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DomainKing Hosting and Domain Reseller Business-How to Get Started with Ease

I was thinking of starting An online business with domainking(Domain and Hosting Reseller Business) so i need to make some inquiries knowing very well that the DomainKing Reseller Option is not available in their official website.

I was somehow scared because it wasn’t officiated so i hit on the contact or Domainking livechat button to make quick inquires about how domainKing Domain and Hosting Reseller Business work.

but before we continue let me tell you some of the reasons i have decided to Choose domainKing as a host to work with and also to tell you the meaning of Reseller program.

What Is Hosting Reseller Business and how does it work?

I was searching for a way to write a good explanation on this but thank for Hostgator has already done that You can read everything you need to Know about reseller business as a beginner here by Henry Green””

Why i Chose DomainKing For Reseller Business

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  • Reliable Services:

    Ever since i started using Domainking Web hosting company as a Nigerian i have never experienced any difficulty , they are so reliable and flexible in all aspects and qualifications.

  • Affordability:

    There services are very Cheap and affordable so i think i can afford running a reseller program with them even with the little capital i have

  • Swift Support:

    DomainKing customer care services response rate is excellent and as such they have been very fast in responding to all complains i do lay on their desk without any delay.

aPart from the above reasons i have chosen to start my reseller business with DomainKing there are countless of other reasons you should run your business with domainKing wither as an affiliate marketer, Reseller or ordinary user having seen every reason to choose DomainKing, so i contacted them on how to get started below is my question and their response


how does Domainking Reseller Business Work? and How do i get started with DomainKing Reseller Program?


Hi Kennedy,
Thank you so much for contacting us.

I would like to thank you for your interest in our reseller program.

You can easily join DomainKing Reseller program and sell domain & hosting to your clients using our White-labelled Reseller Program.

You can resell domains & hosting in 2 ways:


  1. Manual Method: In the method, you can simply buy domains & hosting from us by placing order for domains & hosting on our website whenever you have a new order from your clients. You will be charged the reseller pricing for your slab as explained in How our Reseller Program Works.
  2. Automated Method: In this method you can use our automated WHMCS plugin to automatically place order at our website whenever someone buys domain or hosting on your website. For using this method, you need a website with WHMCS billing cart software installed on it. You can then use our automated plugin to activate orders automatically using your deposit with us.

    We recommend you to use WHMCS for your website if you want the best solution. It is used by over 95% web hosting providers worldwide. The cost of WHMCS is almost N6000/month set by WHMCS software developers. But it is the best cart for hosting providers out there & recommenced by us.


How our(DomainKing) Reseller Program Works:

Our Reseller program works on a slab system in which we reduce the price based on deposit or your sales with us. You can use our WHMCS plugin to resell domains with us.

We offer discounts to our bulk resellers. So when your sale increases in the future & you have crossed a certain level of sale with us, then you will get discounted prices for both domains & web hosting. The discount level will depend on the slab that you are in currently.

You can also choose to start with our last slab or a lower price slab but for this you need to make a certain deposit balance with us that can be used to buy domains and hosting. The base slab starts with no deposit.

The domain prices for the most popular domains for the base slab:
.com= N4000
.com.ng= N1500 (N999 for 1st year)
.ng= N10,500 (N8899 for 1st year)

The domain prices for the most popular domains for the Slab 2(Deposit: N50,000):

.com= N3900
.com.ng= N1350 (N999 for 1st year)
.ng= N10,000 (N8899 for 1st year)

The domain prices for the most popular domains for the Slab 3(Deposit: N75,000):

.com= N3800
.com.ng= N1300 (N999 for 1st year)
.ng= N9500 (N8899 for 1st year)

The domain prices for the most popular domains for the Slab 4(Deposit: N100,000):

.com= N3750
.com.ng= N1250 (N999 for 1st year)
.ng= N9200 (N8899 for 1st year)

The domain prices for the most popular domains for our last Slab 5 (Deposit: N150,000):

.com= N3700
.com.ng= N1150 (N999 for 1st year)
.ng= N9000 (N9999 for 1st year)

For hosting the prices in different slabs will be discounted at about 5%-30% depending on the slab & the hosting plan.

The deposit for each slab is fully usable & will be added to your credit balance. It is fully usable & can be used for buying domains & hosting services from us.

I hope I have clarified your query.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further help or if you have any further queries.

Best Regards,
DomainKing.NG Reseller Program


Notice:It’s not only domainking that offers this reseller business opportunity you can check out other top 2018 reseller Plans you can join here aside domainking

CONCLUSIONThat was the Response i got from them and with the above i was able to get the required info and capital needed to start Reseller business with DomainKing. i published this because you may also want to start this business so if you find this post useful kindly show up in the comment section and don’t forget to share and tweet us.

Did you need more info about DomainKing Hosting Reseller Business? you can contact domainKing for more info

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