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Best platform to Make Money online in Nigeria without a website in 2018

Did You Know that Every Man is an Architect of his own fortune?. The fact that You are not Making money online today in Nigeria is no anybody’s fault but your own fault. Like i showed you earlier in the internet live stat of Nigeria we have Billions of Nigerian Users online and because of this Nigeria is ranking top 6-7 country with the highest numbers of internet users, now tell me why you should be so dumb no to utilize this in favour to your wallet.

Few Years ago i was also like you and i never made a thine from the internet , instead i wasted money subscribing on daily or monthly basis wasting time and effort roaming round the Net every day without anything good to write home about.After many attempts to make money online failed me i never desisted, instead i figured out my faults and areas i made mistakes that needed correction which i did and i was able to fix all my error to fight my fears.

After earning my first income online from a Nigeria affiliate website, i then realize that no matter how long you use the internet without good utilization, you can never make money from it.

If you think am it’s a lie check how many years you have been blogging or using the internet, wasting your sub for Facebook and others while people make money with those same Social Medias

2-Reasons Why many Nigerians don’t make money Online

THEY LACK CONCENTRATION: One Of the reason why Many Nigerians don’t earn today is because they lack concentration. The truth is that there are millions of ways to make money online in Nigeria but you will need to be connected to few and leave the rest instead of been the jack of all trade without mastering any one. Out of the many ways to earn online did you believe i only Utilize Just two and yet am contented till i will proceed for other moves as other ideas keep coming with great strategies.

THEY HATE TO INVEST: Another cure reason why many Nigerians don’t earn online is because they hate investing, but can you sell a provision store without having rented a store and buying the stuffs therein ? Why must you then think you can expect any better income without investment. One thing that kill my online career initially was this same silly mentality of ” How can i invest on a program online ” What if my money get loss”??? hmmm nice mentality but why not ask yourself like” Why would i want to earn online if i can’t invest online, and what If you become a millionaire from online business?????”

I beg you well well o (slang) Stop falling your hands with fake mentality of 1932 ancient Nigerians and behave modernised

  • Tools and materials for building WordPress blog in Nigeria
  • Sorry am talking stories here instead of showing you “how to make money from your website or social Media in Nigeria” but all the same i have to let you know where you have loosed weight to regain weights. Like i said there are millions of ways to make money online but among them all am going to show you just one great way through which you can earn better income if properly Utilized.

    The reason am going to show you this one way is because i want you to gain focus which is the key to every successful online Entrepreneur. Am personally recommending this one way to make money online because i have tested it to be one among the best ways to make money online in Nigeria for 2017 and beyond with easy task which every Nigerian can easily pass up.

    Your Tools to make money from this process are very limited . all you need is

    1. Your Computer or Mobile phone
    2. Active Facebook account
    3. Facebook page/Group
    4. Your Nigerian bank account on any bank
    5. 3,000 Naira Investment fee

    Start earning…………..

    This Online money making way am going to show you now does not require any payoneer or Paypal to receive your payment. You don’t need any verification to get your money . All you need is your Nigeria bank account of any Nigeria bank e.g Eco, Gtb, Zenith, Etc…….. and you will get your cash paid directly into your account with real Alert confirmation.

    :is a Nigerian Online money making platform that allows every Nigerians to make money into there local bank account with ease. Naira4all is the place you have been looking for all this while but thank God you found it here.

    Am not going to write about Naira4all Here because the site admin took all the time in the world to write his aim, and purpose for creating that great platform. Just click On the link above And make sure you read all about them. I have been using this platform as extra income source for over 3months now having gotten the intro from a good friend.

    GoodLuck as You keep enjoying………

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