5 Legit Ways to make Money online as a teenager In Nigeria

There are many ways teenagers can make money online in Nigeria as listed in an article by Dennis Hooper in one of his articles JOB for 16years Old but in this article am going to show you but few ways you can make money online in Nigeria as a teenager.

Why You Need to make Money Online In Nigeria

There is always a need to be among the teenagers who are making money online.

Making money online as a teenager looks really cool. Personally i have been making some cash online for some years now and as a teenager my peers who are strange to blogging do say am Doing Yahoo Business Online all i do i laugh at them.

This happen in the school where everyone is hungry yet i still get some magic money to look nice as said by them. they call it magic money because they don’t seem to know how to make money online in Nigeria and they never thought that could be possible making money online without doing some hard labour but they never knew am working lol.

As a teenager, making money online will give you financial freedom. You won’t bother your parents that much about money and all that especially when your parent are not financially buoyant. You are just like a boss because you can even fend for yourself without consulting anyone.

There is joy in making money online doing less or no work. this is just what many Nigerians really love most and they called it (soft Work).

How do you feel among your peers when you receive alert for a job completed online , or from your blog monetisation ? to me i feel proud of myself and it’s full of fun earning online. Don’t worry i will show you the way so you Can also be an entrant in this enjoyment

How to make Money Online In Nigeria As a Teenager

I won’t suggest any other method to earn online than having a blog or website and becoming a freelancer.

  1. Work As a freelancer
  2. Become a blogger
  3. Referral Programs
  4. Information Marketing
  5. Make money From Naira4all

Work As a freelancer In Nigeria

This is really great opportunity for every Nigerian to Make money online oooo lest i skip this let me tell you the meaning of Freelancing for those who don’t know what it means.

What is Freelancing ?

This is when you do a job online and get paid for the job or services rendered online. let take for instance someone wants to design a website then he called for my service, I will then charge the person the amount I can help render web design depending on the quality he needed. that’s just an example of a freelancing work.

Become a blogger In Nigeria

You may have came across blogging over and over again but the fact is that you don’t know you can earn a living from it! you never knew you can make money from it as a teenager in Nigeria. Throughout this blog i have been teaching Nigerians either how to make money online or how to create a professional blog/website in Nigeria simply because i know that the teenagers need help on this instance.

  1. Guides to choosing a lucrative and evergreen blogging niche in Nigeria
  2. 5 steps Create a professional WordPress blog in Nigeria
  3. things selfish Nigerian bloggers will not tell you for their selfish interest

Becoming a blogger in Nigeria is the best way to make money online not even becoming a freelancer or referral or publishers name them all. The reason i always say blogging to be the best way of making money online is because it last longer than other methods of making money online.

If you are a teenager aspiring to make real money online in Nigeria, i will advice you start blogging right away not even tomorrow like they say” don’t keep till tomorrow what can be done today” You can be a blogger and at the same time you can be doing freelancing and other online businesses that’s just the main reason blogging is the king way to make money online as it covers other methods of making money online.

For those teenagers who wants to become a blogger ” i mean professionals in blogging”, i will teach you step by step guides to set up your blog in Nigeria and i will also teach you how to make money from your website/blog in Nigeria.

Through i have taught much about that in this blog but am going to do this lecture privately via email messages perhaps that could be the best way to make you understand as the lecture will be grouped into sections. Did you want to be part of this Lecture ? Then Drop your Email and let start the lecture immediately. DELAY IS DANGEROUS

Referral Programs

Referral programs is another way through which the teenagers can make money online in Nigeria and this can be used or accessed even without having a website or blog. Just your social media can do it.

I personally have made alot of money from various referral programs and even till now am still doing some coded ones that’s earning me secrete cash. but i don’t always recommend this for the teenagers unless for the smart ones alone. let me see if in my next post i will show you how to be smart in making money online from Referral programs in Nigeria Loading…………

Referral work could not that easy unless you have learnt and mastered the referral tricks and strategies. As a newbie who planning to make money online for the first time i will advice you don’t select this option rather i will recommend you pick blogging or Freelancing as a method of making money online ,as that will be easy to every teenager planning to make money online as a newbie. For those who still don’t understand what it means by referral programs please read further

Some good Examples of referral program in Nigeria are CoolNaira.com and 500Naira.com In these above programs you will need to bring other users and when they upgrade their account with the amount fixed by admin you will then get some commissions for every successful signed up user who registered through your referral link.

In Referral, you don’t need to sell anything but only podcasting the good news about the program to convince others to join through you. And you that we Nigerians could be very hard in such things. We hardly invest our hard earned money and that’s why i don’t recommend this for the absolute beginners .

Information Marketing

This is the best online business i have done after blogging and freelancing. I have personally tested and confirm it severally and it works like a charm.

What Is Information Marketing?

Without much explanations , the meaning of information marketing is very clear as it is clearly specified from the name .

Information Marketing , is simply the act of selling information’s online to make money. You may have visited websites that offers eBook for sale that’s simply information marketing. all you need to do is:

  1. Be an expert in a field
  2. figure out the information that can sell very well
  3. Do research about the information to gather more informations
  4. Now write About it
  5. Publish it as am eBook usually in PDF format
  6. promote and get buyers
  7. Keep Making money Till infinity

Information marketing can earn you money even for many years and the income keep coming. Let take for instance you wrote an eBook on how to create a website in Nigeria…This eBook is capable of getting buyers even till the world ends because that info. is evergreen and it will always be needed by the audience.

To write an eBook that sells in Nigeria, you will need to do some brainstorming in the area of choosing your headline. Choose information that can sell for a very long period as that will earn you more money than writing an eBook that can only last for a while. E.g How to get a job in 2017. did you know that when 2018 comes people will no longer be interested in buying the info because they felt it’s outdated.

Did you want to Start Information Marketing with your mobile phone in Nigeria? Then subscribe now for My upcoming eBook which will cover:

  • How to create Professional eBooks with your mobile phone
  • How to create eBook covers with your Mobile phone

with many other bonus packs so don’t miss it you can subscribe here to get notification when the eBook is out

Make money From Naira4all

is an innovation set for ever Nigerian to en the quest for Making money online as a teenager in Nigeria. For some months now my experience withNaira4all has been too good and sweet to enjoy alone so i have decided to recommend it to every teenager who is looking for a way to make money online with their mobile phone or computer , who is looking for a way to make money on social medias even without a website.

Naira4all has many amazing offers which are too plenitude to be listed here . you can check out how it works or Join Naira4all here in Nigeria

NOTE: All of the above mentioned methods of making money online are compatible on your mobile phones I.e you can do any of the above online business using your mobile phone, And part from the above mentioned methods to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria, there are many other ways you can figure out on your own. In addition, i never criticised any method to make money online because the same method james used in making money Paul could use that same method and yet remain failure. What works for me may not possibly work for you . that’s just online business for you!!!.

I can only make recommendation, while you figure out what works out for you. Now i have recommended the above ways to make money online in Nigeria as a teenager it’s left for you to go and figure out the one that fits your intellectual and work towards it to start making money.

During your period of testing to find out what works for you, you may encounter failure but even with that never quite as failure in online business is only a ladder to climb higher.

  1. How to become a successful blogger without writing skills
  2. what you need to become a successful blogger

My Advice As a teenager, never allow the quest for making money online affect your environmental demeanor or your education. learn how to schedule your time in blogging or doing any online business you have passion for. Fish out some time for your online duty/business and leave other time for your out-blogging relationship

Conclusion: Now that you have learnt to make money online in Nigeria as a teenager via this three methods Freelancing, blogging and Referrals it’s left for you to start up something for yourself. Am always here to guide you through just Inbox Me

Do research about the information to gather more informations

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