How to Make money Online From Blogspot and WordPress Blogging Platforms

One Of the Things that gives Every Blogger Joy over Blogging Online everyday is the amount he or she earn Online from Blogging.
One of the major reason why many blogger failed and drop out easily is just the fact that they waited but they couldn’t endure so they just have to leave for other activities that can pay them now and not later.

Blogging is the Match, the money is the spark without the spark only the match cannot produce useful fire. Money in blogging is the fuel that keep every blogger riding lest your fuel get finished and you go down in no time.

The Rise a fall of Numerous bloggers today is as a result of not making money from their websites .(I have personally came across many hints like) “Am quitting blogging because am not earning at all.

Come to think of it. If you are using WordPress Blogging Platform I.e if you create a self Hosted WordPress website , that will again cost you money for hosting and domain name plus some other fees and now after a whole year without earning you will still have to renew your hosting and domain to keep on the work. This is where many of the new bloggers fades away like the morning dew.

In the first year They managed to get some money to buy Web hosting and domain Name hoping to earn big blogging income in a very short while, but reverse been the case the whole year has runs out without a earning some good cash not even the amount to renew their hosting and domain name. they have no option but to quite since there is no money to renew their hosting and domain Name and some will even have the money but get in mind the negative thinking like ” why should i keep renewing my domain and hosting yearly with this much cash without getting anything in return?”

Thank God for the live of Free Blogspot blogging platform which has kept many new bloggers going since there is no hosting fee. With blogspot you can create a free website without hosting fee unlike WordPress platform. Because of this many bloggers have remained on that free platform which is a good idea to me if you ask.

I Kennedy Prosper will never stop telling you the truth about blogging even if the whole world have to lie about it. I always advice every newbie to start blogging from Blogspot and some will be asking me why? The reason is because You may quite too early if you keep spending without earning nothing more than that.

The same money you can make from WordPress can be made from Blogspot platform if Properly utilised. Only that
WordPress is more comfortable and professional to blogspot.

In Addition to the reason why many quite too early is because they expects the money too early. When you open a new shop what did you have to do or rather what have you done before the shop is seen standard and worth buying from?

  • You rent a store
  • Maintain the store by doing some reformations
  • You buy goods on the store
  • You start selling and Advertising

What am trying to say in essence is that in what ever you do , there is always a building procedure and same thing is also applied to blogging.

  • First you will have to build your website
  • Create valuable contents
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Think of making money from your good work

This post is to show you how to make money from your WordPress or blogspot website in Nigeria and abroad. Please don’t read this post further if you haven’t done any of the above listed steps with your blog because it might not work for you.

It’s is a very painful thing to have built, Create, drive traffic and yet without earning from your website. Before i go further to show you how to make money from your WordPress and blogger website let me show you some of the reasons why many bloggers won’t make money even after building and doing all other necessary requirements as per this article

Why Many Bloggers Don’t Make Money From Blogging

They Don’t know how to:

One of the major reason why many blogger still don’t make money from blogging is because they don’t now how to make money from blogging and what you don’t know is bigger than you. But to God be the glory you are reading this article that will help you today….so marvel not again.

They have Chosen to blog on the Wrong Platform:

There are too many blogging platforms on the internet some are Earning made while others are Learning made blogging platforms. You only go to such platforms when you want to learn e.g Wapact, Wapka, Xtgem and others.Now you are blogging from them hoping to earn millions from your website but am sorry to unveil to your with many reasons which i won’t list here that you will either make little or no money from such platforms.(Try Blogger or WordPress)

Choosing the Wrong Niche:

Choosing the wrong blogging niche Can affect your earning or even make you not to earn at all. There are many blogging niches some are evergreen and lucrative while others are non lucrative. When choosing blogging niche make sure you pick the evergreen blogging niches that pays.

Seek the money too early:

Blog for better reason than money. Money in blogging is from the audience that visits your websites wither directly or indirectly. Now that you are chasing away the audience for money don’t you think you are killing your blogging career? this is just another reason why many don’t earn from blogging. They are too concern about the money instead of building the audience. If you can’t give me what i want i will neither visit nor buy from your website that’s the law of your website visitors so beware.

You aren’t Focus:

You Have learnt to make money online but you have one problem that’s still making you not to make money blogging .This is my Judgement (You run from pillar to post) When you hear that Adsclicks pays better you quickly remove Chitika Ads on your website without waiting to see how it works for you. After a while AdSense Knock at your door and you remove every other ads and now you are either displaying one useless Ads or not even displaying Anyone.. I won’t write any more about this than to say( What works for others may not work for you and what works for you might not work for others) Take note.

Solve Real Problem to Make real Money:

ask yourself” why are you blogging?” if you can’t get any reasonable answer with the reply of helping the audience then don’t expect money in return.

you are Not Just one:

Blogging will never give you what you want but what you works for. Many people are joining blogging because they want to make money but they don’t want to work for the money.

Just like every organisation and work has rules and regulations so also do blogging have it’s own regulation. Among which you must be a writer. The first thing or work every blogger must learn to do is to learn how to write . You don’t want to adhere to the blogging rules but you want to eat the money in blogging am sorry to tell you blogging is not for you and you will never make money from blogging if you can’t adhere to the blogging polices .

We all are not called to be bloggers. If you think you can’t blog i will advise you find something else to do for your beterness instead of wasting your precious time to blog in Vain.

You are are too Lazy:

Another reason why you won’t make money from blogging is because of your laziness. Back in those days even lazy bloggers can excel but now reverse is the case. Blogging is now the world of competition and not for lazy fellows. It’s now Like the Kingdom of God which Suffereth violence and the violence taketh it by force…….I rest My Case.

Having Known Some of the Major reasons why you aren’t Making money online from your website let me now show you how to make money online from your WordPress or blogspot website in Nigeria and abroad.

How To Make money from WordPress

Create and Sell Plugins/Themes:

I know this isn’t for you if you aren’t a developer and a plugin builder but to developers this is a good option to make cool income online from WordPress platform knowing well that the use of plugin is unlimited.

People are ready to buy even with the millions of plugins we have online if you can create a valuable plugin with Many responsive features worth paying for. You can sell your plugin online from online market places such as and get buyers to your products.

Just like we have buyers to valuable plugins so we have buyers to relevant Themes if you can make your theme worth paying for.(Option for Developers)

Proffer WordPress Consulting

One if the best way to make money from WordPress in Nigeria is using this Proffer method. Here is how it’s done.. Make sure you have a portfolio , Create a product and give it free to some of the influential bloggers in your niche to use for free then drop their review on their websites. This will make you generate a better income in no time from your quick sales.

After testing your product tell them to give you feedbacks about the product , then make your corrections and let them review your products on their website…..that’s just it.
keep selling and selling till infinity…

Creating/Building WordPress website

There are Many people out there looking for who to help them create their own website (paid)

This will require some web design skills not for learners actually. You can learn how to create WordPress website and start rendering WordPress web design services for money online

Personally i have made some better income from helping people build websites with certain amounts. I will be showing you some secretes i used in my next article which will be titled “How to make Money online Building WordPress websites” so stay tuned i won’t write that here it will only make this post too lengthy but have it at the back of your mind that this method can earn you a very big amount if you can come back to read my update about it. You can Drop your email and get notification about it

Content Writing Service:

If you have a good Writing Skills, You can get writing jobs online from places like ProBlogger Job Board,Elance, Odesk, people per hour, etc. and also there are many websites that offer writing services you can submit your articles for review and get paid for every approved article…..

I shall be Writing about how to get paid writing articles in detailed description in my next article so subscribe to my newsletter above and get it directly to your email.

Create Your Own website:

You can start your own WordPress website easily and make money from your own website. I will even say among all the listed ways to make money from WordPress platform or even to make money online , Creating your own website is the best way to make money online knowing well that the income generated is unlimited depending on your effort applied.

If You have you own website, You can also make money using affiliate marketing, selling ads, sponsored reviews, etc from your blog. Click here to learn how to create your own self Hosted WordPress website with few steps

How To Make Money From Blogger Platform:

There are many ways to earn from blogger/blogspot free blogging platform but you will have to create your own website first.. don’t forget you can aso earn from blogger by rendering blogspot web design services online[paid] just like It’s in WordPress platform.

Read From Below links to help you:

Conclusion: Having learnt to make money From Your WordPress and blogger website remember you will see no result if you don’t try out something. In that case pick from the above inscriptions and give a try let say what you got there in return ….

And lest i forget am still offering my paid tutor. I will teach you how to create a WordPress and blogspot website from A-Z and make you a teacher as well. Via Whatsapp Tutor. you can reach me on whatsapp +2349066100561 with your little cash. Am still coming with my Proposed free lectures on this article so don’t hesitate to subscribe below.

Make Money Online from WordPress or Blogger free blogging platform

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About the Author: Emmanuel Bankole

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!


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