Legit Ways to make Money Online 2018 and Beyond!

It’s True that making money online is no longer something new to our hearing, yet many people are still unaware of how and where to make money online without spending a thine or spending less than 1000 naira in Naira to earn better online income.

As 2017 wears away so 2018 draw closer and closer everyday and now it’s almost 2018 if not 2018 already as of now that you are reading this article.

Many people, if not everyone wants to make money online in Nigeria and outside Nigeria as this new year emerge. To me i have a very big plan already drawn to double my earning this new year just as i believe every other person also have a plan for 2018.

In this Article am going to show you some untapped ideas to make money online 2018 spending no or little money. All you have to do is read carefully and put to practice whatever you read here and see what works best for you.

Legit Ways To Make Money Online 2018

Create A Niche Website:

This making money online means for 2018 is suitable for those who have special skills in a particular field e.g if you are a mobile guru, you can create a mobile niche site where you discuss just your mobile phone and gadget tips of all kinds .

If you are a health genius , you can create a niche site about health where you discuss only on health tips and health updates.

If you are a football guru, you can create a football niche site where you discuss about football updates.

Steps to Create a successful Website in Nigeria(WordPress)

To create a niche site that makes money , you must first of all understand what niche blogging is all about and how to choose the best lucrative and evergreen blogging niche to blog about. You can make money from your niche site from serving ads, sponsored posts, advertisement or as an affiliate marketer

Always remember that before you make money from your website as a niche blogger you need more work in the sense that unique articles must be present in your website. and achieving this may take some time unless for team work. Therefore i will say it’s not for those who need quick money online but it’s for those who wish to invest for the morrow.

Do Facebook Marketing:

Facebook is the best social media with over 10billion active monthly users. Facebook is the best social network to advertise and reach targeted audience from any part of the world without stress.

Are you a Facebook lover? you can use Facebook to make money online this is what we call Facebook marketing. You can read this advanced Facebook marketing techniques to learn more about Facebook marketing.

This making money online method is suitable for those who is always active on Facebook and who is a Facebook lover with all Facebook techniques..so if you are one you may consider exploring this method

Buy and Resell Domain Names:

Sometimes around 2017 Noah Kagan Bought sumo.com from a domain reseller 1.5million USD You can read in details here

Domain names are very cheap you can buy .com domain name as low as 10USD from many domain registrars after which you can resell at a higher price.

To start this business what you need is to find names that are valuable or that will be very needful in the nearest future register them and put them for sell. As a domain reseller you should be able to evaluate the potentials of your domain names.

Affiliate Marketing Online Business:

SEE ALSOHow to Start and Make Money Online with affiliate Marketing

This is when you sell something online it could be digital or physical product and get some percentage of commission for every successful sale.

There are many affiliate programs that pays in Naira favourable to Nigeria affiliate marketers you can check out here becoming an affiliate marketer will cost you Zero naira.

As an affiliate marketer you must be ready to talk or write because affiliate marketing requires each of the above skills.

Do URL Shortening Business:

You can start Shrinking and sharing links and getting paid for very click on your links. This is good for website owners and those who can utilize the power of social media.

The social media can equally become your major source of income by just shrinking and sharing links and this will be favourable to those who have large followers as you will have more chances of getting clicks on your links.

There are many URL shortening services that pays for clicks on your links and they also allow you to share your shortened links on social medias such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. but the issue is that most of them aren’t favourable to Nigerians because of their payment methods which are mainly Paypal, Skrill etc.

Because of this i wrote about URL shortening service that pays in Naira to enhance Nigerians get their money paid directly to their local bank account as they keep shortening (shrinking) and sharing links and this Nigeria URL shortener is Adi.Ng

Do Freelancing Work:

You can make money online in Nigeria and abroad as a freelancer. For those who don’t know what freelancing means: Freelancing in a lame man language simply means rendering services online to people while they pay you for your service rendered.

As a freelancer You must be skilled in a particular field where others will need your service at a definite charge. e.g If you can run Facebook Ads in Naira and others are in need of this you can advertise yourself and help those in need while they pay you for your service rendered. If you can design website for people you can also advertise yourself and get web design job online as a freelancer, You can as well design banners and logos as a freelancer, You can Write quality paid contents as a freelancer , You can help people set sound SEO as a freelancer etc….just anything you can do online that you feel someone can be in need of that’s what makes you a freelancer

Personally i have made lots of money from freelancing work especially from the aspect of Web design and Writing paid contents.so there is no doubt you make make huge money from Freelancing work

Now did you want to become a freelancer ? if yes then ask yourself what can you offer people for money? if you have any required skill then you can start advertising yourself as a freelancer and you will surely get clients to your Skills.

Create Your own ecommerce Store:

Creating ecommerce store is suitable for people who have their own products for sale. If you don’t want to laverage on jumia and Konga you can create your own online store where you can sell either physical or digital products online.

To create ecommerce store you need web design skills . All you need to do is By web hosting and domain name , Install WordPress and a better ecommerce theme after that install woocommerce plugin do your necessary setups and you are done.

So easy hmmm but if you can’t grab it that way you can hire me to teach you one on one or help you create a better ecommerce store . Use the contact button to reach me.

Join Referral Programs:

There are millions of referral programs online some are must join referral programs while others are scam with scam alert labels everywhere online.

Though referral programs might not be reliable as they are short term money making methods since they easily fades away but with the little period of their resign ,you can make better income from this method.

Trending for now and before now you can make money from Naira4all Referral program. I recommend this particular referral program because am a fan of it and i have made good amount of money from them without any issue or any scam record You can Join Now and start Making Money from Referral program…

Thought Naira4all is not only specific on referral but i personally chose making money via the referral section of it.

Start a YouTube Channel:

You can make money online from your YouTube channel in Nigeria without any start up fee. YouTube is a power in the internet which records over 5million views in Just a day as a matter of fact, one man named Felix Kjellberg, the owner of PewDiePie has earned 12 million dollars back in 2015 by running a single Youtube channel.

Think of the love nigerians have for comedy you can turn this to income stream e.g Apkan and Oduma understood this fact so they made good effort , Mark Angel Understood this so he made good effort, Ajebo and others are also withness to this glory.

You must know how to make videos of any kind it could be for online courses, Fashion, Comedy, etc people will stream your videos provided you have monetised your video with Google AdSense you can earn better income of you can get better views on your videos.

Develope and Sell Softwares:

This is best suitable for those who have software developing skills. You can build any kind of software provided it’s needed by the audience and market them online at a particular price.

Only for sofware developers.

Conclusion:There are still lots of ways to make money online but to mention few we end our list here. Among the above money making methods for 2018 blogging is the best lasting method to make money online while referral program is the Quickest but not lasting long method to make money online.

If you ask me i will see try to be an entrant in almost all of them. You can run 3-4 online business of all kinds together , you also need to test each of them to know which one works best for you because that same online business that makes others to smile is making others to cry.

No online business is bad. if it didn’t work for you does not mean it’s not working for others so be good at testing and finding new skills good. luck………….


  1. Develope and Sell Softwares
  2. Start a YouTube Channel
  3. Join Referral Programs
  4. Create Your own ecommerce Store
  5. Do Freelancing Work
  6. Do URL Shortening Business
  7. Affiliate Marketing Online Business
  8. Buy and Resell Domain Names
  9. Do Facebook Marketing
  10. Create A Niche Website

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My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future.

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About the Author: Emmanuel Bankole

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!


  1. Great article but I think there isn’t even half of the best things that you can do to get some money. I personally like something that you can use in everyday life it will not make you millionaire overnight but will make some profit and you can do this by buying a course that you can learn things on your own.

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