10 Fake blogging believes you must not listen to as a beginner.

In Blogging today, there are too many widely known but false believes existing, and this wisely know but false believes are what we call myths about Blogging. People always stick to them on daily basics but looking to the root of it, it is just false.

Have you ever think of such believes existing in the blogging world, if yes you may tell us in our comment section but for now let me tell you some fake believes i know about blogging, perhaps they might be of good help to you and other newbie bloggers out there

It’s best to start a blog with a free site rather than immediately get your own domain and hosting:

Many people especially the beginners do believe that starting a blog with free host is the best way to start blogging, then after achieving successful blogging they are now good for migration.

The truth is that immediately you start posting online, you have started building your online repute and online presence and to stop this can be so tedious. Let assume you are using free host and free domain and now you want to move to premium, you may need to do some exporting and importing to bring things in order and during this process you may lost some SEO properties, and you many also loose your theme and many others.

If you are using free domain after the change to premium, people may miss some of your contents through Google search as a broken Links and error pages, if redirection is not properly done.

Don’t believe that starting a blog with free host is the best never it’s not instead starting like a pro is the best way to be a pro blogger. One thing that makes many people start with free host is the capital. well don’t bother about that because hosting and domain together are even cheap that every body can afford if only you find the right host. You can read my articles bellow.

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Build It, Leave it they will Come:

The online readers are not fools, they are not just online to visit blogs because they have passion for visiting blogs but they are looking forward to visit blogs that can teach , enlighten and add value to their lives.

Even after building your blog with good design and set up, trust me without value you will still fail as a blogger so take away this myth from you.

300-700 words are the best blog posts

Yes we know that blog posts with 300 to 700 words are more liable to contain keywords but at the same time i have come across many blog posts with over 1000 words without value and no reasonable keywords to rank for and at the same time i have red blogs with less than 300 words with value and valuable keywords to be ranked for.

This made me believe that blogging does not matter the amount of words you write so stop counting your words and focus on your writing. You may even go about writing what you don’t suppose to write just to exceed the word counts you kept in your mindset when you focus so much on word count.

Wither you write less or you write more you stand every chances of becoming a successful blogger provided you add value with your contents.

=> Read my article and learn how to write quality blog posts

Too many plugins can ruin a blog

They say too many plugins are not good for a website but i says “it takes only one plugin to ruin a blog” so be carful the kind of plugina you install.

Since there are so many free WordPress themes, you don’t need to pay for one

free things are not really free ,the newbies will tell you that instead of using paid theme they can download as many free ones as they like. yes that’s true but at the same time don’t forget that there is a difference between premium and free.

They call that theme premium theme because of the properties it carries , because of the customer support and others. if you have used premium theme before you should know that they hardly give headaches compare to free ones and that’s when you know that free things are not really free when you begin to pay people for customisations and set ups.

Did you want to start blogging ? you can start with premium themes but if you can’t afford it, you should then go for the free ones. Am currently using Genesis Premium theme in this site and if you need it i can give it to you with just a token inbox me

I try to avoid sharing competitor’s blogs so I don’t lose readers

Lol this may sound funny but you may be a victim of it. You are too afraid that when you share your competitors articles with your blog readers you will loose traffic hmmm.

I believe that only those who don’t write to create value with think about this.If i write good articles and give the best to my readers, i strongly believe they will come back even when they follow other links from my blog. so as a blogger learn to interlink other related niche blogs to your article it will help your readers get the best as you may not be opportune to cover all aspects

Tagging Is the best SEO trick

Tagging no longer work as before so if you are the type that tag your single blog posts with 8000 keywords please just stop. Tagging is just for readers to locate other articles related to cloud keywords.

Instead of the too many tags, it’s better you tags 4-5 per article.

I refuse to find a niche because it will limit me”

Many new bloggers hate niche blogging simply because they will become limited to posting articles related to other niches.but the truth is that niche blogging seems to be the best today as confirmed by blogging experts .

Forget about posting other articles and don’t loose your focus you will rank higher on search engine as a niche blogger. You can find out here

What niche blogging means and how to choose niche

It makes no sense to pay something to help me with my blog when I haven’t monetized it yet

If you are one with this intention you are like planning to start a business without any investment , i will say goodbye because i know the outcome “Failure”.

This is also the major reason why many go about using free hosting their websites instead of paid hosting. They say when i Earn i will upgrade but that’s not supposed to be. try to invest before you earn

If you are planning to blog for hubby then you are very free to use any host you wish but if you want to be genius that makes money online from your blog then i will always recommend you go for paid hosting as there are many affordable ones you can get almost free

Buy cheap hosting and domain name for as low as 3000naira

Blogging Is an Easy Way to Earn

You joined blogging because am making money from blogging right? but you will fail because you don’t know my secrets of making money as a blogger. Blogging is not a get rich overnight scheme

Many people have joined blogging because they want to do soft work that can earn them cool cash every minutes of their life. Yes blogging is one but not with your lazy attitude ,as it only require work and patient to earn from blogging but the good news is that once earning starts it’s endless.

Don’t start blogging because you want to pay your school fees , house rent and other bills the next month. you may not make it. The number of failed bloggers accounted on the internet is much today because they never understand blogging before they joined.

Blog and Blog and Blog

Some think it’s by their plenitude of contents that can bring about their blogging success.

No matter how often you post or share that’s never a guarantee for success the only guarantee for success is your returning visitors because they make up your market force. You may excel with just few valuable articles than the man with crowded articles with less or no value so try to build quality not quantity.

If you can’t write well, you can’t

This is not just true. You don’t need to be a degree holder in English language before you can be a blogger.

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In blogging no body is there to check your grammar errors and mistakes but instead they are there to find out what’s new and if they can find it with you , there is no need minding your English all you need is been able to write what people can read and you are done.

hope you find the above article helpful on what not to believe as a beginner blogger.

Where have you been making mistakes ? try and fix them to continue effective blogging as success awaits your good works.

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