What successful Nigerian bloggers may have not told you for their selfish interests

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Don’t tell me you haven’t stumbled upon such ads because it will only present you a typical liar having Known that there is no way you surf the internet about how to make money online In Nigeria without having seen such adverts before when they seems to be everywhere online

You see them portray themselves very big and you will think they are what they proclaim not until you know the real man in them having fallen a victim

Could you just ask yourself ” If he is making Millions in a day why did he need your 3,000 naira , what on earth will that buy him ? but the truth is that he is just too poor to the extent that 3k can go a very long way in his life.

The online world is a place of no identity where people can do whatever they feel like doing at any point in time to make money . so be careful.

In blogging today many successful bloggers are definitely hiding some treasures in there back pockets which i can’t really tell why . but today as a prophet, am going to reveal some of this hidden treasures to the whole world especially to teach the newbies so they can learn some of the things many bloggers won’t like to teach other young and upcoming bloggers maybe for their own selfish interest

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You want to start blogging Right? please read the bellow to know if you will continue or not.

Lack of traffic Will return you to your village

If you have made any big steps because you think very soon you will be earning big from blogging , lack of good traffic will definitely spoil your plans.

Blogging is all about getting traffic. The number of visitors on your blog daily is what determine your Income return .The people who made up your blog are your site visitors so if you can’t get them, then you aren’t going to be among the bloggers that sells in Nigeria as i stated earlier in one of my articles

Let them tell you whatever ,but believe me, without traffic you will automatically stop blogging because there will be no need writing when you won’t get people to read what you wrote

Hard working Can take you there

Forget about their sweet talks , forget about their tempting offers and keep on working. Blogging success can only be achieved with hard working and patient and that’s why you see that when people are sleeping we are typing as a blogger.

There is no secrete to reach blogging success than working hard. the measure of your hard work is the measure of your blogging success so work more gain more , work led get less. that’s just the simple code

been specific is the shortcut to blogging Success

Been specific in your blogging area is what we called blogging niche which i have wrote about severally.

For you to be a successful blogger that sells In Nigeria, You need to sit well in picking a lucrative blogging niche instead of blogging unspecifically

Let your audience Know why they are coming to visit your blog just like you know what you are expecting from #WordPressNigeria on every visit you pay this blog.

Farm work is Easier than Online business

Nothing Good comes easy so also this is applied in Blogging. You can’t just come and go with cash without any work.

after about some months of serious blogging a friend called me and told me he rather be a farmer than to blog because blogging wasn’t easy as he thought.

Many pro-bloggers will tell you blogging is Easy but to be sincere blogging is not easy because of the many processes to success. But one thing about blogging is that once you are great you remain great

Follow Google Rules;

Children obey your father and your mother that your days may be long in the land which the Lord God has given to you

Google is the father of every blogger and we must obey and follow his rules if you must last longer on the internet. Always stay updated to reading Google’spolicies to meet up with any new changes that might affect your site. I don’t believe anyone is an SEO expert but i believe there are Experienced SEO Bloggers

As a newbie blogger know that SEO is a university on its own which you must study so the Earlier you start learning SEO online the netter for you and your blog.You can also read my Article:

Overnight Riches? No.

I have pointed out this over and over before now and am still going to repeat it again that ” don’t join blogging because you need to make some cash to eat the next day, pay your house rent, schools fees and other bills because blogging is not a ritual ground.

Any page you see some folks promising you overnight riches online, just run from such pages because they are nothing but scammers.

Shortcuts are dangerous

Not only in blogging but in whatever you do, try always to avoid smart tricks that seems to be the short ways to success

Because of this same shortcut to success , many bloggers has lost their hard built online reputation which they struggled to build for many years

Come to think of how many Nigerian bloggers who has lost their Google AdSense account just because they think their is shortcut to success. don’t even think of any shortcut rather work your ways out and follow the real procedures to success.

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What works for them may not work for you

Many online successful entrepreneur may have not told you this before, but am here telling you the real fact that ” Blogging is a place of testing and findings” Don’t blog to make money from Ads because your fellow blogger does that. You may end up been a failure to yourself.

The fact that he made money from Affiliate marketing in Nigeria does not mean i will also earn from the same source maybe my own could be information marketing or other ways of making money online In Nigeria.

Get Google to crawl your site or you stop

Many bloggers seems to overlook this aspect of SEO (search engine optimization ) forgetting it’s the most crucial aspect you should concentrate if you must be a blogger.

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They say you can use other sources to drive traffic apart from Google just to deceive you in buying some of their so called Traffic eBook without Google
We know you can get traffic without Google with many ways Such as the social medias, forums, paid ads with many other methods but even with that Organic traffic (traffic from Google ) still remains the best among all other traffic sources because you will get targeted audience even when you are asleep.

Trials and Errors are inevitable.

always remember that nobody on earth is born perfect, we all are liable to make one mistake or the other in blogging .

At the same time don’t quite or go back because of your mistakes instead continue till success is finally achieved. The successful bloggers you see today making millions online have once failed

The downfall of a man is never the end of his life. When you fail as a blogger don’t stop. Figure out what makes you fail and learn from your failure to continue in a differ dimension as failure is only a ladder to climb higher.

Conclusion : With the above codes, i expect you to ask yourself just two things in your mind.

  1. I never knew blogging is not so easy now that i have learnt, am going to quite right away.
  2. No matter how blogging might seem to be i will continue till i achieve success

Hope you have made your decision? Goodluck as i end my write up here.

Did you need my help or my serves? inbox me now that am still online.

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