After Reading, I ended up a successful Affiliate Marketer

Some years Back when i newly Started Blogging, I taught of Starting an online business that can fetch me monthly Income so i ventured into Affiliate marketing I.e promoting other peoples products to earn a fixed commission for each successful sale.

I ventured into this internet business simply because i have came across tones of articles online where testimonies are shared about huge income earned from affiliate Marketing online business so i entered into this business at least to earn same amount they are making hoping to share my own testimony in the next one week or so…

I taught of the affiliate program to join and get affiliate Link for promotion so i finally decided and settle with some old affiliate programs i won’t mention here. I immediately registered and start promoting everywhere on Facebook, twitter, Google+ , my blog and other blogs via comments Sections and Guest blogging.

After about one month of Strategic planning and promotion of my affiliate Link my income return yielded just 10% of the effort invested and you know what that means hmmm…I couldn’t continue so i ended up saying the program is nonsense.

I joined other affiliate programs which i felt would be better but failure has always becomes my lots so i have no option than to back of , rethink, and make a new move for a better change.

With my past experience and other peoples negative testimonies towards affiliate marketing i figured out few questions you must ask yourself before going ahead to start this affiliate marketing business(promoting other peoples product for commission).

I sketched out another affiliate marketing promotional diagram having asked myself very few questions which skipped initially and now affiliate marketing has always been my best monetisation Means of making money from my Website.

5 Questions to think of before Venturing into Affiliate Marketing Business

How Good is your Promotional skills over the years:

Can you promote products without compensation? have you been doing online promotion before now? what are your promotional skills , how good are you in promoting other people’s products?.

Even if you don’t have any promotional skills yet you can learn them online before venturing into this business.

Do You have interest In the product you want to Promote:

In my earlier story about affiliate marketing business this was one of the areas i defaulted. Before you go into promoting any product for money as an affiliate marketer, You should be in love with the product.

You can only promote what you like and not what you dislike because people will ask you questions and also they will need genuine answers. the best way to achieve this is to test the product before promotion.

E.g Before i started affiliating DomainKing Web hosting on this website, i hosted my website on the Domainking for some months and also do some other tests to make sure they don’t have other side effect unfavourably to customers. Did you like the product after testing it? if yes your reason for the “Yes” is another affiliate promotional language.

Will You be Creating Contents Regularly in Your website:

This will enable you know or determine the affiliate program to settle with.

There are some affiliate programs that does require you to write contents for effective promotion (like writing reviews about the product ) while some can be merely promoted via Facebook and other social Medias.

If you can answer the question if you will be creating contents on your website about products or not this will enable you choose a better affiliate program to your stand.

Will You Address it Just like Real Business?:

In any business you do, immediately after setup you think of growing the business so also is Internet affiliate marketing business.

After Choosing the product to promote, You need to work. In affiliate marketing your effort is needed. If you don’t work you don’t earn. Affiliate marketing is not blood money or make money over night event.

Address affiliate marketing as a real business and you will earn real money as an affiliate marketer

You need Time to Understand new Skills:

You don’t just create time in promoting your affiliate products/links, you also need time for analysis as an affiliate marketer.

In the past week how many sales did you make, where was the referral from, what was your promotion strategies during that week? similar questions like these will enable you grow your business as an affiliate marketer,but ignorant to them may cause your downfall.

Where you able to answer all of the above questions in relationship to your own self? if yes then you are ready for Online affiliate marketing business but before you go on to register with the one you already have in mind please continue the reading….

Even after joining affiliate marketing business successfully there are still some challenges that may possibly draw you back from your earning dreams among the ones that may likely distract beginners are listed below:

Factors You Must Consider When Joining any affiliate program

  • Payout Method:

    When you pick an affiliate product to promote try to check their payout method if it’s favourable to your country or not. Most at times after promoting a product and getting to the threshold you then went to cash out only to discover that there is no payment gateway available for your country I.e all your effort is waste if you can’t get any alternative.

    Check out there payment method before promotion to avoid this mistake, if you can’t find any payment method that suit you then contact your affiliate providers if there’s any help or find another affiliate program to join.

  • Minimum Payout:

    Knowing their minimum payout is another thing you must not hesitate to check on before promotion.

    Now just imagine you didn’t know that their payment threshold is $1000000 and you started promoting and after reaching $200 you decided to check and you saw that huge amount where you haven’t even gotten halve way. my brother you will be forced to leave that #)$200 for them and continue with other programs

  • Product/program reputation:

    What are other people saying about that program you are about to join? find out to make sure they have good review lest you fall in the arms of online scammers.


    Make research about any affiliate program you wish to work for. Don’t forget in this case Google is your friend

  • Cookies length:

    A long term cookies is better than short term cookies so check on their cookies at least 20days cookies is not bad some affiliate programs even offer more than one month cookies


  1. Remember affiliate marketing is a business and every business takes time, effort and investment to grow
  2. Affiliate marketing is free. Don’t join paid programs you might not earn your money back
  3. Email marketing and bulk SMS are best methods to promote affiliate products
  4. Don’t forget the power in writing legit reviews

Your money grow like grass good read ……

CONCLUSION: With the above inscription you have successfully learnt some easy tips to become successful affiliate marketer in Nigeria and abroad you can go ahead to explore them for success achievement. and don’t forget to share with your friends and relatives i perceive they are in need of this article

Your comments are highly appreciated:::::

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My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future.

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About the Author: Emmanuel Bankole

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!


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  2. Thanks for the article man, most of them are not aware of fake programs, I too s\truggeled with lots of fake programs and their commission’s rates, Keep guiding with your experience, I am sure newbies will get knowledge, keep sharing with us.

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