for Choosing the Perfect SEO Domain Name

  • Make it Memorable
  • Use Your Brand Name
  • Not exact Match but Partial match domain name but a brand name is always better
  • Choose .com Extension
  • 15 Characters is OK
  • Avoid Numbers, Hyphens or special characters
  • Avoid misspelled words they are bad for branding
  • Make It Easy to spell

A Memorable Domain Name

One thing you must also Consider when choosing a domain name is the ability for your Audience to remember your domain name every day every time even from sleep or in the dream.

This site domain name should be a role model. There is no way you can think of creating a self hosted WordPress website In Nigeria without remembering because it’s very easy to recall.

A Branding Domain Name

When we say a branding domain name it means your domain name should have a resemblance to what you want to blog or create the website about.

Apart from WordPressNigeria been branding another branding domain name is it’s own by a mentor Abass Torilola of Webincomeplus

Branding Domain name will make people know what your website is about even without having clicked on it.

Not exact Match But branding

If for instance Abass ToriLola has chosen or etc then will say it’s exact match domain name because it just explained everything about the website with all the keywords needed to be ranked for which Google considered as a span

If Kennedy Prosper has chosen or then we say it’s exact match domain name because it contained all the keywords needed to be ranked for.

But since my domain and that of Abass is like that we say it’s partial match Domain name and i create Relevant content to back my domain just like Abass Does i guess you can testify of that even before Google does if you have been following this website so some times now.

.COM domain Extension

When choosing a domain name consider choosing .com domain name for your branding especially if you want to target global audience.

.com extension is a good domain because most at times your visitors will only type in your domain name without adding any extension and as you know they can only get to you when your domain is in .Com otherwise they will be redirected to another website with the same name having .com This was what i considered which made me changed my website from to .com in My recent update on this Website

15 Character Domain Name

You may be asking how long or how many characters should your domain contain ? thank God you are here today to read this article.

A good Domain name should not be more than 15 Characters if it does it might be considered span by Google and may even be too long to spell by your audience.

When Choosing a domain name it will be a good idea to make it short and easy.

No Special Characters In Domain name

Example of such domain is or or or or any domain name that has such resemblance

Easy To Recall Domain Name

Now that you want to buy a new domain name what name do you have in mind? lol hope it’s not that one that you want to combine both your name , Your brand and your community name so that they will know it’s you? hmmmmm that will be too lengthy sir.

It will be better you pick a domain name that people can easily remember even when they just woke up from their dreams not something local and unworthy to spell or even recall that will make you loose more direct visitors to your website.

Having Learnt to Choose a good SEO domain name for your website, there are some helpful tools i have for share perhaps they may help you as well

Domain Choosing Free Online Tools

With The above tips you have learnt How you can choose a perfect SEO domain name for your Website Now that you want to pick a domain i wish you pick the best……Hope this inscription helped you. ? Don’t forget the tell your friends about this with the share button and also your comments are highly regarded.

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