5 Killer Strategies of a successful Nigerian Blogger

Each time i ask successful bloggers in Nigeria questions like ” what are the secretes to your blogging success ? they always reply ” Authenticity” been authentic means blogging about that same area you are passionate about and this is what i have been telling you almost in every of my niche related articles. you should have noticed that if you have been following my articles. blogging on the wrong niche can only bring about negative effects to your blogging life.

Strategies Of A successful Nigerian Blogger

at the end of this post , you will be able to learn bellow strategies successful Nigerian bloggers do apply

  • Articles That are worth Sharing
  • Great headlines and titles
  • They are not stingy
  • They are always happy
  • Smart Images and designs
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And at times i do wander and out of wander and curiosity i do ask questions like ” does it mean that bloggers who are not following the rules of Authenticity can not be successful” ? but most at times the answers i get goes like they can be successful but the probability that they will be successful is not that much and in that case if you are one of those bloggers blogging out of the circle of Authenticity then you should know what you are into.

Every successful blogger have a secret and even i Kennedy Prosper, i have my own secretes to compete and beat my competitors but there are generally known strategies of successful bloggers that you may not know about or you may know about them but look down on them perhaps nobody has told you how important the role they play in blogging seems to be. like i always say every successfully blogger is found of doing things which the unsuccessful bloggers will not do.

My list here is not absolutely all the materials needed to be a successful blogger in Nigeria but considering them is just a secrete you must not avoid..

They Write Articles That are worth Sharing

Every Successful blogger have this character of creating great contents. after reading their articles as an upcoming blogger , all you will have as conclusion after reading their great content is ” That’s how He writes ” I know he always create articles worth reading” He is a problem solver and all that.

You think that trait is a follow come trait right? but i will tell you he learnt it just because he learnt earlier the effects of great contents over a website. With your own analytics on Nigerian bloggers today, you will notice that the successful ones are the Great content writers. This is just a secrete you may be looking down on for long.

Your grammar is not what makes you a great writer so don’t even start thinking of carrying the whole dictionary in your head. The quality of your content makes you a great writer , the presentation of your contents makes you a great writer, and finally the message you passed that saved many peoples money, time and effort is what makes you a great writer . I just hope you grabbed what i just said.

Just do a simple analytics with a quick glance on the successful Nigerian bloggers that you know or have heard about, brows through their blog and you will notice that the successful Nigerian Bloggers are the bloggers who get more shares! to their articles this is simply because they render quality contents , they write articles worth reading and worth sharing.

This is one of the major area they are toping the irrelevant bloggers. they get more traffic because even the shares they get have a long way to go as it will bring more readers to their articles via the social medias.

Are you one of the bloggers who is mask with the taught of competing with the top bloggers in Nigeria using your irrelevant articles ? i guarantee you 100% failure because there is no way a bicycle can carry aeroplane. the bottom line of all what i have been writing since is that “For you to become a successful blogger in Nigeria, you must be a blogger that provide great and quality contents ” not the copy and paste so called bloggers.

The Have Great Headlines/Titles

: Indeed great contents is one of the great tools that can make you a successful blogger in Nigeria. Successful Nigerian bloggers are the ones who are careful in Choosing headlines because they have learnt that good headline attract readers the more.

Successful Nigerian Bloggers knows this secrete of writing quality articles with great headlines and that’s why they never seize to get traffic even when your blog is running shot of good traffic.

To be a successful blogger in Nigeria this is one of the secretes you must keep to yourself and practice in your blog when writing articles. site down and think , take some time to get a better headline for your articles. Are you finding it difficult to choosing a great title for your article? you can read this tip On

The Have Smart Images and Design

Did you know that images has a very big role to play in your blog? Have you noticed that successful Nigerian bloggers don’t joke with smart images in their articles, have you bordered to ask yourself one day the reason they always love using Smart images ?

They love using smart images because they have learnt earlier that smart images can drive traffic from social medias than using ordinary texts.

Try to find images that are smart for your blog posts and when you share on social medias it will have a very great impact as your numbers of clicks will increase.

Promotion and Marketing

see them share everywhere , on Facebook pages, groups , and timeslines . They tweet and share on other social medias. they are never lazy in commenting or forums and creating articles on other websites. they are just too good at that.

These bloggers have learnt earlier that sharing of blog posts can make you get more authority and also get more traffic to their articles. Successful Nigerian bloggers spend half of their time creating articles while the use the remaining of their time getting eyeballs on the articles they created.

There are many new bloggers who will just keep writing , writing and writing more. They sit back and wait for the traffic to come and yet it won’t come as expected. before you know it they are frustrated and they quite blogging even when they render quality articles. They quite because they don’t get readers to see what they have got to offer.

To be a successful blogger , write and so and most of your time promoting your articles (take home this known secrete).

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They Are not Stingy

You are just too stingy to become a successful blogger because most of the thing’s successful bloggers does they do spend some bulks.

Successful bloggers can spend money for adverts, sponsor posts, they can spend money to buy eBooks, video courses, podcasts or other materials that can add value to their blogging life.

Yet you want to compete with them when you can’t even buy a paid domain name and a hosting to start a professional blog. Now tell me how do you think you can achieve that. believe me it’s absolutely impossible because they have all the keys to success

To be successful blogger, there are instances you will need to spend money and there are instances you will need to spend time and work your ass out.stingy bloggers are not always successful. I said it and i can say it again anywhere.

They Are always Happy

Yes you heard me well. Successful bloggers are always happy . they now that without happiness they won’t be able to offer the best. or will you tell me that you can be writing quality articles while crying?

Learn to be happy even when things is not going well, only with this will you be able to flow with your audience.

NOTE Which area have you find fault in yourself? now its time to fix it and get on with a better blogging life.

Hope this article helped you? i believe you have learnt some secretes of successful Nigerian bloggers from the above inscriptions but don’t tell the self centered ones am the one who told you lest they come and chop off my head lol because i just revealed a secrete that can make competitors go crazy.

Don’t look any of the above areas to be common instead take actions Good day.

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