8 Things you must Consider before and after setting up your website in Nigeria

There are too many reasons to start a blog in Nigeria ,maybe you just want to create a blog to start making money online , Meet new audience, create authority, gain popularity and fame, or even create a blog/website just to share ideas and knowledge as a passionate blogger.

Wither you are starting a blog to make money online in Nigeria or whatever reason it may be, there are some few things you must consider before or after lunching your blog/website and these are the things am going to discuss but few today.

8 Things To consider Before/after Setting Up a website in Nigeria

  1. Finding the right topic
  2. Choosing the right Blogging platform
  3. Writing Quality Contents
  4. Visual Contents are important
  5. You may Need Help
  6. Learn search engine optimization
  7. Study your Audience
  8. Blog Monetization

Finding the right topic

As a newbie aspiring successful blogging, before you go about setting up a blog , you will need to sit back and think of which area you should blog on.

Many bloggers in Nigeria today has failed just because they made mistakes choosing a niche that’s never their own calling and as a result success became far afar from them.

Choosing the wrong area of blogging (Blogging Niche) may affect your blog/website negatively on the long run. because if this, it’s mostly advisable to choose a lucrative and evergreen Blogging Niche that will last long and earn you more money as well.

The area you love blogging about is the first thing to think of as a new blogger. so take your time in Choosing a blogging Niche that will do you Good in all aspects

Choosing the right Blogging platform

Blogging platform is the place where your blog or website is to be hosted or built upon. Though in this section everybody is with various preference and at the same time there are still the best among other blogging platforms.

Before you start a blog/website in Nigeria, one of the thing you must look up to first, is the host you would love to use, why you would love to use it, and how much is your budget to run the host wither you will need more capital or not.

Many new bloggers has chosen to blog on free and unreliable blogging platform a (hosts) today not because they don’t know the best thing to do but because they have less capita. But i will advice every beginner to start like a pro as it will cost you very little capital for purchasing only the hosting plan and domain name. (always think Big, Start big, and earn big) that’s just the simple principle

Am not here to recommend or compare any host . You are free to choose any host you wish but in whichever host you choose try to know the good and bad aspect of it, So that you will not fall victim for bad unreliable hosts.

My advice Always run from free hosts they seems very unreliable as free things don’t last long

Writing Quality Contents

After or before setting Up your blog or website, You should know that blogging means sharing of ideas and knowledge and the man that top is the man that shares relevant ideas.

If you create valuable articles people will never seize to visit your blog or website. the audience in your circle love what’s new so be ready to give them what they need and surely you will be heading towards the railway of success without much struggles.

If you know you can’t provide relevant articles that people will love to read then i will suggest you don’t even venture blogging. Don’t be scared o even if you aren’t a good writer it’s not about been good but been relevant.

with your less writing skills you can still become a successful blogger in Nigeria

Visual Contents is relevant

Have this at the back of the inner most part of your mind that most of the people reading your articles don’t understand your mere writing but they learn from the images on your articles while others learn from Video rather than just reading the contents.

If you are a good video Shooter you should think of adding videos to your contents. and always learn to add images to your articles (similar images related to contents) if you have every chances of blogging Visual , then do it.

Here are some visual materials

  1. Pixabay for making Photos
  2. Canva For creating Infographics
  3. For Uploading and sharing Videos

NOTE :You can embed someone else videos to your articles provided they are related to your inscriptions. But if you can make yours that’s even better.

You may Need Help:

Consider seeking help from others who knows better before and after lunching a blog/website in Nigeria. You can also hire writers , graphics designers , Video makers , and others if you have that much capital but if otherwise be the case then learn how to do things yourself and make everything free on your own.

Even with that no body is still perfect so seek advice and help from others when needed.

Learn SEO[search engine optimization]

SEO is the key to every successful online business , and i also i know quite well that you can hire someone like me to set up a good SEO for you but yet there is still every need to learn it on your own.

Even after setting up your SEO , there are still some SEO rules or tactics you will need to apply on your own e.g when writing new articles, the SEO expert who helped you to set your search engine optimization won’t be there to tell you how and where to use your keywords.

So my advice to every beginner is ” Don’t rely on the seo that’s someone set for you rather go online to learn in details about SEO , practice it , study it, do it and achieve it yourself as that will be more reliable.

The reason i always recommend you learn it yourself is never because i want you to use your capital wisely but because after learning it and been the expert of your own , people will hire you to do some SEO job for them and you know that’s an income source that can not be altered having known how to do it forever.

Study Your Audience

After creating your website it’s time to start building your community. Now in this community , you are the King and as a king you must care about the affairs of the people only in that will you be called a good king.

Where are your audience coming from? what do they love reading most ? these are some analytics you will have to do about them to know what’s best to offer them.

Your audience are your repute, your community , your Target, your money and your everything online so know how to manage them properly. Tracking your audience ,you can use the Google Analytics in doing that.

Blog Monetization Tactics

You may be thinking am not supposed to add this hmmm but it is also among the list.

  1. Guides to choosing a lucrative and evergreen blogging niche in Nigeria
  2. 5 steps Create a professional WordPress blog in Nigeria
  3. things selfish Nigerian bloggers will not tell you for their selfish interest

Stop saying making money online is of no need to learning it ‘ yes there is every need learning it. I know you can place AdSense code properly, do Promotion, publish sponsored posts, Run affiliate stuffs very well but even with all that you still need to learn how to make money online.

You may be doing some of the above and making some cash without knowing that you are called to be a freelancer online because you didn’t learn and study it.

Learning how to make money online in Nigeria include leaning about the platform that can earn you money , The one that works best for your site, and the best way that fits your blog/website standard.

If you can do some studies to know what works out for you ,definitely you will know that most of the strategies applied are not supposed to be tempered with in your own field. Don’t forget what i always tell you that what works for others might not work for you.” I bring this to be last on my list because in blogging making money is the last thing you should think of. Immediately a new blog is set up the first thing that should hit your mindset is “How to make Your website or Blog popular In Nigeria and abroad” If you can be successful In making your blog popular money will follow immediately.

Many bloggers do fail in Nigeria today because they have put this as their number one priority instead of leaving it at the back end of their list.

  1. How to become a successful blogger without writing skills
  2. what you need to become a successful blogger

Conclusion Hope you have learn very few but important things to consider before and after lunching a blog/website in Nigeria? I just hope they will work for you as you practice them. Don’t forget to share your idea with the comment box .

:You can embed someone else videos to your articles provided they are related to your inscriptions. But if you can make yours that

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