How to Create YouTube AdSense and make money from YouTube channel

In this post You shall learn about

  • How to Create YouTube Channel
  • How to Optimize YouTube Channel
  • How to Upload YouTube videos on your Channel
  • How to Monetize your YouTube Channel
  • How to Make money from your YouTube Channel…

I was just passing by when a friend who has been seeing me or hearing about me online called me and ask “please i want to pay my school fees how can i make money online”?.

I laughed at first and ask him. Is there any money making machine online? tell me i also want to make money online. He was like telling me he sees my post on my Facebook timeline about making money online but i stopped him by the way to explain more to him.

After many explanations about how to make money online, he finally chose the option to make money online via YouTube channels instead of blogging and other methods ,as there are many ways to make money online in Nigeria and abroad. As a matter of fact he is the only person among all of my clients who has preferred earning via YouTube to other online money making methods

After much explanation i noticed there should be more of my online clients who may also want to tap from his experience about making money from YouTube as i have earlier explained to my good friend (******) .so am here again share this idea with you in full. perhaps it may of good help to you, your friends or even relatives in search for a way to make money online through YouTube channels.

How to make Real Money Online From YouTube Via YouTube Channel

Have you ever thought of making money online from AdSense, affiliate marketing, information marketing, crypto currencies, Referral programs, etc, what about making money from YouTube? .

You can make money from YouTube wither you are a blogger or not but it will only be advantageous been a blogger and having a strong subscribers base.

What can you do To make money Online from YouTube?

There are only few steps to make money from YouTube.

  1. Create a YouTube Channel
  2. Upload your Videos
  3. Apply and enable AdSense ads for your videos

YouTube is having over 1billion views Monthly and this could be a great opportunity if you can utilize it properly. The first step to make money from YouTube is to create a YouTube channel where you will upload all your created videos

How to Create a YouTube Channel

NOTE: If you must continue with this tutorial you are to use a PC or use puffin browser on your mobile phone and switch it to desktop mode to access the YouTube website on your mobile via the desktop mode.

Visit and click on the Sign in Button at the right top corner of your page,

After that you will be redirected to login with your gmail account which you would like to associate with your Channel. Just input the gmail details to login

But if you don’t have gmail account readily made, you can then select the create account button to register a new gmail account to continue. but if you already have an account login with your details and continue………

In the top right corner of the screen,
click on your profile icon and then the
‘Settings’ cog icon.

Check under Your Settings ,you will the Create Channel button click on it

At this junction you will see the option to create personal channel or create channel using other name or business name. But in this case we shall be choosing the business option.

In the next step, select your channel category. the available categories are :

  • Product or Brand
  • Company Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Others

Congratulations! You’ve just created a new YouTube channel ? with zero subscribers.

The next step after creating your YouTube channel is to upload the perfect sizes for YouTube channel art that’s the picture that will display in your channel.

4 Relevant things to do after creating your YouTube channel

  • Optimize Your YouTube Channel Description
  • Add your Channel Link
  • Add Your email address contact details
  • Add Your YouTube Channel Trailer

Optimize Your YouTube channel Description:

YouTube made a provision for 1000 character description where you can descriptively write about your YouTube channel what’s it’s all about. You can optimize your YouTube description for SEO and searches from YouTube by using relevant keywords in your description center.

Add Links to Your YouTube Channel:

any link you add in this setting section will show up near your channel Art. You can choose how many links you wish to add. You can add your site link, your Google+ profile or even your Facebook page link.

Add Channel Trailer:

As soon as visitors land on your channel you want to give them a picture of the type of content your channel covers and why they’ll want to subscribe and check out your videos. A channel trailer is the perfect way to do this.

A short, to-the-point channel trailer can be a great way to introduce people to your content.A channel trailer should grab attention as soon as it starts and also represent the type of content you create on YouTube.

It’s also important to think about the
description you add to this video as it features prominently on your channel homepage. (These trailers only appear for people who are not yet subscribed to your channel.)

Add Your Email address Contact details:

If you use your channel for business purpose, and your clients love your work or services, they may want to contact you.

Adding your email to your about section is a great way to get your clients to get in touch with you easily directly to your inbox.

Are you Done with your YouTube Channel, Now what’s the next step after doing all necessary and required YouTube channel settings? You will have to upload videos to your new YouTube channel.

Upload Videos to your YouTube Channel

What determine the amount you earn as a youtuber is the amount of subscribers, views and the videos you have in your channel. to get more subscribers on of the known strategy is uploading more videos.

Now that you have created your channel, your channel is empty with no video and no subscriber it’s time you start working….

How to upload videos to your YouTube channel

Having created your YouTube Channel the next thing is to upload videos on your YouTube channel,Share Your videos and get subscribers.

You can Upload videos via the YouTube App or directly from the Website. follow instructions from links below…

How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos Using Google AdSense:

You don’t just create YouTube videos and start making money from them without monetizing the videos. YouTube made a monetization button available for every uploaded video on YouTube to ask if you would want to make money from the videos you uploaded via Google AdSense or you just want to leave it that way.

Even if you wish to make money from your videos without ticking on the monetization button you can’t earn from the video. To monetize your YouTube videos, you need to apply for Google AdSense hosted on YouTube or even non hosted AdSense which you will attach your videos with to accumulate your earning

How to Apply For YouTube Hosted AdSense:

1. > Go to the link now logged
google account At right top of page,
there is upload option click here for
>>Setting of youtube channel Setting >>goes to Dashboard >Channel Setting >youtube Setting > it shows account status of user >first verify email >

All features should be marked with
Green colour mark does it means the
account is in good Standing condition and comply with youtube and google policies. before that you
should read all program and policies

  • If your account is in good standing and hasn’t been before disabled for monetization, click Enable My Account .
  • Visit the Monetization tab in your account settings.

    In feature’s there is Monetization
    click on it read some guidelines.

    Now Click on >Monetization Setting >view Monetization setting

  • Access the Monetization page in your Channel Settings.

    a Feature you have to Enable
    monetization > click on Enable
    Monetization and status get your
    account is enabled for monetization.

    And Just Below That > Guidelines and Information

    Click on How will I be paid

    Payments are managed through a
    Google Adsense account. You must
    associate an AdSense account to your YouTube account to be paid

  • From the AdSense Association page, you will be directed to AdSense.
  • Follow the steps to accept the YouTube Monetization agreement.

    Click associate a google AdSense account You will be redirected to AdSense to link your existing AdSense account or

    create a new one if you do not have
    one yet. Once you have completed
    this process, you will be redirected
    back to YouTube.

    Click Next

  • You will be redirected google Adsense sign up process Select the option at the bottom of the page to choose the Google Account you wish
    to use.

    Complete all process and fill correct
    Contact & billing information. Confirm the association and give
    your billing information before

  • You will then be redirected
    back to YouTube.
  • That You have successfully submitted your application, they will mail you after
    submission wait till 1 to 2 hours or Approved All you have done.

Try google AdSense login after
getting mail from google.

Have you gone through the above theoretical guides? if you don’t seem to understand i have a detailed guide here by SIGNH about:-

  • YouTube Monetization with
  • Summary of Steps – YouTube with AdSense
  • Link YouTube Account to Google AdSense
  • Enabling Monetization for YouTube Videos
  • Ad Formats to Monetize YouTube Videos.

You can read

having applied for YouTube hosted Google AdSense ,just sit back and wait for approval.

After approving your application you will only have to enabled monetization for every YouTube video you upload and you will start earning for each unique view on that video as explained in the above guide: But don’t forget you only get paid when someone watch your video and click on video ads not just watching and skipping ads.

Helpful Questions:

What should I write in the description

Answered by wikiHow Contributor:Write more information about the video that may spark people’s interest — describe the video essentially. Also, you can include which type of camera and microphone you used. If you have friends in the video, link to their channels.

How can I find a video I’ve uploaded to YouTube?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor: If you have a YouTube account, sign in and click on your profile. It will show your subscriptions and your YouTube history. To find videos that only you have done, click on “My Videos.”

Can I upload a video to YouTube without including my name, information and branding?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor: Yes. Only your YouTube user name will show.

What are the copyright guidelines for posting on YouTube? Can I post a video that has already been uploaded?

Answered by Sudarshan Manikandan

As long as you are not duplicating the video. Duplicating the video would be video piracy. Modifying the same video would be illegal, unless it is referenced both while uploading and in the description.

Can I upload a video from my computer if I have a built in camera?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor:Record, then save it to a file, then take the video from the file into the uploader.

How can I send the video from my camera to my phone?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor

You would most likely have to upload the video from your camera to a laptop or computer via cable, then hook the phone to your computer to copy to the phone.

How do I know if something is copyrighted?

Answered by KoolkidAnimations
: One way to spot if it is copyrighted or not is if it has a VEVO watermark on the thumbnail. You’re not allowed to use footage from television or movies, unless you’re doing a review, that is called “Fair Use.”

Can I change my channel name?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor
: Yes, you can. First, click on your
picture in the top right. Then, press the Settings option followed by Edit (next to your channel name). You can then change your name and press OK.

What recording program should I use?And do I need a microphone?

Answered by wikiHow Contributor
:It all depends on the type of content you want to make. If you want to be a let’s player, you might want to get something high quality like Fraps, but it you’re a speed painter, Quick time’s screen recording feature will do.

As for the microphone, it’s okay for
beginners to have crap sounds
quality, but it’s always a bonus
to get a microphone. Don’t just
use the microphone built into
your webcam, though. You might
want to get Audacity too.

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Conclusion: Now that you have learnt about how to create YouTube channel, monetise YouTube channel, and also optimize YouTube channel it’s time you put in effort and take action then have fun as you see your income grow bigger. Your comments and suggestions plus your shares are highly needed. and don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming updates.

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My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!


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