Tops Six Profitable SEO pricing Techniques and Models for Seo Freelancers

As a Freelancer Knowing how much to charge your SEO clients is a bit difficult.

This has made some Seo freelancers work more than their charges while some clients has also paid many freelancers worth more than their completed tasks.

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This Article will teach you some commonly used payment and pricing Techniques when offering SEO tasks to your clients. Not only will freelancers need this article, you will also find it useful if you are looking towards hiring an SEO freelancer.

Commonly Used SEO pricing Techniques/Pricing Models:

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  • Profit Sharing SEO price model:

    in Profit sharing seo techniques you make agreement to get paid when your work yield or convert successful sales.

    The money you get comes from your work and your clients pay you with the profit they make from your work.

    In this price model you get paid when your client makes money. I.e you don’t earn if your clients don’t earn.

    If Not properly analysed your work and effort might be deducted for the company work.

  • Pay for performance traffic or sale:

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    In this SEO price model You get paid only when your work convert based on your agreement with your clients.

    You may agree to get paid when you reach certain organic traffic level for a particular article. You may also even agree on sales from search engine via your work.In what ever the agreed way , you only get paid when your work convert.

    This pricing model (technique) is not a good option because you may end up working without payment guaranteed.

  • Fixed Fee SEO price Model:

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    In this method, You stick to a fixed price to perform your seo task.

    As an SEO freelancer i won’t recommend you stick to this pricing model as it may cause you some lose.

    Now let assume you agreed to fix seo contents of your clients websites you got the first job you smiled because he has just 10 articles , you got the second job you laughed because he has just 5articles don’t forget you are doing all at the same price

    Now a new contract has come your way but this time the client website has over 2,000 articles lol i believe you will reject that offer or you will end up changing your price model for his sake.

  • Monthly Retainer SEO price model:

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    In this SEO price model you charge your clients every month at an agreed price e.g they can pay you to manage and properly care for the SEO work of a specific page on their website,

    When this monthly price model is agreed on, other seo jobs relating to other pages will attract more charges. unless if you agreed to work on all pages for the whole month.

    This SEO price model will enable you retain long term clients while you keep charging them very little for your monthly work to avoid over billing them since they will continue paying for your service.

    It’s unlike other SEO pricing models where you will have to eat all at ones and live for hunger. in this method you keep growing fat every month.

  • Project Based SEO pricing model:

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    It’s almost the same as fixed price model but this time around your work will be specified with the amount you charge for each work/task.

    This SEO price model is commonly used because it’s easy to run and Stress free. Your clients pick their work and pay for the task they want you to offer as your price are clearly stated.

  • Hourly SEO Pricing Model:

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    Working by hourly rate is another popular way to charge for SEO. In this pricing model you set the price for each hour you work on a clients project.

    Since SEO projects often require a lot of tweaking, going back and forth, changing strategies etc. to deliver results, an hourly rate can offer the best return on your time investment.
    But working on hourly price plan is far more complex than just working out your hourly rate.

    Most of the time clients won’t accept a hourly consulting without at least some indication what their final bill might be like. Therefore before you even do anything on a project and start getting paid, you might have to work out all tasks in the project, estimate time required to complete each task plus define a procedure of approval.

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    Your clients might also require you to set a maximum hours cap for a project, to ensure they won’t go over budget.

CONCLUSION:I believe with the above write up from WordPressNigeria you can now fix your SEO price as a freelancer. You can also know how much and how to pay as a client looking for SEO freelancer.

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About the Author: Emmanuel Bankole

My name is Emmanuel Bankole, A blogger, web developer exploring the internet and teaching other bloggers and young web programmers for a better and secured future. You can reach me on Facebook let's chat!

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  1. Cool breakdown Emmanuel. One goes in many directions for pricing models. Not an SEO guy here but I charge per hour for blog coaching, although I place a heavy emphasis on eBooks and products these days, with affiliate marketing and advertising. I dig passive income streams. Smart post buddy.


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