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How much Does it cost to set up a professional self Hosted WordPress blog In Nigeria?

cost for WordPress self hosted blog in nigeriaThe question of how much do you need to Create self hosted WordPress blog in Nigeria? is getting too much in the Nigerian forum websites everyday and for this cause i have decided to reach my audience with this same question and give them appropriate answer.In my previous article i wrote about the tools and materials you need to create WordPress blog in Nigeria. you can read bellow…

In Today’s post am going to show you how much you need to create a self hosted WordPress blog in Nigeria.

Yes the truth is that WordPress also has free blogging platform just like blogger and other free blogging platforms and that was why i wrote a post on how to create free WordPress blog using Byethost here but there are some things to consider before using free WordPress host and some of this things are lists bellow:

Things You should Know about Free WordPress Host

  1. You have limited bandwidth and Disk space
  2. Your new blog will appear very unprofessional

  3. Your blog will carry default domains like yoursite.WordPress.com unless if you already purchased a domain

  4. You are limited from the options of using your desirable themes and plugins. When you run your blog on free WordPress platform, you can’t install nice looking themes or plugins instead you can only select from their already made ones which may look too raw

  5. In free WordPress blog platform you are limited from Advertising . that means you will also have limited ways to make money from your blog.

What will it cost you to set up a free WordPress Blog in Nigeria

Setting up a free WordPress blog In Nigeria will cost you absolutely nothing. You may only need to spend some bulks like 10$ to buy a domain name which is not compulsory but necessary. You may also want to hire writers or logo makers which may cost you extra charge but all the same you may decide to do without all of the above making your blog 0$ investment

Who is free WordPress blog recommended for

You can’t be a pro-blogger using free WordPress platform therefore i will say free WordPress blog is just for learners who just have to get insight about how WordPress works before going to self hosted.

With free WordPress platform you can easily learn about WordPress. That’s just what its meant for in my own perspective and not to set up a blog for readers and expecting big income return

Self Hosted WordPress Blog in Nigeria

What’s this?: Self Hosted WordPress blog is the one that allows you to host your website on third party servers ,these third party companies provides you with some disc spaces and bandwidth to harbour your site and you can purchase these spaces and bandwidth based on the size of your website e.g if you are having daily traffic of 1million you will consume more space than the person having 4,000 page views.

Benefits Of a self hosted WordPress Blog?

  1. You will have full control over your blog design, monetisation, search engine optimization and the rest
  2. You can install custom themes and make your blog brandy without any restriction

  3. You will have access to all your files and you can make necessary changes by editing your codes to your own taste

  4. Setting up self hosted WordPress blog usually cost very little token per year

Setting Up a self Hosted WordPress blog using third party services requires little investment and it may look new to you for the first time

How Much does it Cost to set up a self Hosted WordPress blog in Nigeria?

Setting up a self hosted WordPress blog in Nigeria depends on the host you want to work with but the recommended host here is domainking we have recommended it for many reasons which you can find in ourhomepage DomainKing Nigeria will offer you both .com.ng domain and a host for just 3,000Naira/year which is very cheap and affordable compare to other hosts out there

People are just afraid of self hosted WordPress blog just because of how many genius online do present their charges. You will see pages that will tell you they will help you set up self hosted WordPress blog for 100k all this has driven fear in the mind of the newbies but mind you , you can own your self hosted WordPress blog with as low as 3,000naira/yearly fee with domainKing (yes!! i said it)

Fact:Many of you have decided to remain with free WordPress or other free hosts because you don’t want to invest, but like i always tell you that no venture no gain , you can’t build huts sitting under the shade it will never happen

Their may be extra charges to the above 3,000 Naira if you want to hire a web designer to set your blog for you, or do other services at your end but if you are good in all this, definitely you will need no extra charge. Don’t be scared about the set up because i gat your back am here to help you set up your blog with free installation of WordPress and design check out

The 3000 Naira yearly fee will buy you both a .com.ng domain name and a web host

Before i exit this write up please take this home: Self hosted WordPress blog is more professional therefore i will say it is highly recommended for those who want to be professionals in blogging and earn real money online from their blogs and not those who just want to peep blogging and go out of the game

You can watch videos , read step by step guides on how to set up a self hosted WordPress blog In Nigeria in less than 30munites Click Here

You can share your view with the comment box bellow tell us how this article helped you it will enhance our writing skills and areas of concentration.

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