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Easy tips to Capture Google AdSense high paying Keywords using simple Google Search results

I believe you always want to target High Paying Keywords or Niches As a Publisher who uses Google AdSense or who is dreaming to use Google AdSense as a means of monetization.

The reason why you see many bloggers earn higher than others even with less traffic is just as a result of High paying Keywords. You will earn a very big amount just per click if you can target such keywords in your articles.

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I have seen tones of bloggers complain daily on Facebook precisely that they are not earning as expected with AdSense on their websites even with high website traffic among the things that affects high AdSense earning, “Keywords” are termed the most essential one Aside Geo-Targeting.

There are many Keywords Planner tools to detect High AdSense paying keywords among which we have the Google Keyword Planner Free tool, Semrush, etc. but to the young bloggers these keywords planner tools may be too difficult to use, as a result i have decided to share an alternative to find high paying Keywords without Using any Google Keywords planner tools

How To Get High Paying Google AdSense Keywords _Niche without using any keyword planner tool

Did You know you can Use Just Google Search to determine high paying niches and Keywords. Though other keywords planner tools shows estimated earning of how much you can earn from a particular keyword but Google search don’t show how much you can earn but it will show you wither the keywords you are searching for is crowded by more advertisers.

If a keyword is bid by more advertisers that means that keyword is lucrative because according to how AdSense works, When a keyword is Targeted by more and more advertisers, The one with High CPC will show up easily to others when Ads are been displayed because of this advertisers will increase their CPC( Cost per click) just to bypass other advertisers targeting the same keywords.

So if a keyword is targeted by more and more advertisers , more money will be made with such keywords by publishers when such keywords are discovered and blogged about.

The question here is how can you discover high or less paying Keywords or keywords with more Advertisers using Simply Google Search?

Before you start up with this procedure , make sure all ad blocks are terminated from your browser. Now heed over to Google Search and type in the keywords you want to write about. taking for instance i want to write an article about “free mp3 download” now on my Google search i typed in my keywords as shown below.

No Ads – means no advertisers, that means no
money in this topic.

The above keyword has 362,000.000 search results without no single Ads displayed. that means this topic or niche is not profitable, even if you write or blog about it and get million page views you will still earn nothing or earn very little with your AdSense .

Don’t even think of making money with AdSense blogging on such topics/niches because they have extremely low CPC

Hope you have learnt how to know a keyword that’s not profitable with Google AdSense using Simple Google search what about AdSense knowing a profitable keyword with Google search results ?

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Let’s take another example which will be far different from the first one. on my Google search i typed in the Keywords ‘Windows hosting providers’ as my research keywords and below is the search result:

I guess you now understand how it works with the above image and the previous one. The above keyword shows more and more ads which means that keyword or niche is a profitable one as it has more advertisers targeting the keyword Windows hosting providers.

If your articles can point to such keywords and your post display such ads then you stand a very big chances of earning more money with high AdSense CPC compare to the previous keyword ‘free mp3 download’ .

Quick Notice: We have discussed mainly about getting high CPC but we aren’t specific about the amount you will earn per click on each keywords. You can use other keyword research tools to know the exact amount you can earn for each keyword

Even after knowing wither the keyword is lucrative or not, we haven’t made mention of the keyword competition. such lucrative keywords have high competition because more bloggers should have gone for them long before you come online, so blogging on such keywords and ranking on Google’s first page may not be so easy. You can use other keyword planner tools to find keyword competition strength or check out this article for help

Top Keywords Research Tools

Conclusion: with the above inscription am sure you should know the niche to blog about and the niche or next article to avoid.

If You blog about Web Hosting, You are targeting a better AdSense keywords but if you blog about music, videos and similar keywords like Mp3 , then you are targeting wrong AdSense keywords. I didn’t say you should change your blogging niche but am only saying you should know the monetisation means that fits your niche.

Don’t depend on AdSense blogging on wrong or Low CPC keywords you might end up been frustrated.

Hope this Guide will help you?, don’t forget to share your thought as usual am waiting for your comments and contributions.

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future.

You can reach me on Facebook let’s chat!

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About the Author: Emmanuel Bankole

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!

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