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I just have to do more writing about Search Engine optimization this season because i have noticed, Learnt and also experienced that without it every organisation is liable to fall , without SEO websites will see their doom, without SEO many affiliate and information marketers should be offline by now.


But you know what? Many bloggers are still coming up to be freelancers , internet marketers , affiliate marketers and the rest but the question is ” if they come will they not have to learn SEO to know how it works and without us been the reliable source teaching them as our fan who will do it for us? ” this is the main reason am going to focus on SEO and optimization this period in particular.

In Some of my recent updates i have highlighted some helpful tips about SEO which you can read below.

In this post am going to show you how and where to learn SEO in Nigeria or worldwide for free online and become and expert but before then let me show you something you need to know

Why DO you have to Learn Search Engine optimization A.K.A SEO?

SEO is just too important for every internet marker and online entrepreneur and yet many will still ask this question of why is it really important? Well if you are among one of those asking this question you really did well because without a good answer you can be left in the state of confusion which i wouldn’t let you be , so as a result i have gat an answer for you.

  1. Drive You free traffic
  2. Increase Your Ranking
  3. Boost Your Online Sales
  4. Create Job Opportunity
  5. Turn you a good Writer
  6. Increase Your fame and online presence

Free Traffic Driver: The best way to get free traffic is learning Search engine optimization. According to SearchengineLand, There are over 12million monthly searches landing on Google every month. With this , you should know that Google is the house of free traffic because people won’t stop to search and ones you play your part in learning and implementing SEO in every of your article you will always drag there attention straight to your website to read your post even at your absence.

Many new bloggers have worked and worked yet no real time visitors and nothing fresh is happening about their website. The moment they stop Sharing on Facebook and other social networks , traffic goes down and Alexa immediately increase which is never a good sign of blogging just as i believe you already know.

When you take your time to learn and implement SEO you will have little work to do with big traffic because Google will have to do the work while you sleep. hmmm i love this in particular and this is the main reason i don’t joke with Search engine traffic because it kept me going been a lazy blogger who don’t have strength for hard and all day work. With this SEO i was able to increase one of my website traffic stat from Google search result to over 50.70% search result according to Alexa. so that simply means over half of my website traffic is coming from Google search engine. That’s really lovely

Alexa traffic

Increase Your Ranking: One thing is to get search traffic results and another thing is to increase your Google search ranking!! hope you know how important that could be to your online business?

Increasing your search Ranking simply means making your website to show in Google’s front page in searches related to your niche or updates. Increasing ranking could be very hard because people who tends to be in the front are somehow experts in SEO tactics, in that case you will have to learn SEO effectively to retain this position.

Learning SEO will make you rank well on Google without having paid for any sofware or even some Black Hat SEO tricks

Boost Your Online Sales: If you have something to sell online been personal or affiliate products, physical or digital products without Search Engine doing the work for you , it is obvious you will not be a among the bloggers that sells.

Learn SEO to increase your sales. This is because many of the loyal buyers online are buyers from search engine.

Create Job Opportunities: I know you might be wandering how learning SEO online or offline can create a job opportunity for you hmmm but to be sincere with you i have been making a lot of money from SEO over the years .

The internet is big, the bloggers are many but the new ones are more . they have little or no idea about SEO, they don’t know how to fix it and they never have the desire to learn it that soon ,because it’s not that easy to them.

Because you have dedicated your many years to learn , test and experiment about SEO you are now the SEO boss while they are your SEO clients. They will hire you and pay you the amount you want to in rendering SEO services to them This is where your money and the job opportunity comes in.

SEO have a differ writting protocol and following this protocols will only make your writing skills grow bigger. this is another reason You should learn SEO

Fame and popularity: When people began to make searches and they see your blog on every single search , your will get popularly known as long as your site keep showing on Google. Beside that , online blog visitors tends to respect the man they find his site on Google often to the others because they feel there is something unique about that man.

There is no way you can attain this height of fame and respect without the knowledge of SEO and having the knowledge means you will have to learn it.

Having Know the important of Learning SEO(search engine optimization) let further discuss on where to learn this so called SEO of a thing.

Where To Learn SEO As a Blogger

Even before reading the important of learning SEO , many of you already knew that SEO is something you must learn but what kept on the red flag on you is because you don’t know the right place to learn the SEO and it becomes a very big challenge on your move to learn it.

There are so many places to learn SEO many will tell you to buy ebooks while others will tell you to buy softwares but most at times after buying you discover that you have been reaped off your money because what you just bought may contain information you don’t even need as a beginner But the main purpose i wrote this post is never to sell any product to you but to show you where you can learn the basics of SEO that every blogger needs to get a better Online balance for free either in Nigeria or abroad


With all my SEO understanding i was able to make the summary that there is only one wrought to learning SEO and that’s knowing the SEO Algorithms.

SEO algorithm is showing all what Google likes and what it hates if you must rank well in Google it comprises of everything you need to do.

This algorithm is in other words called the SEO rules and they are regularly updated I.e you will have to keep following the latest SEO trends to know when Any new updates are added to the current algorithms/ rules.

To learn SEO simply read through the current 200 SEO ranking factors those are all you need to rank well on Google. If you can read and follow half of them it is certain you will do perfectly on Google in due season.


Hope you have red them all and you know how SEO works and things you need to do to have a better search Ranking? I ave some Tools to help your learning bellow.

SEO learning Resources

I strongly believe if you can go true the above practically , you will become SEO lord in no time
Just stay tunned for more tips about blogging and SEO -over to you

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