The Secretes of the blogger that sells in Nigeria

Hello My Good friend today is Sunday , just a sunny day but it’s Rainy over here. am just thinking off calling it a rainy day instead of sunny day but if i do many will forget going to church because the name has been updated.

I won’t like to be a victim to those fake pastors that have budget for today least they pounce on me and tear me apart(I still have more value to add to the people) please pardon me to say Sunday remain Sunday even if it is rainy or whatever. So also a blogger that create value remains a blogger even without earning any money to his bank account but God forbid i should be one of those bloggers.

I Will either be of the both categories like making money and blogging (that’s the real dope). Oooo God am lost in telling stories again , when will i ever stop telling stories before my articles. Perhaps it’s the best way of my writing or maybe that’s the only way i have learnt to write to entertain my readers but in what ever way please don’t be offended as we go to the business of the day. #hurray here we come.

Hope you remember the saying that “A Man who woke up and find himself successful , definitely has not been sleeping all night” that’s just true before you become a successful blogger, there some certain things you must do that other of your competitors won’t like doing and with this you will grow ahead of them.

Who is a Blogger That Sells

A blogger that sells is the blogger that do things other bloggers don’t do, he is a blogger that’s good in trying even when he fail, he is a blogger that’s good in testing , A blogger that sells will figure out anything that will add value to his readers, he is hardworking, persistence and a smart learner. Infact he is every good thing you may think of him.

Hope you are not beginning to rate yourself with the above list? some of you reading this posts are like “” Ooo am not even a blogger that sells ” having seen what it means to be a blogger that sells. all the same just relax and read on because you still have more to learn

The Secretes of a blogger That sells

Every successful man have a secrete that you may not know about and that’s why he tends to be successful than you in all his doings.

The ability to to find secretes and do secretes makes you successful. As a blogger who wants to be successful, always learn to find some hidden things people may not know about this will help you grow your online business.

If You say there are millions of the secrets of a successful blogger i will have no doubt but on my list here i have but few to turn on your blogging career in Nigeria

  1. Great Articles/Contents
  2. Marketing Focus/dedication
  3. They reward their community
  4. They Don’t Just Blog
  5. Time Investors
  6. Supper/money Investors

GREAT ARTICLES/CONTENTS: Just look at all the successful bloggers online they have this secrete you may call normal thing and yet it remain a secrete you may not know.

Successful bloggers will spend the whole day writing just one article yet they are OK but at the end the article will be the one that stand bold in Google’s front page.They can spend to get quality articles even when they can’t write or don’t have time to write. For you to make money online your articles must be the one that help users and solve readers problem.

You can’t be selling online and expecting purchase from readers when you offer nothing good to them. That blogger that sells does know this and that’s why he focus on quality and not quantity and at the end see his product getting 5-start rating.

For You to be a blogger that sells in Nigeria, you should learn how to satisfy your blog readers with great articles that gives value and solve their problems

THEY DON’T JUST BLOG: bloggers that sells are bloggers who don’t just blog instead they blog for a reason. They blog for a target and they blog in vision of achieving something in return and because they have a vision for their blog , they will always become successful bloggers that sells.

What are you blogging for, what’s your aim and what’s your vision. mind you bloggers that sells are bloggers that want to sell. They have the vision to sell so they select a marketable blog niche that sells.

You can’t tell me you don’t know why you are blogging that’s not true , for me i know my vision for this blog and for other of my blogs. but amidst all am blogging to solve peoples problem and also make money from my Good work. It’s left for you to know why you blog and unless you do you can’t be a blogger that sells

Know your aim, Your vision , your View as a blogger and only with this you will be among the bloggers that sells in Nigeria.

THEY ARE MARKET FOCU: Bloggers that sells are bloggers that are market focus, they sit down to think about how to move their online business to the next level, best strategies to apply and how to do it.

In what ever blog niche you venture unless you are market focus you will earn very little. Bloggers that sells know how to monetise their sites based on the kind of visitors they generates, They have learnt all tips about making money online in Nigeria and they are always ready to apply with intelligence

INVEST, INVEST and INVEST: Bloggers that sell are always ready to pay for Ads or what ever that can contribute positively to their online business.

They can pay for quality articles just to get the best, they can pay for sponsored posts just to get traffic, they can run Facebook ads with any amount just to get targeted audience to their sales pages.

If you must be a blogger that sells you must be ready to invest”

You want to be a blogger that sells yet you don’t want to invest in buying a domain and a host or only domain for your host instead you want to excel with free hosts . But am sorry to tell you that you are not and will never be among the bloggers that sells. Learn to invest wisely it will help grow your online Business, don’t forget the saying that He who uses a goat to set a trap who know
s what it will catch

TIME INVESTORS : Another secret of the blogger that sells is “Time” Bloggers that sells always know how to utilize their time. Even when they don’t have money at a moment they still cover some space with their time

It’s only a blogger that sells you will see online 12pm writing , doing research and creating new projects online. They will always invest their time wisely in favour of their online business.their Facebook chats and tweets define their purpose

Time is money , always try to use your time wisely it will help your inline move business grow faster

THEY REWARD THEIR COMMUNITY: Bloggers that sells are bloggers that love compensating their readers.They offer them free stuffs like paid courses for free, Domain names for free, ebooks for free and the rest.

If you have visited sites promising some bonus for their readers they know what they are doing. It will help build trust between you and your readers , and also it shows how much love you have for them. In return they will become a big market force in your blogging niche.

To be a blogger that sells learn to give out free helping stuff , your readers need them most.Don’t be a stingy blogger because with this you can’t never be among the bloggers that sell

Which other secret do you know about the bloggers that sells in Nigeria kindly tell us with the comment box bellow thanks

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