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How to Embed Feedburner Subscription form to your website (Free)

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One of the most important thing every blogger take note of is website traffic: After creating your website, And having paid heavily or having invested much time in creating unique articles in order to make your website outstanding, Yet without traffic all your effort is vain and rootless.

This website traffic of a thing has send many bloggers parking, it has made some bloggers to spend unnecessarily while others have seize to blog because their sole aim is to to blog and make money and knowing very well that the money in blogging is masked under the shadow of website traffic this made them go off.

Without doubt, there are many ways to gain website traffic. some are generally known worldwide while others are personally known by some individuals. (bloggers) Today am going to show you that which you already know but don’t know how and from whence to set it up on your website which is the Feedburner Subscription form

Getting Website traffic
goes with various strategic planning and implementation but among all Email list still stand a very big role as far as getting website traffic is concerned.

In the online world today, There are many Email list builders some are free while others are paid with differ services and functions. No matter how big you seem to grow your email list, you have the sole aim of driving sales and getting traffic.

The bigger your email list, the more your traffic and chances of getting more sales. so in this article am going to show you simple steps on how to Add the Feedburner Subscription Form to your Website!!! but before then read how the feedburner works.

How does Feedburner Subscription form Works?

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After getting your Feedburner subscription form code, You place it in your website via Gadget section or inside your articles to make it visible to your readers. Now when your blog readers who are interested in your blog sees the form they fill in their email address and they are now your subscribers.

When ever you create a new article or update already existing articles they get it notified via the email in which they subscribed right in their inbox. They can now open their message and read your articles through the notification sent to their email.

The Feedburner is Google owned email list builder. so when we talk of trust i guess you already know the online reputation of Google as a company. The more subscribers you get the more traffic and sales you generate because you will have more people to see your updates at a time.

NOTE: With Feed burner you don’t send messages to your subscribers manually. Your message is automated it is delivered to all your subscribers immediately new post and updates appears on your website.

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How to Add The Feedburner Subscription form to your Website


The first step is to create a feedburner account for your blog. Feedburner is now one of the tools that Google offers, so if you have a Google account, you can log in, click the feedburner icon under your account settings

From the next page , fill in your website address: as shown below

(If your blog is hosted on my server, the
address would be [blog-address]/index.php/feed/rss/

So my blog feed URL or address, for
example, is http://wordpressnigeria.com/blog/index.php/feed/rss/ )

If it’s normal website, you can simply add your usual URL e.g http://WordpressNigeria.Com

Once you’ve burned your feed Via
feedburner, you click on the name of the
feed, and then click on the publicize tab.

And then click on the email subscriptions link in the left hand menu

You then need to activate that service by
clicking on the activate button.

Once you’ve activated the email
feedburner gives you the embed code for the opt in form that will let visitors subscribe to your blog and have it arrive in their email inbox.

Highlight and copy all of the code, and then you can paste it into a blog post or a text widget on your blog website.

Some Essential Tips for Building email Lists

  • Add the subscription form In the middle ,beginning , and at the end of your articles and every other pages. This will make your readers to see your form easily
  • Share your subscription Link on forums and social medias and also share good articles on very forum you belongs to enable your forum post readers look to your subscription link
  • Run Facebook Ads to your FeedBurner Subscription page Create a new page on your website and add your Feedburner subscription form code then run Facebook ads to that main page bidding your targeted audience to subscribe
  • Share unique articles on your blog that will force your readers to subscribe,
  • Tell them to subscribe on your blog, Convince them you have something unique to share via email………………E.T.C

What Next?:

Now that you have learnt to add the email subscription feedburner form to your website, you can now put in effort in building and growing your list by putting to practice all that you have learnt in this post.

CONCLUSION: Always remember that building a strong and active email list require some time, effort and money so be patient work hard while your email list grow. What is Your opinion? Your comments are highly recommended. Please share this article if you love what we offer.

Feedburner subscription,Google feedburner subscription code free,get feedburner form code online, Feedburner Newsletter WordPress, feedburner WordPress code plugin

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