5 steps to create a professional WordPress blog to make money in nigeria

Each time you try start a website for making money online or even for your business in Nigeria you are like “How will i start” what do i need to start” how much will it cost me , where is the best place/platform to start a website in Nigeria and many other questions and this prompted me to writing a blog posts i titled How much does it cost to set up a self Hosted WordPress bog In Nigeria i also further stated that creating a WordPress site is not that expensive as people do portray it which brings fear to the mind of the small wallet newbies.

In this article am going to show you how you can set up your website/blog i mean the steps it takes to create your WordPress website or blog in Nigeria

One of the reason why i created this blog is to remove the fear of creating a website is too high from your mind and give you the real impression that creating a website is just as easy and less expensive as whatever you may think of.

Steps To Create a WordPress blog In Nigeria

Creating a professional WordPress blog in Nigeria includes just few steps which am going to list bellow.

  1. Buy a web hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Install theme and plugins
  4. Start publishing Articles

Just pause a bit and look carefully at the above list and you will see that it’s very easy to create a WordPress blog, not only a WordPress but self hosted WordPress. I could just say you don’t need a website yet that’s why you don’t have it, not that you can’t make it yourself. but if perhaps you can’t make it indeed you can follow bellow steps or reach me with the contact button

Buy A web hosting

: Buying a web hosting has nothing technical than knowing the best web hosting company to host your website but thank God you won’t need to do that research again because i just saves you that time having done a proper and tested research for you.

DomainKing is the only company you should host your website as far as you lives in Nigeria , this is because they have everything you need to set up a nice blog with every support you need from them. You can learn How to buy a web hosting from DomainKing here You can also check out their coupon code that enables you buy both a hosting and domain with as low as 3000 Naira only.

Install WordPress On DomainKing Host

You have successfully purchase a new hosting plan of your choice , it’s time for you to install WordPress so that your website can be running under WordPress installations.

To install WordPress on your domainKing Host simply login your cpanel You can read how to login your Cpanel here after getting a host

Have you logged in successfully into your admin Cpanel now from your Cpanel follow this steps to install WordPress on your domain

Now you have purchased a web host from domainking and you have also installed WordPress on your domainKing Host. the next thing now is to login your admin Dashboard to install themes and plugins. You can read how to login your site admin panel here after installing WordPress.

Install Themes On your domainking Host

Having logged in Your admin Dashboard the next thing is to install a theme on your WordPress blog/website You can read how to install theme on your WordPress site here

Now you have successfully installed a theme on your WordPress blog the next thing is to install Some plugins

Install Plugins on DomainKing Host

To install Plugins you will have to follow this steps How to Install WordPress plugins on your website/blog

You need some Plugins to install right? never worry you can download the best plugins for beginners bellow fill in Your email and get the direct download link now.

Now that you have uploaded all the necessary plugins you can now start publishing fresh articles on your blog to keep getting reader.

Updating Your WordPress blog

To update your blog login your admin panel I.e the same area you uploaded your themes and plugins then follow bellow steps How to create new posts on your WordPress blog

Finally , you are all done. hope you gat it right you can also contact me to know more about how to create your WordPress site with domainking or to ask any other related questions thanks.

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