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Guides to choosing a lucrative and profitable blog niche that pays in Nigeria

lucrative-blog-niche-nigeriaI have finally decided to start blogging with WordPress or any other platform in Nigeria< or wherever but the issue of knowing what to blog about comes in and here drives out the word Blogging Niche. The word ” blogging niche is what am going to teach you about today so that you will know what it means and how you can choose a good fitting niche to your understanding.

What is Blogging Niche?

Blogging Niche in a lame man definition simply means the area of your blogs target or the area you want to blog about. Choosing a lucrative blogging niche in Nigeria today is not that easy as every niche seems to be crowded with bunch of competitors, but with good research and findings you can get a payable niche for your new blog set up. Few months ago Mr Ifiokobong listed 20 untapped blogging niches you should consider blogging about.bellow are some of the most popular blogging Niches in Nigeria today

  1. Education
  2. Tech
  3. Health
  4. Sports
  5. Entertainment
  6. News
  7. Technology
  8. Finance
  9. Fashion
  10. Self Help
  11. Relationship
  12. And many others…

The only way to make money online from blogging in Nigerian is been a Niche blogger write on a particular topic , define your purpose and let your readers know the reason why they are vising your blog each time they pick there phone to brows. Many new bloggers have failed because of choosing non profitable blogging Niche as you know everybody would like to be guru in there niches. before i proceed i will show you some few reasons why some blogging Niches do fail on the long run.

Why Some blogging Niches Fail in Nigeria

Personally withing my few years of blogging i have accounted over 20 failed blog niches and during all this while i was able to know why they failed and what to do and what no to do about these failed blogging niches in Nigeria Am going to show you from my experience why many blogging niches fail. right on my list here are the stuff i have encountered.

  1. High Competitors
  2. Expiring Contents
  3. Lack Of advertisers
  4. Seasonal Topics/Niche
  5. Crime related topics

=>HIGH COMPETITORS: Before you venture any blogging Niche, ( I mean any aspect you want to blog about ) I will advice you check the competitors about that particular niche. Are they many or how little ? will you be able to stand out among these plenitude Bunch of competitors in your niche? these are some questions you need to ask yourself before you go into choosing a niche.Failure to this this research has led to the downfall of many new bloggers out there who will not be able to bypass their competitors having chosen a niche.

Let’s take for instance: If you blog on Entertainment and music niche in Nigeria, you are liable to be left behind when it comes to the aspect of search engine, because in Nigeria today even before you dreamt of starting these niche their have been over a million websites ranking for this same niche,so coming out a genius will definitely be a very big task. Take a look at the bellow image that’s a Google search for the keywords(Nigeria Music Video)

Now tell me how you will come out top on Google search engine in Nigeria on such highly competitive niches with about 4,100,000 search result. what on earth do you think you will write again to come out the first page even if you try and find yourself in page 100 how many people will be patient enough use the Google next button till they find you.

Well i must also unveil the good news to you and perhaps you may meet the succeeding requirements.You may succeed but it will require a
conscious content marketing efforts which may involve a huge budget and expertise. Some will resolve to implementing some black hat tips to be heard.

So, before you can succeed in such a
competitive niche, you need exceptional article curators as well highly skilled content marketing strategist and huge budget . All these are not easy to come by if you are just starting a blog or do you think you can afford all that when you are staring new well you can go ahead but if otherwise then turn your back lest you fail.

==>EXPIRING CONTENTS: In the blogging sphere today there are some articles and contents we consider as expiring contents. Take for instance ” a news blogger in Nigeria published an article about Buhari travelled to London. If buhari reign goes off i guess that article will expire as well.

It is good to narrow your niche yes we know but not to the extent of blogging about Buhari New alone as your own niche what if buhar goes out of office what do you think will happen to your blog? there other many unlisted examples but don’t be a victim of Content Expiration blog Niche in Nigeria

==>LACK OF ADVISTISERS: This is another good reason why some niche fail woefully. Every blogger wants to make money online from the little contributed effort to the peoples success and this is just something usual just like we Nigerians do say (where man dey work nah dere he go chop).

Many bloggers today have abandoned their blogs because they couldn’t continue with the niche they venture just because it lack advertisement.

When i say lack of advertisement on a blogging niche it means the articles you write about don’t easily get advertisers e.g Religious Niche, Relationship and dates , Food niche, those are just few examples of what it means by niches that lack advertisement.

You can still continue with those niches if you think you can do without earning from Ads or if you only want to blog for passion and not for money but for people like Kennedy Prosper those niches are not for me since i love making money online in Nigeria

Choose a niche that have space for advertisement if you really want to make better income online from your blog in Nigeria

==>SEASONAL NICHES/TOPIC:Let assume you have decided to lunch A new blog in Nigeria but been a new blogger without proper research you started blogging on niches like Xmas Carol Mp3, Valentine Gift Cards, New year Wishes and so on It is obvious you will fail in that niche without knowing your real aim.

The reason why this seasonal blogging Niche do fail is simply because people will only visit the site in just some period of time after which the site remain calm waiting for the next season. another good example is WEACH, JAMB , or expo niche. Students will only come in when they have exams to write after which they will leave ,and your site remain calm waiting for the next exam period.

When choosing a blog Niche make sure it is not seasonal if not you will only make seasonal money lol

==>CRIME RELATED BLOG NICHE: I have personally discovered that prohibited topics blogs usually fail after some times, A typical example are drugs, gang-life, cultism etc. These niches are likely to fail because search engine may not want to display some search results violating googles policies and at the same time you will have no advertisers

Note :It’s important! Before you even think
of starting a niche blog, do a 24-hour
research on the niche

Having learnt about some of the Cure reasons behind the downfall of many blog niches in Nigeria let me now show you some helpful tips that can help you pick untapped and lucrative blog Niche in Nigeria

How to choose a profitable blog niche in Nigeria

It could be hard finding a profitable niche but with bellow tips you will find it easy to discover a hot niche that sells in Nigeria

Research on Top Bloggers: Try to make some research about the top bloggers on that niche you have an eye on to see what they offer, how they make their money and their applicable strategies. This will help you know if you can follow up their steps or not.

Choose a Niche you Know: Like i always tell people choosing a niche you don’t know much about is like studying Studying science instead of social science i guess you know how you will perform, that’s just the same thing applied in Niche blogging.

So as a niche blogger make sure you start blogging from that niche you know more about it will only make you be an expert in your field of occupancy when it comes to blogging. You knows more about health why go and blog about relationship and date niche when you have all the chances of setting up a Health blog.

To succeed as a blogger in Nigeria you will have to Choose the niche you know well

Choose a niche you Love:
Choosing the niche you love and have the Passion to blog about is another key guide for choosing a lucrative niche.

Choosing a blog niche you don’t love is like attending the class of that lecturer that you hate so much and trust you will never know his course even if you attend his class on regular basics. This same thing is applied in choosing a blogging niche you don’t love , you will never come out a successful blogger

To become a successful blogger in your blogging niche in Nigeria, you will need to choose the blogging niche that you love so much

Pick the evergreen Niche/Topic: Ever green topic is the one you write and even after a long time it remain valuable. A good example of ever green niche is WordPress Nigeria( this blog you are currently reading from). No matter how long this topic you are reading last online it will forever remain ever green, as you go, others are coming to learn how to start WordPress blog in Nigeria, and how to choose a lucrative blog niche that paysetc. so no matter how long this site exist it will remain new every morning

.to be successful in Your blogging Career, choose and blog on evergreen blogging niches

Consider Niches with physical Products and services : This will open doors for many income earning channels as you will be able to earn from ads, earn from selling and also earn from rendering services online! A good example is this blog you are reading from i have access to all of the above in this niche i blog on.

Choose a niche that have many ways to earn from it will help increase your online earning as well

Choose a Niche with a Marketable
: It is important to choose a blogging niche that drives audience that can earn you money e.g if you blog for readers under 10 they may likely have no bank account at this age instead they are only there to read and go out of your blog without making any purchase. and advertisers will dread your blog having analysed it to be of under age visitors blog

Consider blog niches that drives people of average age who can buy online with their bank account-it will do you alot goodies

Hello my good friend, i strongly believe with the above tips you can now choose a profitable and lucrative blog niche in Nigeria in my next episode of this post i shall be recommending some evergreen blog niches you can blog on to make money online so stay tunned If this article helped you , you can share your view with the bellow comment box and also don’t forget am helping all my fans to set up Professional WordPress blog installation here-FREE

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  1. Got motivated by this post. I have a website about losing weight does not good. Since I am an engineer by profession but love to write occasionally. I am writing since my school going age. Due to my professional life, I have a little time to write but now wanna have writing and blogging as a full timer.

    I had issues picking my blog niche, finally picked a technology, believe me, I feel like I made a mistake because I have had challenges growing the blog, this is my 9 months on the blog and is yet to start generating up to 500 visits a day. Picking a right niche is very important, am thinking very hard about a new niche cause am dumping that blog…

    Thanks for such valuable information on choosing the perfect Niche for the blog. Somehow it’s clear to me that without a popular niche none of the blogs can get traffic. I have a problem that I can’t decide what I am good in, I feel I am good in many things, I love Singing, I love cricket, I love traveling and much more. I am a professional tourist guide and I am traveling a lot in North India. So my main interest and knowledge area are traveling. So please suggest me how successful I would be if I start a Travel Blog. And what will be difficulties in it to get it with right audience and traffic.

    1. wow this is also a lucrative blogging niche, even this niche has the best advitisers from Google Adsense and it also get approved easily i tell you.

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