Jumia Affiliate Program-How much is your commission per sale and tips to become successful

Many of you may want to Join Jumia Affiliate program either from Nigeria or outside countries such as UK, US,INDIA ,CANADA etc as this affiliate program can be done world wide.

It’s obvious that before you join any affiliate program you need to know how much they pay per sale or referral or whatever measure that take in payment fulfilment to enable you know how much you can make monthly from them. wither you can buy your Xmas cloths feed your family , buy a car, and build a house lol but if the commission is too little, trust me you will just have to run away knowing what you need for yourself.

i guess Am running too fast, but sorry am back to my roof. I just remembered that not everyone reading from my website is a guru in online stuffs, and as such i need to throw some light on what i mean by jumia affiliate program and what it also means by Affiliate program in general

what is affiliate Program?

Am selling shoes online but only me can’t sell them and reach a better marketable audience so i explore others to do the job for me while they get some commission for every shoe they sell. this is what we call affiliate program.

As an affiliate Marketer, You get paid for sales you make , you register to sell products of any kind. it might be physical or digital product. you sell and get fixed commission for each sale. As an affiliate marketer what makes you to earn more income is the amount of Products you are able to sell and what makes you sell more is the affiliate strategies you explore to reach those in need of the product in question at the point of need.

In affiliates marketing you don’t need to create products yourself unlike information marketing. The product are there for you to pick and promote. You only link buyers to the products and get paid for every successful sale.

What is Jumia affiliate program?

Jumia is a very big market place like Konga, Amazon and the rest where all kinds of product are available for sale. Jumia affiliate program allows you to get some amount of commission for every product you sell on as an affiliate account holder on jumia.

How Much Does Jumia Pays for Each Referral?

There are two referral sections on Jumia . the sign up and the sale. When people sign up via your affiliate links on jumia you earn N300(three hundred Naira)

When you make any sale on jumia I.e if anyone click on your link and buy any jumia product within 24 cookies hours which they clicked on your link you will earn N700 (seven hundred Naira) You can also get more percentage depending on the kind of goods you sell.

Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing

Just like jumia affiliate program have it advantages and disadvantages so do any other affiliate program. Did you want to become an affiliate marketer on Jumia or other affiliate platforms to make money online then you need to read from below link

READ HERE:Advantages and Disadvantages of affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer You need some affiliate marketing strategies to boost sales and also become successful. The reason why you see many affiliate marketers fails today is because they forgot to learn how to become successful affiliate marketer before jumping into affiliate marketing business.

Some confess affiliate marketing is the best and the easiest way to make money online while other says it is the most difficult, because they have never learnt from the right source and at the right time. to me Kennedy Prosper in my own point of view i say affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online as most of the affiliate sales commission are tempting knowing well how i can make sales

The only challenge that will make you say it’s the hardest means of making money online is when you can’t even make sales smoothly. Lol imagine selling just one product after 60days of hard labour in promotion of affiliate products. at this junction you will be thinking your village people are at work again,whereas you are the only witch doctor to your illness

Relax and feel free because with this article am going to be the Jesus to your problem Am going the show you some easy tips to become successful in Jumia or any other affiliate program

Tips To successful Affiliate Marketing (Jumia, Kong, Amazon)

Choose a Specific Niche Product: One of the mistake young affiliate marketers make is they go about registering on any affiliate program they sees and they keep promoting too many products at a time. To become successful affiliate marketer you must understand that focus is they only key to success.

All you need to do is pick a product that fits your blogging niche. a products with high demand in your own niche and keep promoting to see how effective it will work.

When you promote too many products at a time you end up earning nothing from any of them because you have loosed focus in the first place and focus and patience is the key to successful affiliate marketing.

The below Links will help you:

All of the above tips will teach you what we means by affiliate program in general, jumia affiliate program and affiliate marketing as an online business. With the above you should have learnt how to become successful in jumia , konga, amazon or other affiliate program.

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About the Author: Emmanuel Bankole

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!