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WordPress affiliate products to make money from WordPress Niche Websites

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Having Written About the Meaning of affiliate marketing when i wrote an article earlier about Jumia affiliate commission, i come again today to share with you some affiliate programs favourable to your WordPress Blogging Niche i just hope you will love them.

Best Affiliate Programs for the WordPress Niche

Just like there are affiliate programs for other online platforms and products so also do WordPress as a blogging platform comprises of its own affiliate products

There are too many WordPress affiliate products to make money online as an affiliate marketer using WordPress platform or other blogging platforms but affiliating WordPress products via your website.(any type of website). among them are themes and plugins. You can check out below list to see some of the WordPress available affiliate products

WordPress Affiliate Products to make money Online

  • MyThemeShop:

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    This is one of the most popular WordPress themes. MyThemeShop offers bloggers involved with affiliate marketing programs, both free and premium themes that are compatible with the latest we- standards which include HTML5 markup and CSS3.

    It is additionally very responsive and has quick page or theme loading time. MyThemeShop has been noted to be of particular benefit to users who possess little coding knowledge as it provides an easy method of configuring themes.

    For instance, features such as the author box, fixed navigation bar, and social media buttons can be switched off or on by a single click on the theme option panel.

    Use the code: “NMBREADY’ and save 10% discount

    Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

  • Elegant Themes :

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    Also popular amongst bloggers who regularly engage in affiliate marketing, Elegant Themes offers a perfect opportunity for earning.

    Through the use of targeted marketing to their site, bloggers using this theme store possess the additional benefit of accessing products which include Monarch Social Sharing Plugin, which offers great assistance in the process of affiliate marketing within the WordPress niche.

    The membership fee is only $69 per year and all relevant plugins are included within this initial payment. Elegant Themes Affiliate Programs

    Join Elegant Themes Program

  • Fame Themes:

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    One of the great features that Fame themes offer its users is amazing themes that are of modern design and that are easily promotable on one’s site. The key reason the Fame theme is popular with bloggers who promote products through affiliate marketing it’s because of the SEO benefits offered by the themes.

    Design is the first aspect that works towards creating the first, and in most case scenarios, the most lasting impression regarding one’s blog. This is precisely what Fame themes offer. Fame Themes Affiliate Programs

    Join Fame Themes Affiliate Program

  • Genesis Themes:

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    Genesis themes are well known among bloggers for its instant and automatic updates that allows for WordPress efficiency.

    Genesis themes offers its users with the advantage of having a WordPress theme that has built in search engine optimization, security, turn-key designs, prompt updates, super widgetization and numerous layout selections for these mentioned turn-key designs.

    In addition, users also have the advantage of adding custom feed URL’s, or choose a default layout for their theme. Color style is also easy to change and one gains the extra advantage of choosing different layouts for particular pages or posts by using Fame themes’ individual edit page. Studio Presss Affiliate Programs

    Join Studiopress Affiliate Program

  • Thesis Themes:

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    Thesis Themes, skins as well as frameworks are known to be rather easy to endorse, owing to the fact that the company already has a prestigious brand name within the market. However, thesis themes take the spot at the bottom of my top 5 list because it is difficult to navigate if one has no coding knowledge. However, because most bloggers know how to manipulate code like CSS and HTML, and can therefore easily change designs and the appearance of their blog.

    It is purely because of this fact that thesis themes are included in this list. Thesis Affiliate Programs Join Thesis Themes Affiliate Program

These are some of thebest shared web hosting affiliate programs for your blog.

These shared hosting affiliate programs are recommended based on experience and conversions: Check out

Share Hosting affiliate programs

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  • Dreamhost’s Affiliate Programs – $97/sale
  • Check out Hostgator’s Affiliate Programs – $75/sale
  • Check out Bluehost’s Affiliate Programs – $65/sale, $120/sale

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Bonus Offer: Below is another affiliate marketing site, which you can make money applying affiliate code or pay per click links.

The name of the affiliate program is ShareASale . ShareASale started in 2000 and it’s a preferred service for marketers to create an internet affiliate program because of their product or services.

In those days, bloggers and Affiliates can easily find a new Affiliate network and join, but recently Marketers who want to launch an affiliate program can join ShareASale .

Sign up for ShareASale Affiliate Programs

CONCLUSION: I would like to learn more about new products and also other affiliate programs related to WordPress which have been working well to suit your needs. Use the comment’s section below to share with me your thoughts. WordPress affiliate products, WordPress affiliate themes and plugins, WordPress affiliate Link,affiliate advertising plugin wordpress,Affiliate Programs for the WordPress Niche,make money wordpress affiliate products,WordPress affiliate Nigeria

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