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Make Real money online shrinking and sharing links-Get paid In Naira directly to your bank

Making Money Online Is the dream of every teenager and adult in Nigeria and abroad this is the major reason i can’t stop writing about Making money online especially in favour of my country Fans( Nigeria. )

One thing for sure is that making money online is just too sure now 2017 and will even grow more wide and favourable in 2018 which is yet to emerge. but the question here is Which making money means have you secured to save some money online ? heyyyyy comeback don’t get yourself thinking yet am not done with my questions.

Have you ever made a thine online? now we are not talking about having a website because there are many ways to make money Online even without a website in Nigeria which you know quite well and which i believe am never the first to make mention of this statement.

Be glad you are A fan of WordPress Nigeria because here we give the best and we render the desirable information to the needy. Well I guess am taking stories here let me get back to business.

Have you heard about Making Money online Shortening URLs? I.e making money online sharing links. ( I know you might have heard this before but let me sound some more notes to your hearing again)

URL Shorteners that makes money.

Here is how it Works. You will have to shorten your link e.g For Kingsweb.Com.ng it will look like adi.ng/kingsweb or something similar depending on the URL shorter you are using.

After getting your link shortened, You will have to share your link either on social medias such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc or forums such as Nairaland, NCT, NNU and others for every click You get, there is amount you earn. This amount varies based on variety of the URL shorter websites we have.

Top paying URL Shortening Websites

  • LinkShrink.Net

    TheY pays about $9 for every 1000 views on your Link and the minimum withdrawal is just $5 they also give 20% referral commission

  • Shorte.st They pays about 11$ for every 1000 views on your link and the minimum withdrawal is 10$ they also give 20% referral commission
  • Fas.Li They pays about $12 for every 1000 views on your shortened links and the minimum withdrawal is $5 they also give 10% referral commission

We have many more on this list there are 17 link shortening websites that pays Now hope you see that the numbers of websites that enables you to shorten URL and get paid are much? don’t forget that we still have many of them which are not yet on the list but even with that the question here is is all this URL shorteners favourable to Nigerians?

URL Shortened website Challenges(Nigeria)

On of the greatest challenge we Nigerians do face about most of this make money online platforms are the payment methods not only with this URL shortening websites but with most affiliate programs as well

Like the above listed URL shorteners, of am not mistaken non of them enables you to get paid directly to your local bank account in Naira instead you get paid with other payment methods such as PayPal , Payza and others and you know getting such money directly to your bank here is Naira is (Only God knows)

Person like me i love getting my deals directly to my bank account i don’t need any two ways methods. I love it when i get alerts only then am i sure i have the doooo. I can now go directly to the bank to cash out with smiles on my face. Lol i believe you know what i means from your happy imaginations right away i can feel it from here ………

Many Ignorant Nigerians have joined most of these programs and have worked hard to see their $ increase on daily basics only for them to withdraw they find out they can’t get paid in Naira. sorry if you have been a victim.

For sometimes now i have been fighting for Nigerians by bringing to them platforms that enables then get paid in Naira and also to stay free from scam that was the major reason for some of my previous posts()() and shares

The main reason i wrote this post is not to show you the URL shorteners we have neither is this post to show you how much they pays but i personally wrote this article to inform you that there is URL shortener that pays In Naira directly to your Local Bank account e.g Eco, Zenith, GTB bank etc.

You can also withdraw with PayPal and other payment methods just like it’s in other URL shrinking websites but that’s non of my concern here because what matters is getting paid to your bank account and that’s what am concerned about here for my Nigerian fans who are willing to get alert only sharing Links online with or without a website

URL Shrinking Website that Pays In Naira

ADI.NG Adi is an online URL shortener based in Nigeria which enables you to shorten URL share and get paid for clicks on your shortened links.

Adi Nigeria best URL shorter, You Can earn 2$ for every 1,000 clicks on your links and you can also earn 20% referral life time commission.

You can withdraw your money when you reach $5 above and you can withdraw via Bank payment or transfer which will only require your bank details and they will transfer your earning to you depending on the amount you have in your ADI account and the amount you wish to Cashout.

ADI URL Shortner allows you to share your links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , even via emails and forums and still get paid for clicks on your links.. You can shorten as many links as you wish in a day and share any where you wish on the internet.

Apart from the direct bank payment method you can also withdraw with other payment methods available such as the Paypal , payza, skrill , etc

How To Join ADI.NG

Click Here to Join now : Register with a working email address and your user name with password

After conforming your registration and login your account with the details you registered with. And from your Dashboard you will see Where to paste your link and then shorten it to start earning .

Click on the menu ICON at the top left hand side conner of the site you will see other menus such as listed in below screenshot

To get your referral Link Click on Referral then copy your referral link to start sharing and earning 20% commission from your referrals earning

How to make money With ADI Nigeria URL Shortener

  • Share links on Facebook Groups, Profile and pages
  • Share links on other social networks such as twitter , Google+ etc
  • Share links on Forums like NCT , Nairaland, NNU etc
  • Write review about Adi on your website with your referrals link.
  • Drop comments on websites and forums with your Adi Links

With the above inscription i believe you have learnt to make money online in Naira sharing links on Facebook , twitter and the rest but one thing you must do now is put in some actions to see what works out for you. One thing is to learn a new idea and another thing is to try the idea. Hopefully ADI.NG Nigeria URLshrink for money will do you good financially as you put in your effort.

Warning: I won’t Advice you use Opera for this guides it may give you some headaches instead use other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, etc any browser will be OK but not opera . Thanks For Reading don’t forget to comment and share with your friends

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