How to Create A successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Site in Nigeria

In one way or the other you should have come in contact with the word. “AMAZON” either online or offline. Amazon is the topic of today and teaching you about amazon our table of content is listed below. You will be able to learn “what is amazon , how does it work , what is amazon affiliate how can you make money online with amazon affiliate in Nigeria .and many others which we shall discuss in details.

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What you will learn At the end of this lesson

  1. What is Amazon ?
  2. What is amazon Affiliate
  3. What is amazon Niche site
  4. How does amazon Niche site Works
  5. How To make money From amazon Niche site in Nigeria
  6. Requirements to create amazon niche site in Nigeria…

What Is Amazon?

: amazon is an online store for both digital and physical product which was lunched Earlie 1995 for the sole aim of reaching the whole world.

over the years Amazon has been the best selling online store till date..

What is Amazon Affiliate

Amazon been a credible online store all over the world can not sell their products alone because there is no way they could possibly reach the whole world so they have to offer affiliate commission out to anyone who sells or market their products online.

Let me explain: Amazon affiliate in a lame man language simply means selling amazon products and getting commission for every successful sale. With amazon affiliate, you can pick any product of your choice for promotion

What Is Amazon Niche Site

Example of Amazon affiliate Niche Site

Amazon niche site is a website set for the main purpose of promoting amazon products online.

When you create a website to sell amazon products online as an affiliate the we say you have created Amazon Niche site

How Does Amazon Niche Site Works?

Let say for instance you want to promote IPhone 7 from amazon market store. all you will have to do as an affiliate is to go to the amazon affiliate site and pick your affiliate link having searched for it.

After getting the affiliates links for the products you wish to promote, you will then go back to your affiliate niche website and write a review about the product then you embed your affiliate Link to enable interested readers buy through your link.

There are cookies to track your sales every successful sale will reflect in your affiliate dashboard. Now when you reach the thresh hood you can then cash out your available fund.

How to make money From amazon Niche site in Nigeria

For you to make money as an amazon affiliate, you need to

  1. create amazon niche site
  2. pick the products you know that can sell very well in the world
  3. also pick the products you have ideas about
  4. Do some research about the products
  5. write the best reviews about any products you choose to promote

With the above simple but useful tips, you can create amazon niche site that sells in Nigeria and abroad.

Requirements to create amazon Niche site In Nigeria

When creating other websites in Nigeria, i guess you have learnt what are the tools and materials needed ( Materials needed to create a self hosted WordPress blog in Nigeria)

When creating amazon Niche site in Nigeria, you also need some tools to fasten your work and get effective result and the most needed tools to build amazon niche website in Nigeria are listed bellow.

Web hosting+Domain Name When choosing a domain name for affiliate niche site you gat to make it keywords rich to be more SEO friendly. e.g check out this Amazon niche site own by a mentor and you will see how he chose his domain name carefully based on the product he wants to promote.

The Web hosting is the place where your website will be hosted or created upon. Many people have asked me the question like” can i create Amazon niche site on the blogger platform? ” and i said NO for many reasons and they further asked which host is best/good for creating amazon Niche site in Nigeria? and i answered WordPress Platform

Indeed WordPress is the best platform to build your amazon niche site because of the characteristics it has which other host don’t have. so you will need to buy a web hosting at any price even the lowest web hosting plan is good for a start.

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Install WordPress on Your Host

We want to run WordPress blog , so having purchased a hosting plan and domain from domainKing You will need to install WordPress on your Website to get it running online. I have some tutorials that will guide you on how to install WordPress on your domainKing Host.

How to install WordPress on your DomainKing Host

Install A New affiliate Theme

Now that you have done the Installation of WordPress on your amazon affiliate niche site via domainking let’s go further to install new theme for a better design and outlook.

First of all you will have to download nice looking amazon niche theme. so you can go ahead now and check out some here.

Having downloaded your desirable theme now follow bellow link to learn how to install the theme to your domainKing hosted WordPress affiliate niche website

Having Installed your Theme you still Need to install some plugins for flexible work done.

Install WordPress on amazon Niche site

Just like installing your theme so also installing plugins include just few steps. first download the plugin and then install the plugin. you can follow bellow links to get it done.

  1. Download Amazon Niche Plugins for your amazon niche site
  2. How to install Plugins on your domainking Hosted WordPress site In Nigeria

After downloading and uploading your plugins to your amazon affiliate niche site the next thing is to start publishing posts with your Amazon affiliate links to get more sales.

NOTEHaving Created this amazon niche Site, there is one thing you must not forget which is “Great Content ” always try to provide great see friendly articles it will attract more loyal buyers from search Engines.

Hope the above tips helped you on how to create Amazon affiliate niche site in Nigeria You can also derive more knowledge from another expert on tips to amazon affiliate niche website Kindly share with your friends bellow they might also be in need of it. Thanks…..

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