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Required tools and materials to start WordPress blog in Nigeria

Before You open a workshop To start Earning some commissions from your sales and your services and your workshop you must need to first of all Rent a store , Buy your necessary tools that you can use in your workshop and also furnish the workshop if necessary.

In blogging the same process is also involved you will need some certain tools when you want to start blogging you can’t just jump online and start blogging without the necessary tool but if you do failure will be inevitable‚Ķ Here am going to briefly discuss the essential tools for effective blogginWordPress building tools, website building materials,WordPress blog building tools in Nigeria,

Essential Tools For Blogging

  1. A sound PC or mobile Phone.
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Power Supply
  4. Subscription Fee
  5. A Reliable Web hosting
  6. A Domain Name.

Tools for Building WordPress Blog

A sound PC or mobile Phone: There have many FAQs about the fact that you can’t blog with mobile phone but i still doubt the fact that mobile phone can’t be used for blogging as i have tested and confirmed it.

No matter what you have red outside here, believe me you can use your mobile phone to do blogging online provided you are using a sizable smart android phone that can function effectively not all this car-Go so called android. Your android phone should not be lower than version 4.2.2 the ram doesn’t matter. To my own recommendation it will be better you have both mobile phone and a PC if you can afford the both but if not never let that stop you . You can start with your phone when you have money you can buy a PC for pro-work

Power Supply One of the greatest challenge in blogging is the power supply in Nigeria Sometimes when we bloggers want to set up new work we stay online for hours and without a good power supply it will become too difficult to achieve this.

What i do is that when there is light (NEPA) i work on my PC but as soon as they go off i go on mobile. the mobile won’t last as expected so i bought a very powerful power bank that can serve me throughout the whole day without any power issue. You can also get a power bank as a blogger and you will not be deprived of any work In due season.

Internet Connection A sound internet connection will enhance soft work. In your area look at the network that’s stable stick to the use of it because you need a good internet connection as a blogger. As you will need to watch some videos online and load some heavy pages at times

Subscription Fee: You cannot blog without Data as that’s one of the areas you will need to invest as a blogger. this aspect is very cheap and affordable. Most of the time when i want to do Mega works than can consume more data i wait till night and i do night plan. This night plan will earn me more data with less fee all through the night i will have to work to save my wallet.You can also do likewise

Web Hosting/Domain name The Web hosting is the power house for your blog while the domain name is the name of your blog e.g WordPressNigeria.com.ng So when choosing a domain name you must sit for a while to make sure you pick a domain that will fit your blogging niche as for the web hosting we always Recommended DomainKings

Hope you now have your tools now let’s go back to the homepage for the next work.

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