Your Age is the Reason you are Getting Low Traffic from Google search Engine

Lol i just can’t stop laughing at my headline. I trust Nigerians very well, i know you are coming to read this page probably to know the age that’s suitable for getting organic traffic and to also know if you are of aged to get organic traffic.

When you first sighted this headline, your countenance goes like hmmm no wonder i haven’t been getting organic traffic from Google search engine , perhaps am not of age. I See you scrolling down even faster to see my recommended age for getting organic traffic. but am sorry to inform you, that’s not what i mean just that you missed interpreted the headline. “Your age is the reason you are getting low traffic from Google

Your Domain and website Aga is what i mean when i said your age is the reason for your low organic traffic.

Did you know that your domain age do affect your organic search ? this is because domain age is one among the 200 algorithms Google uses to rank a website here in Nigeria and worldwide . Many new bloggers are complaining too quick about their websites not getting search traffic from Google when their domain is too Young.

I have seen bloggers who understood this algorithm very well so all they do is build the website , write like 10-15 well written SEO friendly articles worth reading, then they just abandon the website for the internet to take charge of.

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You may have come across such websites online before , whereby the owner don’t just update the website even for many years but he kept on renewing the domain name and hosting to make sure the website is accessible to readers from search engines and other traffic sources.

The reason why many does this is because most at times they are just too busy when an idea struck their mind and there is possibly no way they could meet up with the multiple ideas right on their mind and instead of just leaving the idea dormant , they just have to take action to make sure the domain is created on time having known that domain age is one of the cure ranking factors which Google uses to rank a website.

Now having created the website online for about 2-3 years by then they are now free to work on the site. When they resume working on the site they get ranked easily according to the domain age algorithm Google ranking factor.

If i have created a website since 2008 and i have updated the website with some articles and now you created yours 2017 and you updated it with the same articles, it is obvious i will rank higher than you because of the domain age ranking factor. This is the reason you see that many websites ranking top on your niche are websites that has been existing before yours. I guess you have done that analytics on your own before.?

Apart from Google ranking factor , did you know that your site visitors also respects your domain age? they want to see sites that has 2005-2017 at the footer rather than the one that has 2016-2017 they are even afraid to buy, or do any monetary deal with such websites because they feel that the old websites are more likely to be trusted than the new ones. that’s another reason your domain age is very essential both to Google and your visitors.

I don’t want to be speaking in parables here.

What Is Organic Traffic?

You are just seeing my article filled with the keywords “Organic Traffic” and you don’t really know the meaning.

Organic Traffic is the traffic you get from Google search engine to your website. when a visitor makes Google search and clicked on your website through Google , then we say that visitor is organic visitor.

Why Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic has many advantages over other traffic sources. e.g the traffic you get from search engine is more likely to reduce your site Alexa Ranking compare to the traffic from other sources.

Visitors from search engines are more likely to be sales converted than that from other sources I.e they can easily buy or purchase products from your site that. the visitors you get from other sources.

As you strive to get organic traffic , also consider your domain age. I have personally noticed this in most of my websites . each year that pass i see differ changes in the search traffic. that means the domain age is negatively affecting my Google search traffic.

Don’t be too much in haste to get organic traffic when you just set up your website today rather just do the necessary set ups and let Google use it’s algorithms to work on your site. .

I just wrote this to create awareness in the mind of those who just created their website today and are seriously expecting Google search returns like the man who has been online for ages.

NOTE I never said you can’t get organic traffic with a new domain name but what am trying to drive out here is that your domain age is among the ranking factors Google uses to for effective don’t get me wrong here. You can get organic traffic to your new domain name

Conclusion When any new idea struck your mind, try all your possible means to get the idea online on time no matter how much it may cost you, because competitors ears are all on ground to grab, steal, or even take charge of any smart idea on time because they know the important of domain age over Google ranking and over online business.

Be the smart guy to implement new ideas on time and turn every new idea to smart income earning sources. Good day “””” A stitch in time saves nine.”””

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