How To Get Fast Approval From Google Adsense in A Legit Way

Untold Tricks To Get Fast Approval From Google AdSense

Many of use will want to have a successive blogging but AdSense is hiding the goal you want to let emanate from that planned blog.

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If you check the this post on how to get to get fast approval from Google AdSense in a very clean and legit way, you will discover the ideal secret why your blog is not approved from AdSense.

In this article I will be giving you the full the details on how you can get your AdSense account approved in a legit way.

Though there are some way you can trick AdSense that won’t know your the exact country you are submitting application from, but I don’t like that, they tends to show you only the way to get AdSense account approved but not to still continue running it to your pleasure.

Most of them will eventually sell their AdSense out later, because they have no idea of how to make money online through passion. That trick will only teach you how to “only” get AdSense account approved.

However there are some that thus favour and still make the real money from Google AdSense.

The trick works for them because they are already good in the right niche to get AdSense account approved immediately.

Firstly I will like to let you know what AdSense check most on blog before approval.

Check It Out Here: What Really Matters The Mist To Them.

  • Your Niche: Is your major topic on blogging really touch people, does your niche change or have effects positively in people’s life.


  • Most of the time you blog on your passion. You will find out that it does help people, like those that blog on health and wellness, daily nutrition, business strategies and so on… You will see that this blog are really helpful to human beings, and have favour from Google.

Do you have three to four blog post on your blog that will attract and make them come back for tips or updates.

The first thing I will enjoin you to do first is to blog on your passion, and if you find no passion in blogging.

Then go to school and study to get a certificate, because you will only waist years in blogging and eventually leave your blog when you eventually face the real bloblems real bloggers do face when blogging.


When you encounter probs like traffic, ranking, monetizing a blog, having the right strategies of blogging,….
Having follower, even is the most annoying thing in blogging on is having no comment with stress you have passed through when creating the post, spam comments and rubbish talk from readers which can really let you down in blogging.


The only thing that wouldn’t let you down is when you have the real passion for it. I mean blogging
Do you concentrate on a topic: Make sure you narrow your niche to some extent that readers will know your next post, and that is real fun for them.

Know that Hustle Pays Than Tricks.

This are the niches you should endeavour not to blog on:

i) Entertainment blog

ii) News blog, you will never rank because authority websites will de-rank you. Hope you are cleared.
Related Niche To Start Blogging on: Politics, history, constitution, currencies, future and many more.

iii) Adult Content. No one will ever want to advertise on your website, you can never monetize it.

Most related niche to start blogging on: Dating Website, love contents, the hidden truths of love

2nd consideration: Post Length: What really show’s you ate blogging on your passion is, how long do you take to write an article.

If it is truly your ideas and passion. Then your post length should not be less that 1000+ words. Take it don’t leave it.

Clear Design And A Blog Logo: Make sure you already have a logo to make your blog look more professional.


And also have a very clear design on your blog. You can hire me for that with a very much cheaper price.
Get a custom domain and self host it with WordPress. hire me also for that.

Have @ Good and clear navigation:…: Check my blog navigation and see it very clear and not hidden.

Create about us, contact us and privacy and policy.
Make sure the name you submitted corelate and it is very bold on every part of your website not blog again, so they won’t think you spammed another website which is not yours.
Submit and get your application approved.


In summary: Blog on your passion, and don’t blog on entertainment and news blog. Check out the related niches to blog on up there.
Grow Your Traffic and have more comment.
Run the blog for about 3-4 months before submitting application.
Have original and much length blog post
Create about us and contact us with privacy and policy
Don’t forget to hire me to get it done for you without stress.

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  1. this is the very best way to get AdSense approval in a clean way, though many wouldn’t love be this. but it quite good for those that want to keep promoting their blogging journey very smooth.

    Thanks for this wonderful post Emmanuel.

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    I am your daily visitor and i have read your blogs. Your articles are educational and knowledgeable. And I love them. Sir please Keep writing these types of blogs because it is very helpful for students like us.
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