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Best Tools to find Domain Registration details for free

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find domain name registration details

WordPress Nigeria has been registered for the past 5months and now you just came online and you love what we produce so you want to create a website like us. First you may want to know how long we have been existing online , who is hosting our domain name, what’s or whois record (to cut it short) You are only finding the domain registration details probably you just want to make some analytics or perhaps you want to compete with us.

Another reason you may find domain Registration details is to know the host they are using maybe you love the hosting performance because of the domain availability and the website speed.

Though there are many reasons to check domain registration details but the three most common reasons are :

Reasons to find Domain Registration details

  • Individuals check domain names for expiration dates;
  • Registrars check domain names when transferring ownership;
  • Authorities check domain names when investigating criminal activity.

Personally apart from the above uses, i do check domain Registration details to get registration email address ,phone number and residential address. not for spam but for contacting the domain owner

For whatever reason you may want to find domain registration details am going to teach you in this article how to carefully look for domain name registration details of any top level domain name e.g .com ,Com.Ng, Net, .org, .Ng, etc

How to Find Domain Name registration details

There are many tools to find domain registration details but we are only going to show you what you need here and not the multitude:.


    This tool will not only show your registration details but will also analyse your site completely and show up details such as your site worth e.g daily and monthly estimate, site Alexa and other relevant details

    You can go straight to the website to search your domain whois details or you can simply use the quick link below.


    From the above link ,you just have to replace my site name with yours or any domain name you want to find its details and that’s all.


    This is another great tool to analyze any domain name and figure out its registration details. It has similar function as the above tool but with differ analytics results.

    to use this tool simply Visit the site directly and input your domain name or you can use the quick link below

    https://www.whois.com/whois/siteground.com from the above link change siteground.com to your own domain name or any domain you want to search the registration details and see what it’s made of.

With the above tools you can easily find Any domain registration details easily but if you aren’t satisfy with the result you get from the above tools you can Check out some other alternatives to find domain registration details and info here

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