An interview with a tech blogger- Ayodeji of every beginner must learn

Few Days ago i having known Ayodeji as a blogger , i decided to gain more knowledge from what he already gat and also to teach my students here with the medium of his presence so i have some words with him on facebook to know how he has been doing about the blogging race.

Quite interesting and interesting his replies shewed more than expected lessons to which i wanted to derive in favour of my learners here #wprdpressNigeria. Bellow was my conversations with the owner of Caffinegeeks.Com

Kennedy Prosper=>Hello MR Ayodeji i learnt you have been a great blogger for quite long now but may we know how long you have really ventured this blogging race.?

Ayorinde Ayodeji=>have been blogging for over 4 yrs this year makes it 5 years

Kennedy Prosper=> Hmmm its obvious you are now a master in Blogging. .For this five years of blogging what has been your greatest challenge?

Ayorinde Ayodeji =>my greatest chanllenge was when i my first didn’t
have much traffic… I had to close shut it down and create a new blog this time am proud of the blog

Kennedy Prosper =>Waooo indeed Traffic has always been a
challenge to every newbie blogger

But why did you decide not to continue with your old blog and build traffic for it instead of building a new one?

Ayorinde Ayodeji =>as for me i believe following your skill would be better then following something you dont know much about, my first blog was in entertainment niche and i dont know much on it .. So i changed to blogging in technology niche, because am a computer geek.. Lolx

Kennedy Prosper =>I hear you sir. I strongly believe this will be a notice to new blogger and pro aspirants out there, Blogging on the wrong niche will only have negative effect to your blogging success once more thanks for this amazing point to all newbies

Having moved to your favorite niche What has really been your greatest traffic source?

Ayorinde Ayodeji =>well, when it comes to traffic i always try to different techniques, my main source of traffic is
social media likeFacebook,twitter,linkedin, reddit and search engine like google and bing. I dont sleep most times because to take your blog to the next level you need to study more and i do that at my leisure time

Kennedy Prosper=> I think with your list you almost apply all traffic strategies. Will you in anyway advice other bloggers to stick to One source of Traffic?

Ayorinde Ayodeji=> no, they should always look for other means of generating more

Kennedy Prosper=> Am glad you are telling us what to do but before we close this interview please do you think making money online as a blogger is easy?

Ayorinde Ayodeji=> no, you have to give your readers what they need before you get what you want from them. that’s why i make sure my readers enjoy every bit of my content. but once you start making money you will always enjoy your earns because you have given them what they want

Kennedy Prosper=> So far so long i have been with you and i really
love to be with you again will you allow me for a second interview about content writing and traffic driving?

Ayorinde Ayodeji=> yeah, why not am a free person. Am up anytime looking forward to that, would be happy to share my opinions on it

Kennedy Prosper=> Thanks for Your time with Me. We shall meet again

Ayorinde Ayodeji you welcome. Regards„

The above was an interview with Ayorinde Ayodeji the owner and the founder of a tech blog in Nigeria ”” with the above interview you should learn that blogging is something that can earn you big money online but only with time.

He also further started that driving traffic to your site should be from many sources as that would be best than relying on just on Traffic source and apart from that there are many other lessons on the above interview which every newbie blogger should learn. I just hope it will help you.

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