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How to Choose SEO responsive theme for your new WordPress blog.PDF

If You want to excel as a blogger you must be a blogger that drives traffic from Search Engine. Search engine traffic have many advantages over your blog or website.

identy seo responsive theme templates

Show me that blogger who wouldn’t want to sit back and see his page views Increase and i will show you the unsuccessful blogger. Every blogger aspiring the climax of online success are always SEO focus. And that’s why i have come to show you one time solution to choosing a SEO responsive WordPress theme in Nigeria and abroad

If you have been a blogger for long with various testing and research, you should have known that no matter how you do SEO set up on some themes and templates ,you will always find it difficult seeing a positive result. This is not actually because you didn’t do a good set up but because the theme originally does not comprise of all the SEO ingredients to turn up your seo work. As a result you continue with low Search engine traffic after your hard work.

What Is SEO

SEO is a short for for Search engine optimization and it is the ability of search engines like Google , yahoo, bing and others to crawl your website. while getting effective crawl means that search engine is picking your site content on regular baics you can. check when last Google not crawled your site here

Properties Of SEO friendly Themes

  1. Seo friendliness
  2. Properly coding and formatting
  3. Social Media embeds and integration
  4. Mobile and PC responsive
  5. Speed and Accuracy
  6. Plugins
  7. Schema Markup

Why Did you need SEO responsive Theme For your Blog?

I guess you wouldn’t want to ask me a question like this because it will be too childish of you as a big bros. but all the same there are still many learners who will want to know why they Need Seo friendly theme for their blog setup.

As a blogger you are in the world of competition. no matter which niche you blog on you will always find competitors there and this is the reason why you need SEO friendly theme to supersede their work all the years, to first them in terms of SEO which is the greatest aspect of blogging .

People are searching for your products online everyday but they can’t find them to purchase because you don’t have SEO. this is another reason why you should consider using Seo friendly theme for your website in Nigeria

To be a genius blogger that sells in Nigeria , You also need Search engine as your number one priority because that’s the only way to get clean sales and stress free.

There are many ways to get effective SEO for your WordPress blog in Nigeria but am going to show you this theme aspect I.e selecting a theme that’s SEO fitting because picking a theme is one among the basics of setting up an eye catching website

Don’t just pick a theme as a blogger but Annalise your themes before you choose to make sure you don’t fall victim for SEO unfriendly themes .

Example Of SEO responsive theme

a good example of seo responsive WordPress theme for bloggers is Eleven40 Pro on genesis Framework and that’s the same theme am currently using on this blog_#wordpressNigeria. it’s worth $99.95 on studioPress.

Did you need this theme i can sell it to you with as low as $13 save your wallet with us. You can use the contact us page to reach me and get the theme. It is one of the best theme of our time with every SEO property that can jolly with your little seo set up and blast front page on Google. and that’s why you see it’s very expensive all the same be happy because you are almost getting it for free.

How to Identify and Choose SEO responsive WordPress theme for your blog

I have composed this post in a takeaways from which is in PDF format so you can have it all to yourself and read anywhere and any time .Before you download this PDF on your mobile device make sure you have PDF file reader you can download bellow after that.

Download PDF= How to Choose a responsive And seo friendly WordPress Theme for your blog/website

Six Facts about SEO that every Nigerian blogger must learn

Hope you find the EBook Useful please don’t forget to comment bellow we shall be uploading more for your liking.

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