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affiliate marketing revelationaffiliate marketing revelationaffiliate marketing revelation

Having made mentioned of the meaning of affiliate marketing, How affiliate marketing works and some other affiliate related articles when i initially wrote an articles about Jumia affiliate commission let’s further discuss some essential tips to become a successful affiliate marketer wither in Nigeria or abroad.

To be sincere with you Making money from affiliate marketing is not that easy. it need some strategies and work which you must learn as a Beginner.

The rate at which people venture into affiliate marketing business online today is not because it’s the easiest means to make money online but simply because some folks out there has created the mindset of Overnight riches via affiliate marketing. They have portrayed it as a way through which you can make money even when you are asleep probably because they want to get some referrals to their affiliate products ,so they keep masking the truth under their selfish interests.

but am here to tell you the gospel truth that if you are looking for a way to make money overnight, get quick riches online, make money fast online, Generate income online without much work then affiliate marketing is never your calling.

I would have suggested other methods of earning favourable to the above listed conditions but let’s leave it for another day as we move to today’s business.

Even with the fact that affiliate marketing is a bit cumbersome people still make good amount of money from it. Personally it’s still my greatest income source ever since 2013 when i newly came online.

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If that be you can also make money from it. yes there is no doubt you can make money from it but you can only make money from affiliate marketing if you follow carefully the successful affiliate marketing tips and strategies every successful affiliate marketer uses..don’t panic i have them here for free but before we continue lets see some of the reasons i love affiliate marketing as an online business.

Reasons You should Join affiliate Marketing Business

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  1. Affiliate Marketing is Cost Free:

    As an affiliate marketer you don’t need capital to start this business. With zero capital you start affiliate marketing business worldwide.

  2. No Customer Service:

    As a seller you don’t need customer support at your end. the merchants will take care of that. you are free to promote even without much queries

    but when queries come the FAQ section of your merchant should have an already made answer.

  3. Passive Income:

    You continue to earn as long as you keep promoting. There is no limit to which you can earn via affiliate marketing.

    Your daily work can yield income at any time.

  4. Work From Home:

    affiliate marketing is mobile . you can do it any where even from your home it’s flexible it can be accessed via any device accessible to the internet.

    You must not have an office or business name to start selling products as an affiliate marketer.

How well have you been doing as an affiliate marketer?Have you ever made money online via affiliate marketing? what’s your review about affiliate marketing as an online business? Can you boldly say affiliate marketing is easy as a guru?

This article is meant to help you figure out how to become successful affiliate marketer knowing successful affiliate marketing tips to adhere. Every successful affiliate marketer with variety of applied strategies therefore we say succeeding affiliate marketing tips are unlimited. They varies from one affiliate marketer to the other. Below is only the list of top8 must learn successful affiliate marketing tips

√Top8 Must Learn Successful Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

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    Hey You want to sell my products? have you bordered to know who i am? can you tell how my business works? did you know how reliable i seem to be? what’s my online credibility what do people say about me?

    When ever you want to pick a product to sell as an affiliate marketer, You must check the man or company behind the goods and also check their online reputation.

    Did you know there are fake merchants online who has set up some fake referral pages to generate sales for their self? without a proper review you will never know so you have to know who you want to work with or work for before picking a product to promote lest you become an affiliate victim


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    Loads of affiliate marketers do make this mistake, they jump from one affiliate products to other trying to be a jack of all trade which is a master to non. they end up earning nothing because you can’t chase two animals at ones and catch the both.

    As an affiliate marketer you need focus. Try to figure out a very good and handful product worth promoting now stick your promotional power round that product and see how swift your earning grows.

    Promoting two many affiliate products will make you not to give good review about any because you don’t even test products any longer you’re after the money.

    Did you know that one of the ways to chase away your online customers is by affiliating fake products? if someone Purchased a product through your affiliate link and he found the product useless at the end, Did you think he will come again to buy from your website? this is the man reason you must be mindful of the kind of products you promote.”Don’t waste your bullet to shoot the squirrel when an elephant to shoot is open for you.” You may earn from promoting fake products but trust me your fake income stream will soon end unfulfilled.


    Affiliate marketing is an online business which is subject to change at any time so make sure you are updated with any new affiliate marketing techniques and don’t be left behind. this time around follow the multitude to do evil. (((Laugh)))…


    How many people are in need of that product you want to promote?
    If you promote a product with low demand you may end up earning nothing. therefore before you promote a products you have to ask yourself if people are in need of the product to avoid wasting affiliate promotion.


    Use several traffic sources to promote your affiliate products, who can tell where your clients lies? not even you can tell so be sure to go viral in promoting your affiliate products via forums, comment sections,Paid Ads, Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social medias.

    There are too many traffic sources to promote your affiliate products you can be applying as many as you have in your reach.. but don’t forget email marketing and Bulk SMS depending on the kind of product you affiliate.


    Initially when i made mentioned of testing your affiliate products you are like ” how will i test them all, won’t that be a big task on me”? but here comes the reason you should do testing on your affiliate products.

    How will you write reviews when you don’t test. will you write about what you don’t know? arguably that’s impossible.

    Some of your clients want to buy the products but they don’t know how it works and what’s all about they don’t seem to understand it properly. Your review will help your client get more information about the product you are promoting.

    Your review will make your clients fall in love with your affiliate products to place immediate order so don’t joke with it in the journey of your successful affiliate marketing

    Not only will your products Drive sales via your website or give clear information about your product but reviews will also drive organic sales to your affiliate sale pages

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    affiliate hyperlink manager and similar affiliate plugins are very good tools when running affiliate programs on your WordPress website .We know that clicks that generate sales comes via your traffic yet there is need to make your work professional by applying the necessary affiliate tools at your end.


    Where is your sales coming from? social media or forums or from the reviews you wrote? Which traffic source drives your affiliate products more sales

    knowing all these will make you a successful affiliate marketer. You will be able to know the areas to concentrate on without wasting any of your precious time. always track your affiliate campaign.


    Friends and relatives whom you are recommending a product to love proof of how good the product is. This is the reason you see strategic affiliate marketers upload sales pictures online.

    let’s take for instance you are affiliating BlueHost ,and you made about 20sales in just a day , you can upload this sales pictures online with a description like

    ” Many people has found Bluhost web hosting very useful so they bought domain and hosting everyday from them having known well about their credibility. just yesterday i sold out 20domain and hosting from bluehost and more space still available you can get yours now at affordable price”!

    Did you know that with just the above or similar description and screenshots uploaded online can earn you more sales. People who are looking for Credible hosts having seen your screenshots will immediately click on the link you attached to the description to see how their service work and from there they can make order.


    Honesty, Honesty, Honesty this is Also another attribute of a successful affiliate marketer At times just feel free to tell your clients the truth about what you are affiliating. Don’t just say the good part of the product because you want to make sales.

    You can tell your readers the reasons why you don’t like the product, some things that are needed to be added which aren’t found in the product all this will earn you more credibility as an affiliate marketer

    Don’t think like ” If i say the truth they might not buy the product from me so let me just say the advantage” no tell them the truth they will always buy if they are interested .

    Those who believes that nothing goes without disadvantage will still place order so never worry aboutgetting sales as a honest affiliate marketer


    Let it be that the articles that always be on your front page are the articles that contain your affiliate links. always update them to keep them trending.

    Article in the front page are easily noticed so make sure you showcase them for easy access. you can even place them as trending updates in your site header or footer to make them remain permanent for some time.


    Tell your readers your articles contain affiliate links . This is done on any article that has affiliate link embedded.

    You can add a note that your article contain affiliate links either before or after the post.


    Don’t just jump to social media sharing your ugly affiliate links you might not get people to click on them.

    They are just too lengthy and very ugly with your affiliate IDs so when people notice this they won’t be much interested on your links.

    make your affiliate links professional when sharing them on social medias by simply shrinking and shortening your affiliate links. this is a good idea.


    Affiliate links can also be promoted offline by creating E-books. You can share your affiliate links on ebooks you have created .

    This will make your affiliate links to generate sales even offline because people will read and even share your ebooks.


    Creating articles to guide your clients about how to use some products while you embed your affiliate Link is a great affiliate marketing technique.

    E.g i wrote an article about how to create a WordPress website in Nigeria and inside the article i embedded an affiliate Link to DomainKing.

    People who are Interested in creating a website with my tutorial will use my affiliate links to buy hosting and domain name. Sales increase when that is done.


    People love watching videos. they love what they can see than what they can read. If you can create a video about the product you are affiliating definitely you will get more sales than when you only write a review.

    On your video description and the link area on YouTube you can add your affiliate links to buy the product


    You don’t just drop your links for people to click. most at times it won’t work that way. try to always add description before your links.

    The description will contain a brief info about what’s the link content. create awareness on the link you share as an affiliate marketer

Having gone through the whole successful affiliate marketing tips , let’s us further our write up to another sub_Headline known as how to find the affiliate marketing to join

It’s obvious you have decided to start affiliate marketing as an online business but the question of how to find the affiliate program to join becomes another problem and yet another bordersome issue which remain unsolved at your end. but having come through this article i proclaim you remain safe as we disclose to you some tips to find affiliate programs to join

How to find Affiliate marketing programs to Join

OTHER BLOGGERS +Inquire,inquire,inquire

finding affiliate program, your online friends can be of good help. You can inquire about the product they are affiliating and how good the product is.

With your friends recommendation you can settle with a good affiliate program


Use the Google search to find affiliate programs. You can make searches like “Best affiliate programs of 2018” You can even be specific about your searches if you have in mind something you wish to affiliate. e.g i have in mind to sell Welding gowns as an affiliate marketer then i went straight to Google and searched for top welding Gown affiliate networks , program or i can search for sell welding gowns and earn commission.

You can use the above search method to find affiliate programs via Google search


Ask the merchants if they have affiliate sections in their website. At your request you may be directed manually on how to become affiliate on their website.


If you know about any site that sell products you can go directly to the website. Check their sidebars ,footer or even header you will find their affiliate section if at all it’s officiated.

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CONCLUSION: As an affiliate marketer the amount of money you earn is determined by how hard working you are ” therefore to earn more you need to work more.” It’s certain with the above inscriptions i could not state all you need to become affiliate marketer just like i have said earlier that “every marketer with differ strategies” but with the few but essential successful affiliate marketing tips mentioned above you can do better if carefully applied.

Did you love what we do here if yes your comment and shares will tell. And don’t forget i can help you write original articles that every reader wants to read on your website if you blog on this similar niche. you can hire me with a token let me write for you and change your blog identity with my unique articles.

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