Properties for Creating SEO friendly WordPress Websites in Less than 20munites

A serious minded Entrepreneur or internet marketer is the one who will have just one aim which is search Engine optimization. over all that he does online knowing fully well the to of SEO over every online business.

The only key to or any other online business is the ability to rank well on Google and other search engines. therefore before you set up a new website as a web developer , your main focus should be about the Search engine aspect of it.


Will you be able to optimize the website? what are the keywords to target for optimisation ? what are the plugins to use and what are the things to do to make sure the site is search engine friendly.? these are but few questions you will have to ask yourself before or after a start.

A search engine friendly website: is the website that rank well on Google and other search engines, and you know how this has been the dream of every website owner to get their website in Google’s front page. The objective of every online marketer is to get loyal buyers from search engines .

This is the main reason we are always here to teach you how to get your SEO done. A common believe quoted that “SEO is about quality content” that could sound real but at the same time you must have to do some set ups and follow some Google search algorithms to get to googles front page with your quality contents.

in less than 20munites you can achieve all this but you may not be able go write original and quality article in 20munites i guess you know what am taking if you have been a writer for sometimes now.

In this post am going to show you some SEO basics to make your site rank well and this will cost you no time than 20munites. read further. . .


  • Choose a good domain Name
  • Ensure Indexability
  • Permalinks and URLs
  • Title and Descriptions
  • H1Tags availability
  • SiteMaps
  • Enable Discussions
  • Site speed And Security

Choose A Good domain Name:

When it comes to creating SEO friendly websites, Choosing a domain name is very important part you must not underestimate as it was listed among the”> top 200 Search Engine Algorithms of Google

Because some newbies want to rank well on Google they just go ahead to suff in keywords in a domain name and some even make it hyphenated in quest to meet up with all the required keywords they want to rank for, this even makes it more ugly to Readers and search engine

It will please me to announce to you that because of the recent Penguin/Panda updates by Google and also the one made againstWordPress Nigeria as the keywords. If only you can carefully pick a keywords rich domain name without spamming Google , then you are still liable to rank for it, because carefully chosen keywords rich domain names are still important

Ensure Website Indexability:

This is mistakenly done by most newbie bloggers while others do it intentionally, but in which ever way you chose to do it without the indexability set to work in your WordPress site , your website will not be seen my Google.

What am saying here is that in WordPress admin Dashboard, there is a provision to switch on and off SEO on your website. If you switch it off no matter the amount of optimization, Google won’t index your pages and posts because you have signified that you don’t want to get your website indexed.

To create SEO friendly WordPress website, you should consider turning this feature on in your privacy section on your WordPress blog dashboard.

Permalinks and URLs:

Now that you are creating an SEO friendly website, one of the things you must consider is your URL and links.

In WordPress platform there is a provision to set your URLs (permalinks) as desired. There are various URL types but there is an SEO friendly one as well and that’s what you need in this occasion.

If your website contain post that are evergreen , I mean posts that are not affected by years or time, then you should consider using URLs that contain just keywords but if it can be affected with time factor the you can choose the WordPress URl structure that will include the date of the post before the keywords. Example of a site with this structure is MWPF and because #wordpressNigeria provides evergreen articles, we use the keywords fixed URL structure

To set your website permalink for a better optimization just click on settings from your WordPress dashboard and select permalink. Choose any of the links you need and save settings. You are done.

You can read tutorial with screenshot here for more understanding


Like i said in my recent post i stated that the sitemap is the one that Google look upto when crawling your website and without it then you are simply practicing some SEO mistakes you must avoid As a blogger.

Without having a sitemap on your website, Google is just confused about where to crawl so it will be left without crawl at the whole end of the matter.

To create SEO friendly WordPress website in Nigeria or abroad you should consider submitting your website sitemap to allow Google crawl your posts and pages.

The recommended Sitemap option is the yoast which is already made into the yoast Plugin for easy access . You can learn How to install the yoast SEO plugin here

The sitemap will also help in optimizing your videos I.e if your website host videos as the Yoast have the option as well

Site Speed/Security

It was clearly stated in the recent 200 Algorithms of Google search engine that site speed is one among the ranking factors Google’s usesto rank any website

To create a SEO friendly website, you must make sure your website site speed is intact. Search engines respects website with high loading speed and also the one without any code error.

You can make your site speed load faster by getting the right web host and also purchasing the high web host. others ways to make your site load faster are listed on bellow link

Enable Discussion

Some bloggers have reasons for not allowing comments on their websites. there is no crime in closing comments in your website if only you have a genuine reason behind it , otherwise you are mostly advised to leave comment open.

Comments on your website posts will make Google feel that your post is new even if the post is old because of the latest comments. Apart from that, the comments that your blog readers drop do contain some keywords related to your posts which will be ranked for.

According to studies , posts with many comments tends to get more shares and even trust from readers. Having known that the comment is a good SEO property, you should also have learnt that you can use it as a property for creating your SEO friendly website

H1Tags availability

In every WordPress theme that’s SEO friendly it is expected to have the h1 tags in the title while you use the h2-h6 in your post and pages write ups.

That’s the main reason you should make sure your website is using SEO friendly theme because in such themes they are automatically set to have such properties and in that case you will need not to stress yourself over setting it again.

Title Plus Descriptions

The moment You see WordPress Nigeria as the title of a page you should immediately know from your prediction what the page should be taking about. The search engine uses the same format for search.

The search engine and readers will read your title and description to know what your page or posts are all about before clicking the pages that has been indexed by Google

Some WordPress themes like the Genesis theme has a provision for SEO already that’s why it is termed a good theme for every WordPress user. You can get the Genesis theme from studiopresss here or you can contact me to get the theme from me at affordable price. its it’s the same theme that am using here.

Having know that description and title is also a property of creating SEO friendly website , you can read how to set your description and title bellow using the Yoast SEO plugin.

NOTE:Even though i didn’t include Choosing SEO friendly theme as a property for creating SEO friendly website , you should take it now that Choosing an SEO friendly theme is the first thing you should consider because designing an SEO friendly website all starts from the type of theme you are using…..

CONCLUSION: Hope you have learnt how to create an SEO friendly WordPress website? all this are done in less than 20munites if you really know what you are doing

Now you have to go back to your website if you have already created one and make sure every of the above is intact. If you find all intact that means you have an SEO friendly website ready but if you miss any you will have to re-fix from the above guides and steps. Your Shares and comments are highly needed and appreciated.

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