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How to Generate Free Website Traffic with Forum Marketing

Traffic Traffic traffic! I keep talking about this traffic and getting new visitors to your websites because i understand the fact that Traffic is the life in your website and when your traffic goes your website dies. Just like you cannot live without water so a website cannot exist without traffic.

forum marketing traffic

Few days ago if not yesterday i wrote about how you can get new visitors to your website for free without paying any fee And even before then i also wrote about choosing a good SEO domain name that generates organic traffic you can read Here and some other SEO related articles are as listed below:

In Today’s Article am going To show another way you can generate traffic for free using Forum Marketing I think you may want to Know the meaning of Forum Marketing as well

What is Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is one of the best ways of making your online business stand out from the crowd by properly utilising the power of forum and forum audience. With Forum marketing you can drive more targeted traffic to your website, and also generate more sales via your forum posting.

Did you know that there are some internet marketers without a website and they still drive sales with the aid of forum Marketing? If properly utilized it is just as equal as having a website that drives traffic

Well in this article am not going to teach how to drive sales with forum marketing neither am am going to teach anything similar to that perhaps we may consider writing about that in the future in favour of those who may want to use forum marketing without a website we are only going to delve into generating traffic to your website with forum Marketing

Driving Free Traffic with Forum Marketing

Look For forums in Your Niche

Look for the forums that talks about your niche this will help you find direct readers who will have interest in Your articles and make sure the forum follow some of the below criteria:

  • Look for forums that have at least 1000 members with 10,000 posts or more
  • Make sure forum Is updated with 12-15 articles in a day
  • Don’t join forum with too many spam
  • Don’t join forums own by your competitors

Also if your niche is about blogging try to make some searches to find forum related to your niche e.Google keyword like” Blogging Forum ” you will see many forums to join. Fortunately i will list many of them in this article

Create Your own Forum account

having found the forums to join, Create account on time because most forums heed better to older customers and the registration dates may deprive you of many things so it’s better you don’t waste any further time to join forum

Don’t let the Sense of been new weigh you down instead build credibility and let people know you by participating on all the forum sections and sooner or later they get familiar with you and you will establish authority in the community.

Create a compelling Profile

As soon as you join, Use better username and make sure you fill out all required forms correctly to make sure your identity is known.

Avoid using Fake pictures for your profile and also of possible use your real name or something similar. This will make people trust you easily and other than this may be consider spamming. Add your signature carefully on your profile it will earn you more clicks

Give You will Receive

Don’t be surprise this so also applied to forum marketing Make sure you give out some valuables in your niche and this will make people to start having interest in you and they now wants to know who you are. before you know it they start checking willingly on your sales page because they feels you are a reputable individual and indeed you are.

Don’t just concentrate in forcing people to your sales page without building credibility and building credibility can also be done by running some giveaway contest to your fans on the forum to enable them know you more them expected. Nobody will force them to go on to your sales page they will do it on their own because you have given and it’s time to receive

Create Quality Contents

: Don’t say you should quickly copy and paste because it’s not your main site. rather blog on the forum like you are blogging on your site. As time goes on people will begin to know you for what you offers

Don’t forget that search engine is also there to pick and crawl your articles directly from the forums and traffic will be redirected to your website. This is the major reason you must create contents that people are searching for when creating posts on forums

Finally Hang out in Your Niche

Now it’s time to know what people are asking about in the forum which one have you got an answer to? figure out what people in the forum needs and what is prohibited. Start participating like there is no tomorrow

Be the solution to peoples problem and get more fans then earn more views. i believe you know that the more your page views the more your website grows and the more your money .so stay intact.

Top Forum Websites For Webmasters/Bloggers

Warrior Forum This forum claims to be the best online forum for internet and digital marketing existing since 1997 and looking at the site stats they are indeed great and all their claims is just as truthful as said.

WickedFire Forum: Just like Warrior forum so is WickedFire forum. This forum is meant to teach about internet marketing, SEO , digital marketing and other related stuffs and they have been online since year 2000 I will recommend this for those who are into affiliate marketing especially in regards to PPC (pay per click) and CPA (cost per action) networks

DigitalPoint Forum They discuss in details from experts and average learners to learners about Business, Marketing, Search engine and other related Categories

Problogger Forum Here you can meet just bloggers all what they know is blogging all what they talk is blogging and all what they teach is blogging so only bloggers are present at problogger forum you can also join.

I only listed but few among the best forums you can search online for forums to join in order to generate sales and to gain traffic below links can also help you find more.

Forum Websites

  1. Forums.Cpanel.net
  2. Forums.Cnet.com

  3. AbestWeb.com
  4. Blogdigger.com
  5. Forums.Searchenginewatch.com
  6. HighRankings.com/forums

  7. Forum.submitEdge.com
  8. SEOforums.org
  9. Whydowork.com
  10. V7n.com
  11. go4expert.com
  12. forum.submitexpress.com/seo
  13. forums.seochat.com
  14. seo-forum.link-assistant.com
  15. webjuniors.com
  16. seomastering.com/seo-forum
  17. webhelpforums.net
  18. talk.thewebhostingdir.com
  19. forum.brainpulse.com
  20. imtalk.org
  21. webdesignerforum.co.uk
  22. broadbandforum.in
  23. forum.seoranksmart.com
  24. affiliate-marketing-forums.5staraffiliateprograms.com
  25. webtalkforums.com
  26. ukwebmasterworld.com
  27. seorefugee.com/forums
  28. talkaboutnet.com
  29. seofightclub.bruteforceseo.com
  30. blackhatteam.com
  31. siteownersforums.com
  32. webmasterground.com
  33. seoers.org/BB

But Before You Forum Away:

I know that after going through this post you may definitely want to join some of these forums but before you do there are some things you must do to make sure you are a successful forum Marketer and this is what all forum marketers does.

  • Don’t Forum Just to promote Your site: The forum is a place to learn and to teach others so posting your links unlawfully will result in spamming and you know that no forum moderator or Admin will want to see that. Make sure you promote your links Strategically maybe by writing some quality articles then adding your link at the post end instead of just sharing links. You may be kicked out of forum.
  • Utilize Your Signature: In every forum there is a space for signature. this space allows you to add your site link which will show in every post you created and when your articles are interesting it will motivate readers to check on your link. This is one of the major reason you must create valuable contents as a forum marketer
  • Help Others in Need: If you come across a question you gat an answer to don’t hesitate to stop by to give your answer and remember your signature is always there and when you blog peoples mind with your answer they will be forced to check on your signature which contains your site link.
  • Perform a search before posting: Every post made on any forum from day one till the present date you joined the forum is saved. so before you post anything make sure you make searches on the forum to see if the topic already exist with the same answer instead of just duplicating.
  • Read Forum Rules: The only thing that can get you easily banned from a forum is when you don’t read the rules. Every forum have various rules so make sure you read the rules guiding a particular forum before you join.

Having gone through all of the above carefully, you should have learnt about generating traffic to your website using forum marketing and also getting more sales on your sale pages via forum marketing. Have you any experience about any forum marketing before now let us know in the comment section and also don’t hesitate to share this article in favour of your friends who may also be in need of it.

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