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The number one priority of every blogger irrespective of their blogging niche is Traffic. Some months Ago, i wrote about getting traffic to your website as a blogger where i stated that if as a blogger I’m opportune to meet a question like ” Name three things You want for your website, i will say number one traffic, number2 is traffic, number3 is traffic.

You might be wondering why am so cruel with this traffic stuff, why not money, why not online fame, it’s simply because when you start getting a better traffic , Fame , Money and other essentials will follow.

In my previous inscription about website traffic it wasn’t niche specific traffic strategies. You can use those methods in driving traffic to any kind of website see below links, but today am going to show you specifically ‘ how to drive traffic to an entertainment website here in Nigeria and abroad

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What is Entertainment Website (Niche)

For those who are newbies: This is when you blog about entertainment e.g it could be a music and video website, comedy website, Games website, News Website, funny photos, etc they are all categorized under entertainment blogging niche.

Having Know what it means by entertainment website/niche let’s further proceed to driving traffic to any of the above categories of website

How to drive traffic to entertainment website

Juicy Headlines

: As an entertainment blogger one of the things you must learn how to do is writing articles with irresistible and tempting to click headlines. Such headlines will drive more traffic from Social medias such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.

The conversion rate will be very different because more people will click on them as soon as they see them on their feeds. Take for instance : “See Davido and his new born baby Photos” as your headline. trust me almost everyone who have this on their Facebook feed will click on it because they want to see Davido’s baby.

Juicy Headline have more impacts on your social media shares to any other place. The search engine as well will display your juicy headline and the Webers will as well click via Google and other search engines if your headline appears to be very attractive.

The Use of Photos:

Don’t be surprised i say the use of pictures and graphics can help boost your traffic as an entertainment blogger.

Studies has shown that posts that convert more on social medias are posts with Photos and graphics. The reason is because people love what they see with their eyes.

The very few bloggers who understood this fact very well can testify of it. Am a living testimony. In my entertainment website i got more clicks when i share some certain articles on Facebook with photo previews, because of this i have stopped sharing some certain categories of articles without images having learnt that such articles can only convert well with thumbnail previews when shared.

Let’s take for instance You want to share article with an headline: “”A Pregnant Christian woman burnt to death by Fulani’s Herdsmen“” Did you know that you will get more clicks if you add a picture to your share than when you only display the headline?……

Not only will images drive traffic via social media. Try to add images to your articles as preview in your blog or featured images it will attract more clicks and time spent on your website as some of your readers are only moved by what they see. Some will not click even when you have a juicy headline but they will click because of the thumbnail preview they sighted.

SEO is not Left Out:

I can’t assure you to rely on traffic from search engine as an entertainment blogger. The reason is because ent. bloggers don’t get much traffic from Google and the likes. Even with that i will still say let your path be cleared for the sailing ship to pass without any obstruction.

Unlike TecH blogs, and others, The best way to drive traffic to an entertainment website is not organic traffic but social Media. i believe you already know this.

Even if Only 10% of your traffic comes from search engines it will be better of. than having your organic traffic as 0%,Therefore though you won’t rely on organic traffic still play your paths very well in the SEO section of your website.

The Social Media Is a King:

Social media usually drives more traffic to any kind of entertainment website. They don’t only drive traffic to entertainment blogs but they also
make traffic viral. Check out following examples


  • If someone likes or shares anything like video or webpage it appears to every friend in his/her list.
  • If someone becomes fan every new entry in fan page section appears on fans wall and Facebook feed of a user.
  • If any of his/her friend likes, shares or becomes fan above process repeats it self.

Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon is one of the most viral traffic generation social media available since positive or negative reviews makes content fall in view rotation cycle delivering thousands of visitors in record time.


Since everyone knows how Twitter works I don’t think I have to explain anything.
To market product, webpages, audio or video on Social Media you need proper training, unless you train yourself with social media traffic generation,
expect no results from any campaign.

Also social media might sometimes prove slower in traffic
but you should not give up. Lastly YouTube can also help in driving traffic to entertainment based blogs or websites.

Try YouTube Videos:

YouTube videos is another exceptional ways to get traffic to your entertainment website. Let take for instance you created an article about Justin Bieber.

Make a video. in this video add one of Justin Bieber latest song with lyrics , and also at the end of the video add the call to action Button e.g Need more of Justin Videos, Music and lyrics ? Visit (Your website link) in your YouTube video Descriptions section, add up the link the the Justin Bieber update on your blog.

Some of the YouTube videos with Lyrics normally have more clicks to others and also they posses more potentials

Commenting On other Reputable entertainment blogs:

Commenting on other websites/blogs similar to your niche is also a way of driving traffic to your entertainment blog. Don’t spam , be real. just comment and have fun attaching your website link.

People will surely click back to your website especially when your comments are reasonable and this will earn you more clicks and It will also enhance your website in areas of LinkBuilding.

Re_Design Your Website:

Your website design have a role to play in driving traffic to your entertainment website. Make sure you design your website for a better mobile and PC view with clean CSS.

When your website is not well arranged visitors will not like reviewing your site or even spending time on your site.

Premium Services

: When i say premium services ,this is what it means. You can look for a Facebook friend or any online friend it could even be someone you know well to be trusted.

Spend some bucks and ask them to posts and share your blog articles frequently e.g You can Hire me to render such services for you at a cheaper rate. Here is how my service works.

I Have 4 Facebook accounts for promotional purposes with active friends. each Facebook account have more than 4,000 friends. I can handle your entertainment website for you by copying and re*editing contents from top entertainment websites. after updating the content on your website i will shrink the link and share them strategically on my Facebook group of 13k members and also on my 4 promotional Facebook accounts

  • 100 blog posts per month {7,000naira}
  • 150 blog Posts per month {10,000Naira}
  • 200 blog post per month {13,000Naira}

You can email me ( or Inbox me on Facebook

Aside spending money in such manner you can also run PPC ads or even Facebook ads to get more views.

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HelpFul Tips

  • Always remember, that there are millions of entertainment websites running online even before your arrival therefore i will say it is very difficult to rank top for a new entertainment website but all the same with your strategies you can stand out.
  • You can connect with admin of Facebook pages and groups that are very active who have a very large number of audience to blog your articles on their groups and pages while you pay them some cash. depending on your agreement.
  • Don’t forget that video is one of the best ways to entertain your audience therefore learn to share videos with your blog readers it will boost your traffic.
  • Post Frequently and share your articles regularly. Don’t forget to share on your friends timeline and also open groups. share the same post over and over again but don’t spam to avoid getting blocked by Facebook.
  • Remember success cannot be achieved in a day. It is the measure of your effort that determine the measure of your progress so work hard , spend more and earn more.

Having learnt about how you can promote and gain traffic to your entertainment website/blog it’s time you put in practice all that you have learnt. I know you found this article helpful you can share with your friends below and also don’t forget to share your own view by dropping your comment…

entertainment website traffic,get many pageviews to entertainment niche website, Entertainment niche blog traffic,generate entertainment niche blog traffic

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My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!


  1. This is a great article. It answered many questions on why I haven’t been getting as much traffic as I would like. There were some things in this article which I was not aware of, such as, relying on Social Media more than SEO. Thanks to this article, I now have some work to do, but at least I know what it is I have to do.

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